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Why do you want to be paid in yen?

A topic by CelineRobin created Jun 05, 2020 Views: 1,826 Replies: 16
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I've checked and my system locale isn't japanese. If it's not your language, then it's harder to price your product. Infact, 200 yen (what I saw as the suggested donation) is actually just under two dollars. the real price you should suggest for if you don't want to be flooded with change is 219.38 yen.  please tell me your not a weeb.


I'm located in Japan.

I don't think it's possible for creators to choose the currency in which they set prices.


Oh, okay. Would you mind telling me why you're there?


because they live there? lol

Deleted 45 days ago

Japan is not a theme park, lot's of people also LIVE there. lol


this is the dumbest thing i've seen on any indie game site and i've been on this one for for roughly 4 hours


mans got the intelectual prowess of a plastic fork


this made me chuckle for 10 minutes straight




LMAOOO this is hilarious


Wow, you know I also wondered why the game is priced in yen but instead of complaining I thought for a sec and said to myself, "Hey maybe they live in Japan".  Then I took 5 seconds to search for yen usd conversion and saw that a yen is roughly a penny.  Then I thought again for a sec and realized that 200 yen is about 2 usd.  Then I used Paypal, which actually did the hard part for me and automatically charged me the correct amount after conversion, which was, you might be amused to learn, about the same amount that I figured out in that earlier step.

So anyway, you can use this comment as a template in the future to figure these kinds of things out.  I truly believe you can, at some point and after some practice with this example, use critical thinking.  



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This is gold! LMAO
Straight off the dum dum boat aren't ya'?


Thanks for making me laugh so good.


Wow guys, I just looked over the comments and I have to say, I've been absolutely schooled. I don't know about you, but seeing the exact comment  nine times i a row really destroyed my sense of self worth. You people really have convinced me to never speak again except when eating or having a heart attack.

I'm still trying to understand why I got so much hate for asking a question. The man's name isn't in japanesse (which I speak, by the way) so naturally I'd want to know why they're there. "I'm located in japan" dose'nt mean you live in japan, it means your *in* japan. I've seen games where yen is the main currency even though they're produced elsewhere, and as a person who's taken the time to understand the country and language, it's out of place. It's clear all they know of japan is anime and minor tourisim. If you knew what an oppressive, alcohol driven society they have, you'd distance yourself from it. And on that note, are you all just a gang of weebs and their one, self attested 4 hour old sockpuppet? Or is this people from another comment I made where forgetting one word got me dislike bombed? Rightfully so,  but if your here from there, would you care to look in the comments? There's already my apology direct to the creator there.


I have been living in Japan for more than 10 years, and work there in the video game industry. I worked on projects for Square-Enix, Bandai-Namco, Gree, Ponos, Line, but also Disney Japan and Ankama (and currently working on a Pokemon card battle game).

Japan has good and bad sides, just like everywhere else.

Now, I have a kind request to everyone in this thread: Please be respectful and nice to each other.


Exactly! Thank you for answering my question.  Even if it did mean I got insulted a bunch of times, its still nice to get to know other people. I'd say the bad sides get a little bit more to me, being (or atleast being called) a teetotaler, and I got sick of the TV mimicking a long time ago. I might have over stated those things, but my points still stand.