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Awesome, glad you like it! :D

Hi there. You can check this collection for all my available asset packs: I don't have a single pack with all of them combined though.

Please send me an email at and I can try to help you there.

Sorry, I don’t know spanish. If you’re asking about the price, the entire pack is 5 dollars, yes.

Saw it on Twitter. Thanks for giving it a try!

Keep in mind that the bow shooting animation is 180 X 128, while the rest are 128X128.

No worriers, I'm not a native speaker either. I don't really do commisions, but I'm glad you like my work :D

That's fair, thanks for giving the game a try!

Awesome job, especially the light system. I was curious, how did you make the lights react dwith each other? Are you using Verlet Simulations to make them combine with each other like that?

Thank you!

Rated! It was a bit hard to notice things around the level due to the low visibility, so I kept dying in the second level. The hitboxes are also a bit too big, so I would die pretty easily. I do like the rotoscope animation you did, that put a smile on my face. :D


Rated! It's really good for what it is, but it does need more work. I think it's the first 3d platformer I played for this jam, where the focus is only on the platforming, without any shooting. I like the character designs and they work well enough with the backgrounds. It is a bit slow and you float a bit too much when jumping, without being to be able to control your direction while in the air. I still enjoyed jumping from platform to platform and the way you used rigid bodies to create dominos was really neat. Congrats!

Nicely done! It was really fun and I played it all the way through. There are some issues, like the fact that there are sound effects missing and that you sometimes spawn too close to enemies, so you get hit before you can reliably react. I do have a soft spot for games in which you have to indirectly kill enemies. I like using the environment to get rid of them or, in your case, having to either force them to hit each other or lead them into the rewind trail. 

That's fair, thanks for giving it a chance! 

Nicely done! You should've presented the gun mechanic sooner, because I orignally quit the game thinking it was just a normal gun, until I saw one of the comments. The game became much more fun after I realized what it does. I really injoyed the pixelart, but the main character run animation needs a bit of work. Also, this is a small thing, but congrats on the menu. You had sound sliders and a save system. I only managed to get the second one myself. Great job!

Rated! I think you wanted to do a bit too much with the game. It's a 3d game, with crazy colors and particle effects, but you weren't able to add a lot of important feedback elements. For example, you don't have an animation when you shoot or when you get hit, so sometimes I would just die because I didn't realize I was even being shot at. It's definitely going to be better if you focus more on game feel and give it more time, since a game like this needs more than just one week of development.

Awesome job with the graphics and sound effects. I love how well the enemies telegraph when they're about to attack with sound and the red lasers. I do wish that the rewind cooldown was lower or to not exist at all. It creates instances in which you can block yourself behind a door with a switch and can't seem to get out. I also couldn't reliably use it in combat because it's a bit slow to start and the enemies can kill you during that brief period. It still has great parts, so I don't regret playing it. Great job!

The game looks really nice, but I couldn't find anyone to play with. :( I might try looking into it later, maybe I have more luck. Is there no option for local multiplayer?

Rated! I liked how charming the game was and the idea of trying to protect someone on their daily routine. The problem is that the rewind mechanic is just a level restart. It would've been nice to be able to rewind just 1 or 2 seconds to keep the pacing up. There was also a strange flicker on the road, but I'm not sure what that's linked to. It needs a bit of work, but congrats on making it!

Thank you! :D

If I could give you more than 5 stars for the fun aspect, I would. I have some nitpicks, like enemies that spawn too close to you to be able to dodge them, but I'm giving you a perfect score because it was simple, yet it hooks you in right after the short tutorial. Great job!

Thank you! :D

Rated! Very nice artstyle, but there was a bit of stuttering(might have to do with the fact that it keeps loading in assets when you move or maybe my pc is just stupid). Very original and I enjoyed that it was a bit story driven, but the controls felt a bit clunky and unresponsive. That being said, it does stand out from the crowd and the idea of the world literally being a casette is very neat. Nicely done!

Oh my, you made quite a game here. This was really damn good. It reminded me of games like Enter the Gungeon and Nuclear Throne. The pixelart is great and the effects well made as well. The soundtrack is also really good. I do have some nitpicks with the time rewinding powers, since I barely used the rewind, while always using time freeze, but that would be a balance issue, which usually needs testing. I did feel the lack of sound effects, though, which could've really added to the game feel. Although I had some issues with the game, I'm writing a bit more here because you really seem to know what you're doing and I think this can be really good with some extra work. Enter the Gungeon, but with time manipulation is really not a bad Idea. 

Rated! The puzzles are enjoyable, but I'm not sure why the restart button did not work for me, so it was pretty easy to get stuck at points. I enjoyed the minimalist graphics, but I think there was a bit too much bloom, although that might be just me,

Rated! I liked the pixelart and animation, but I tend to prefer more vibrant color palettes. The gameplay itself was solid and I liked how you left the trail behind. That way you knew exactly where the character is going once you rewind. It's a pretty solid entry, nicely done! 

Rated! The pixelart is pretty good and the gameplay too, although it did feel a bit slow and clunky. I would also change the sounds a bit, starting with the jump and fall sound effect. It needs a bit more work, but pretty good nonetheless.

You can modify all characters as you see fit.

Thank you! I rated yours too. I love the pixelart! :D An issue I had was with the sound. When the boulders started falling from the ceiling, the sound glitched out and it started looping continuously. Great job, nonetheless!

It's a bit too easy, which makes it feel short as well. I would start by adding a limit to the rewind power, since right now you can just spam it and simply go take the key. That being said, you deserve a high rating based on the pixelart alone. Even if it's short, I did play it from start to finish and had fun, so I would encourage you to keep working on it. Awesome job!

Rated! I like the aesthetics, but it does need extra sounds, animations and things that generally add game feel. It's a solid start, nonetheless. 

Your game is the first one I finish. I loved how easy it was to pick up and play. It also didn't feel like you forced just 1 solution. Nicely done!

Well, thank you! :D Yeah, I was planning on a more detailed ambient track, but ran out of time (something had to be cut sadly).  Right now there are only some chimes and grandfather clock noises in the background, but very faint, to not be distracting.

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Rated! I'm not sure if there was an issue on my end, but I couldn't hear anything. I enjoyed the game graphically, but I had a bit of a hard time with the gameplay. Also, try adding a cover photo.

Really well done! I love seeing the fading particles. Also, the main character has some very nice weight when she jumps. It can make some of the platforming feel strange, but in a good way.

Very relaxing experience. Rated!


I was not expecting this game to be funny. That "No, no, no, no" after you mess something up makes me laugh every time. I'm really glad I played this. Probably the most unique and charming game thus far!

Rated! Nice implementation of the light system and particles. My main issue was sound mixing. Some sounds were louder than others and it caught me a bit off-guard.