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But is that not a program rather than a game?

Bug at second level.

As I had seen the tiny thing on that cage and let the G drop on it, it grows larger. But then after 4-5 drops it disapears and nothing happend. Then I accidently triggered the screen by dragging the G around. The screen changed to a black background with a red floor and there was nothing I can do. No letters, nothing.

I don't get the point of this, explain me please :D

Why do you upload an unity tutorial without adding some features of your own?


As I already told to other people, you have to give more info and screenshots of the game before people start downloading it. It is required to give people an incentive.

Alright. Thanks for that info.

We will try to participate this year, but can't promise it :)

Thanks for that review!

20-24 FPS sound pretty low. For VR you need 90 FPS. What are your system specs?

Until the 30th of September 2018 we can't finish the game, but at least we should be able to provide the random generated labyrinth with monsters and spooky elements in it, if it would be enough to participate.

You have to give more info and screenshots of the game before people start downloading it. It is required to give people an incentive. 

Well that's a good idea. Taking an old game and add a new game mechanic to make it more fancy. I like it.

You should write your text in english, so that everyone can read it. Also we need some more info or screenshots of the game. Moreover, if it is just an .apk file, just tick for android and not for the other platfroms.

The game design and the sounds seems to be good, but the control of the ship feels clunky. I mean is that intended that the ship just flying backwards if you hit a wall? It feels strange, like controlling a bouncy ball which glides through a very viscous liquid.

The last step seems not to work for me, when I have to put the 3rd into the 1st and 2nd stick to let it "flick open in a fraction of a second".

Also it seems that the action points are often hard to trigger, if you don't know exactly where they are. Some UI hint would be helpful, like a circle around it or that the cursor flashes over a action point.

Some more infos are required here, before people will download it. Well, at least me.

To comment on your own game like that is shabby, don't do that.

I played it through the 5 Levels and it seems that you only followed a tutorial and didn't do much further with it. What I mean is, instead of placing blocks by hand you could write a script which generates more levels randomly. Bring some own ideas in it.

Ups, I found a bug :D

Level 2: I was going far right and followed the wall till the end. Now the ball stucks in black air and I can do nothing. It appears no winning screen as in level 1.

I solved some symbols of it, but still don't know the complete logic behind it. Nevertheless, nice short puzzle game :)

That was totally unexpected...