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Thanks for the congrats! I also congratulate you for releasing your first pc game! This jam was great and we learned lots of things I hope to see you all at gamesplusjam 3!^_^

this is  some 200 iq move right here


I'm not the best at balancing myself but I think reducing the size of the asteroids should be enough. 

sadly not :( i will try again i don't have much time now

Dayum that's a hard game (for me at least XD) . I really like the concept and the face of the cursor

Really cool game, but reaching 100k seems impssible to me. Also after parkign the cars some of them still move and sometimes they go to the water making me lose and the player moves faster diagonally (I think you need to add .normalized to the Direction vector). But the idea and the esecution is very fun.

didn't notice lel, best joestar imo tho

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Nicely done! I'm not a genius, but I'll gladly accept the compliment ^_^

Thanks man!

yeah i know, i will try to get better at balancing

that shouldn't happen. I'm sorry you didn't  get to fully enjoy the game I will try to find why it stopped shooting

Very cool art, sound, and gameplay. Maybe a little too hard (for me) but it's a solid game, I like it!

Play it here

Did you make the music? Because it's great!

Yes, shouldn't have made that like that, glad you liked the rest :). A new version is coming where lvl 4x3 has 3 blocks instead of 2 making it more easy and logical. Thanks for playing !

watched it on stream, nice idea and nice mechanic. Sadly restarting the game everytime can be frustrating

Sadly cannot play it. It says that a java error has occured

I'll just relax until my oxygen goes out :(

It's a bit boring after a while maybe adding more enemies or power-ups and stuff would have been a lot better

Very cool mechanic, very innovative. A bit hard but it just needs a bit of balancing. Overall a good entry.

It's a little too easy to win the game, also the rocket on top acts as a real slider, but overall a good entry!

Nice mechanic but  maybe you should add more game feel, like screen shake when being hit A video that explains it.

it's technically possible without resetting

but i agree that it is indeed very hard

I may add a skip button next time

Yes it's inspired from portal and the Rinnegan of Naruto. Don't know what is pony island but I'll check it out. Thanks for playing!

The cursor bug should be fixed now, for the music idk because i can't test, if it's buggy you can lower the music in the options menu. Thanks again for reporting the bug and have fun with the game!

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also what do you mean by glitchy? And thanks for reporting the bug

Never ported a game to mac, also don't own one, i will try to fix that tomorrow

Did you make it to  the  14th room?

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Maybe add a pause menu for audio settings and stuff, i clicked the escape key and i left the game :(

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can't play the game

I hit enter doesn't do anything.

Am I doing something wrong?

Edit: so i think i can't start the game becuase my cursor isn't visible

No Audio?

My second LD game yuhu!

yes, if you max all three bars you win

I'm glad you won, I never did :(.

Yes, i could have put more effort in the graphics but i didn't have time because of school.

Yes, it's inspired from the android game Reigns. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback!


My first LD game! yey