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Roguelite platformer where you go down a hole!
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Game Design#134.1704.170

Ranked from 53 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great graphics and I like randomly generated content, kudos to you!! So much variety, very nice little game you have here!! :)

Here is our game, please consider rating it too ;)


Great game! Stunning graphics! I wish I had some more precision with the controls, but I guess it's because I'm playing with a mouse and I should play it with a finger instead.


Great game! The graphics are amazing, the Audio is fantastic and I really enjoyed to play this game! 

My highscore is 204 :)


Great game, has sometimes the sound of the falling spikes keeps playing but it's ok


This could actually a good mobile game!

Just develop it further with more features and that it supports as many mobile phones as possible.

I haven't found any bugs or bigger issues. So, well done!


It's very fun. I loved the level gerenation. The art and sound are excelent. 

It's very polished. Great job! Keep going!!

My game link:


Had a play of your game in this video here - at 00:40 -, where I give my thoughts while I play. Hopefully it's helpful feedback. 

I wasn't able to get too far in your game but I enjoyed it, great visuals and a fun simple concept. I found the controls a little bit slippy, it would have been nice if there was more friction or drag on the player to stop them rolling so much, but that may have been an intentional design choice, just my feelings on it.

If you have time I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give my game a go to, happy jamming.


I'm kinda impressed what you were capable of doing, in just one week. Absolute perfect game.


Thank you so much! I added to it! 

Android Beta


Super polished game, kinda reminds me of downwell.


yeah thats what inspired me! 


The game art is really well crafted and beautiful, even tiny details like movement particles from the character, the effect on the destruction of blocks and items, all shaping up an even better game. I like the well rounded game design, based on a random level generator that makes every playthrough unique and the item collection improves on whats great already. The level music and sound FX are really well made and goes pretty nicely with the game art and player action, the different music tracks that start with the game are great as well. The overall sound design is pretty neat. The save game is a really nice addition, saving the player record makes the player go even further trying to beat the high score, specially if a game is really fun (which is your case) where I can call friends and family to try it too. Only thing I didn't really like was the movement using the mouse, but since it's a mobile game, I believe it has way better results there. Overall I believe it is a great game, looking forward playing it in the future, congratulations!


I think i fixed the movement, here is a beta link

Thanks for your comments on the sound design IntelliPIX!



The color palette is really nice, as well as the pixle art. The controls take a while to grasp but after that the game ain't that hard.The swipe controls are perfect for mobile.. Well Done..

I would very much appreciate it if you find time to rate my game :)


Very nice! I like it, good luck!


Haha what a game ?? well done dude great work !! 

the game design and the pixel art both are more than amazing !!

btw  irated ur game can u do the same pls ??? and thx anyway !!



This game is a nice mobile one. It's kind har to control through mouse, but i think it will be very smooth on phone screen. The graphs are very cute and the gameplay solid. One thing though is that sometimes the "random level generator" create a few parts that are pretty hard in the very begining of the level. It would be nice if you can check it late. Good job =)


Here is a beta to mobile


The artstyle is really cute also the audio is on point.


Really well polished game. Loved the art, the audio and the idea! :D


Looks like a nitrome game, really polished. Well done!


thanks, i will pitch to nitrome when it is further along. :)


Nice polished package overall with good visuals and audio. This game seems to be made touch screens in mind and I feel it is rather optimal for this. When it comes to keyboard and mouse, I could've felt a click for the direction would've been bit more convenient.


Cool game bro! The game is funny, one of the best i have played in this jam! :D

Good work!


thank you so much!


Wow, incredibly polished with great spritework! It basically feels done. The controls feel weird on PC, but that makes sense if you released it on android. Great job!

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