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I know that you appreciate it, because you edit this comment 4 times :D

Well it kinda works, but make the size of the game window bigger. There is not enough space for the game itself.

I felt a bit like Goblin Slayer, but without the tactical moves and exaggerated gore.

Moreover, if this is your second game you did, then it's not bad. Nevertheless you did not quite match the Game Jam theme. I mean only the backstory fits, but not the game itself. So I probably think that's not enough.

Perhaps add a princess in it to rescue, but if you rescued her it turns out, that she is a goblin, but you loved her anyway. Totally blind love xD

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You seem to have the same drawing skills as I do xD

The concept is okay, but I don't really needed to hate in your game. It seems everything possible without using this mechanic. You have to add something like a light which will be darker and darker until you see nothing more than your heart and if you hate you get a pulse of light, which brightens the sourroundings. So not a small light as you have at the moment, but complete darkness.

This way the user has to hate and also a limited amounts of hate until the user gets stuck in the dark due to much hate :D

For the screenshot description, you should use a white color or at least a whitened text box behind it. At the moment it's hard to read.

Nevertheless, the game itself is solid. It fits the theme and you have a fairly good gameplay.

What I personally missed is, that you can pickup more things of the same type. So 3 glasses or food. This way I can let all have a seat and then handle all at the same time.

But I think there were 2 bugs:

  1. It doesn't matter which man I have seated to which woman. The preferences were kinda ignored.
  2. The GamePad buttons for the end screen didn't work and the menu is also not controllable with it.

But all in all, a neat game you did there.

If you have a web version for it, it is unnecessary to download it, but you can make it playable directly here on Just check in the "Edit Game" settings how it works.

That's a very nice concept! A little bit hard and not for everbody playable, but I see your effort here. The music, background and graphics fits very well also. So well done! :)

In level 2 there is a bug. If you die at the very first when the elevator goes up, you spawn at the ground again and can't call another elevator. There is also no way to reset by pressing R or ESC.

Thought the same. The theme is only in the backstory, but not the game itself.

Sure I am^^

Alrighty then.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Yeah, that's better.

Haha, yes Lemmings was the game. Thank you for that. Now it tingles in my fingers to create a modern version of Lemmings xD

Yeah, do what you are capable of and dont overstrain yourself.  

Do you setup the webpage first and the downloadable game will come later or did you forget to add the actual game? :D

Haha, we will see about that ;)

I will consider that in the ranking later.

Well that concept reminds me of a very old game, but I don't remember it's name anymore. There were tiny blue pixel people which have to dig through the level to get to the goal. So I really like this one and it fit's nicely to the theme.

But what I personally dislike are chromatic aberration and depth of field effects.

Well done! I think you are my personal best so far.


  1. If the people are very close to you, the angel character moves very sluggish. It feels weird.
  2. It seems that the counter in the first level counts the alive people not correctly.

Please give us more informations about your game (what is it about, what can you do, how are the controls, etc.) and actual gameplay screenshots.

Well, not bad for a week.

The gameplay itself seems a bit too hard, because you get too fast too many girls around you and no chance to grap a flower for each.

Nevertheless, I think you have a good chance to be one of the best submitted games so far :)

Well... it seems that you have the drawing skills like I do xD

Nevertheless you find something which fits to the theme. Not like me, who creates such a thing in this week instead, which can not be submitted:

Well that's a game which fits the theme nicely.

After 2. level the game ended, because you haven't created more levels due to exams. Is that correct?

That's the spirit! But keep an eye on that you do not overstrain yourself.

So you are capable of create multiple awesome games in only one week and don't use any pre created assets or games for them. Impressive.

I don't had read any rule that would forbidden that though. So yeah, just do it.

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There are some interesting ideas. Nice brainstorming :D

Well I think, do whatever you can and I don't know how you combine football with this game jam theme. So I am curious right now. 

Well this theme is really not our topic we can work with. I mean we have a few ideas, but they are all not great or require such huge amount of drawing skills we don't have at this point.

Also one of our main member is in exam time right now. So we don't mind to skip this one and wait for the next game jam.

As I said to the guy who ask for Asset Forge. It says on the front page: 'Assets from the asset store aren't allowed either, except assets that don't contribute to the game and are used to make the work easier and improve your workflow.'

So Photon should be allowed too.

It says on the front page: 'Assets from the asset store aren't allowed either, except assets that don't contribute to the game and are used to make the work easier and improve your workflow.'

So Asset Forge should be allowed.

CleverAI left Brackeys Game Jam #2 due to 'theme is null reference exception error'.

Ja kein Problem.  Das wird allerdings noch ewig dauern bis es wirklich vollständig fertig ist. Denn programmieren ist unser Hobby und bisher keine Einnahmequelle um über die Runden zu kommen. Daher steht dafür täglich nur begrenzte Zeit zur Verfügung. Aber es macht eben Spaß neben unserer KI auch Spiele zu entwerfen. 

Thanks for testing our game! We will write our impressions on your YouTube video.

Ach und ebenfalls beste Grüße aus Deutschland :)

We kinda expect that the maze could be too large. But as we are the developer we knowed de wae out of the maze easily. Perhaps we can build in more events which lead the player in the correct direction and even down-size the labyrinth.

Thanks for that feedback!


Nice. Do you write and ask him for the songs already?

Thanks for testing :)

Also, I have a friend who makes music. You can look here and if you like somewhat, then let him know.

Well that looks definitely better than ours xD

You should provide some screenshots of the gameplay and also describe it. Otherwise nobody will download it, because nobody knows what your game actually is.

But is that not a program rather than a game?

Bug at second level.

As I had seen the tiny thing on that cage and let the G drop on it, it grows larger. But then after 4-5 drops it disapears and nothing happend. Then I accidently triggered the screen by dragging the G around. The screen changed to a black background with a red floor and there was nothing I can do. No letters, nothing.

I don't get the point of this, explain me please :D