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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it 

Yeah, but the binding of Isaac is sometimes referred as roguelite too

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it

yeah, needs balacing for sure 😅

Thanks for playing! Thanks for the fantastic feedback too, I will fix/add these in the next demo for sure.

this made me chuckle for 10 minutes straight

Great game! Only thing is that the cursor is still visible in fullscreen and the quit button didn't work.

No problemo, can't wait to see the final game!

A great game! The graphics and the concept are both awesome but it lacks some gameplay features such as checkpoints and the ability to see through the walls when they are in front of the camera so that you know where you are going. Other than that a fantastic entry, good job!

I'm glad you like it! I'll make sure to play and rate your game as soon as possible

Hey thank you for what you're doing, could you try my game? I'll play yours too

Dayum that UI is lit af

Hey I'm glad you like it! Thank you for the gameplay, I'll play your game as soon as possible

Great game, has sometimes the sound of the falling spikes keeps playing but it's ok

Thank you for playing! I really appreciate it

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :D.

Regarding the name yeah, should have called it Bowlsketball but as you know I submitted late so I had to think of a name for it as soon as possible. Maybe I'll change the name, if it's even possible, after the jam.

Was a bit challenging, but the concept is cool. The art is great tho

Nice game but slow ball and ugly graphics + the camera kinda ruined the experience. The music was nice tho


is that Sheer Heart Attack From JoJo?

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AoT fan here too, I loved the movement. I didn't get it at the beginning, but as soon as I saw the second hook I knew what to do. To go full Ackerman style!

Very cool game, can't believe it was done in so little time! The level design was great, the most trouble I had was in the menu screen, pressed a button and gone. And maybe reduce the death animation time a little.

Cool concept, needs some polish like sound effects and some bug fixes (My destroys didn't reset when I pressed R) and maybe more levels. Love the art tho

The game is fun, but as some have said it can get a bit boring, but I get you, I'm making a roguelike as well and making levels is very time consuming. But i don't understand the advantage of having a high level score. Maybe adding a shop and currency system would be helpful.

Overall a great game and great concept, can't really criticize that much because i couldn't create much myself due to time contraints.

Thank you! I really appreciate it :D

I'm sorry to hear that, did you use shift to run? If you did I may need to increase the speed or shorten the levels.

Dude, I love it! You are awesome, haven't watched Kuroko no basket yet, but I definitely will in the near future thanks to you :)

Hey thank you for your feedback! Regarding the theme the scope of the game is to put the boxes into the holes so it is kinda related, I know that not every level is based on this feature, but there are some that can be done only if you fill the holes

Doesn't seem to work with Android or Mac :/

Thank you very much! I like the idea too so I'll probably continue working on it after the jam

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm sorry for the lack of a tutorial

Thank you! Glad you liked it

Thank you for playing!

Cool concept

That ending was lit! Really like the art and gameplay, wish there were more levels

I achieved my 8900th death with this (8900 is also my highscore ;))

Enough with the jojo references and now with the review.

So the gameplay is solid, i really like it, the theme is spot on and the sfx are awesome, and if they're made by you then they are god tier. What it lacks is gamefeel. 

I suggest you this video of Vlambeer explaining this here

or this one from Game Maker's Toolkit

I hope you will create more good stuff in the future my fellow JoJo fan

Hey I found the easter egg ye!

Mmmmm, I didn't quite understand what to do and the movement of the player wasstrange, but I understand that with that little time not much can be done, still glad you shared your game!

I see that you're a man of culture as well

Wish there were more levels! Great level design, art, music, gameplay. Amazing game