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Peter Milko (Pixel Pete)

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pretty impressive!

Yeah, ill also add a bunch more sprites this weekend :D


thanks for the follow :)

thanks for the follow :)

You can transform (change sprite sheet) very easily but the other stuff is harder.  Its not meant for making a game like Zelda. But there are plenty of fun games you can make. 


Id love to but im juggling a job, my game Dwerve, mu clothing line Panicpop and youtube! So I don't have time to do the jam :( Feel free to use the Gurbs Adventure sprites. I might also make more GB sprites in this weeks video. 

thanks for the follow, this is a pretty fun game idea :D

thanks for the follow :D

not bad dude! keep making games

This was amazing! For anyone wanting to try GB Studio I make tutorials..

you are a pretty cool dav and i saw the game you released. Its quality. You just need marketing power. You try publishers?

pretty cool 

sure dude ill make that 

dope idea 

1 ball, 1 life, 1 level , 1 winner 

Ye I would have loved to add in so much more but small team... was 2 of us

Pretty cool idea!

Pretty cool concept! 

pretty cool

Wow these are great! Makes me want to make a game with them!


Im making GB Studio Tutorials if you decide to release it as a rom too. 

Im a Unity dev and pixel artist. My game was featured in a GMTK video for a previous jam. Im looking for a Unity dev familiar with source control. Id like to take this pretty serious and finish the game if it is covered by GMTK in his best of video. 

-Peter Milko 

That was pretty cool would play more. <3

4 colors for the bg and 3 for sprites because one of the colors is the transparent color. You can download Gurbs and use the assets freely. 

This is pretty cool!!! 

Yeah feel free to use them in your work its fine with me. 

Uploading a new one today! Ill do them weekly for a while.

Made in GB Studio, I also made tutorial videos.



Its a playlist, so go to youtube for the rest...

I made some videos to help you guys get started!

pretty cool, would love to see you do 16x16 monsters! 

let me know when you release it :D

damn dude that was nice of you to link. props 

That would be amazing.  Dont need death, I would prob make it a puff particle or something. I would put them in this game im making right now :D 

Dude I love it. Please make a monsters one or walls and floors.