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The visuals in this game are absolutely fantastic. Really sells the whole post-apocalyptic look. The narrative is also really interesting. My only issues are with hit detection, animation and platforming. Sometimes when you touch a murder hornet your entire health bar gets drained in a millisecond. As for animations, if you shoot then jump or do anything to cancel the animation, the bullet still shoots out, which can look strange if you go backwards. Platforming's also kinda too punishing imo. Other than that it's a really good game with loads of potential!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me feedback! I am truly not very skilled at programming and I wish I had one full time on the project to fix  these issues. In the future however these parts will be gettin done right.  And with regards to the punishing feeling. Initially I was planning on doing checkpoints. But I couldn't do them in time properly. The level would have been split in 3 areas, so you can access each challenge very fast, without starting from the beginning. I also adjusted some obstacles, since I got some feedback. I'm very happy that you praised my game! Thank you very much!