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Great game, I just loved playing it! 

I highly recommend the investment of buying it (it's cheap) but I also think a demos containing only the purple world would be great for advertisement.

One question though, when I'm using the arrow keys in the menu, which key is supposed to be the "back" key? I could find it so I resorted t switching to "ASD" to go back.

This is a great Asset Pack! Everything is well done and all looks great!

I'll definitely use it in one of my YouTube game making tutorials, explaining how to create this effect:

Thanks for the play Joshua McLean!

I'm glad you liked it and I'll take your advice into consideration when  updating this game! (And also when designing a new game).

I'm just sorry I missed the stream when you were playing it..... It would have been fun talking to you while you were playing it!

Tried playing it but other than teleporting myself and the cows I could do much. The UFO's left the screen right in the beginning and never came back (Did they leave me on this planet?!?!).

Did I miss something?

Great work and game!

I just love your artstyle so the visuals were great, of course. All the particle effects help to create a mood that the game brings!

The SFX are awesome. I love the squeaky voice of the planets and the popping sound when you lose!

The game in itself it tough, which means you need to put some effort to beat and I like it this way. 

Keep inspiring us!!!

I decided to play by myself, as I have no one with me right now... lol

The game has a good premise. I liked the graphs and the background music. 

As for the gameplay, I found a bit too simple with the screen always moving in the same direction. It would add a lot more fun to the game having the blackholes moving around, instead of the screen, and making the opponent planet bounce off when hit by you.

Now, with time, you could implement a simple AI enemy, so lone player can also enjoy your game.

Congrats for participating! Keep it up and you may have a good game!

I played it and I like the particle effects and the idea behind it!

I believe that the weapon rotation needs to be faster, or the enemies slower, since I usually lose because I can't get to position fast enough. The weapon is also not very forgiving, you need a perfect shot to kill the enemy.

Since it seems like a good game, and if you want to develop it further, I would add more weapons, different enemies and maybe have the gravity of the enemies affecting the bullets.

Good job! Keep it up!

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I downloaded it but could not install. Were you able to play it?

Truly remarkable! It seems like a finished product that was done in under 7 days!  You can definitely launch it as an official release!

I really liked how you took a known game and twisted it to make it fit the theme with nice little additions!

Visuals are outstanding! Game feel is amazing!

As for improvements, I agree with one of the comments that the ball should retain its position at the line, so you know where you are going to start next.

You can also add power-ups like black holes (That suck all that is around it) ever now and then, so it cleans up a bit the field.

Great job!

Makes me very happy to know you had fun playing it! Thanks for playing and rating it!

Thanks for the febuild! I'm happy to see you loved it!

The "move" button was a bad choice. It was supposed to give on extra layer of protection to the player but at the end it went against the intuitive gameplay. I'll surely remove in the next builds!

Great to hear you had fun! I did play for over an hour too! 

I did not notice I left the option to move enemy turns on... lol.... there is also a hidden keyboard + mouse combo to give yourself, or the enemy, more troops that I used for testing purposes.

Loved the game! It is probably one of the best uses of the theme with a solid game mechanic!

The graphics are great! Controls are spot on! SFX very good also!

Please build upon this game! It has potential!!!

My only complain is the veeeery short loop of the background music. I believe a more soothing music would be much better.

Thanks Noa!

I'm glad you liked it! Your channel is such an inspiration! I was surprised to see how many people joined this Jam!!! And a lot of very cool games and ideas popped up!!!

Great job to you!

Thanks for the feedback!

The initial idea was to have players moving more than once per turn but at the end this complicated the AI too much for the time frame (When should the AI stop moving, for example?). If it were a multiplayer, this is something that I would definitely do (Until I can improve the AI enough to handle multiple moves).

I'll play your game, for sure!

Thanks for the feedback!

It can get a bit long.... I could add some more micro-interaction things to make the experience more smooth

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the AI! It was hard to code it and it still has some bugs, but in general it is a good opponent.

Thanks! Maybe RISK?

Thanks for the feedback!

Gameplay is like the game Risk but adapted to the theme. I could probably do something more innovative (I thought about having a meteor shower or having some planets orbiting others to ad more dynamism but did not have the time to implement it.)

Thanks for playing it SMAEL!

I'm happy that you thought it was cool!!!

Thanks for the tip about the population. I could probably have this info somewhere on the GUI but did not think of that...

Yes, the game only has two levels so far. I had to hardcode the relationship between planets as I did not have time to make a generator. If I keep on developing it I'll definitely make a generator.

Game looks sooooo good.... I wish mine looked like that! Sounds are good also.

I liked the different bosses, even tough I could beat them, lol....

I would like to see some platforms and some different levels with the boss moving around. It would give the game a whole new dimensions.

Great entry! Definitely the best looking one so far....

Yeah, I used it for reference. I just couldn't play it by memory like I would with numbers.

The planets design is awesome tough! I really liked your art! Great job!!!!

Game play if fun!  Visuals are good, I love the pixel style. Movement feels very good, congrats!

The background could have some stars for indication of movement. Asteroids spawn too close to player.

Overall a good job!

Game is good and graphics are very nice!

Definitely a different view on 2048

Great idea! I had a little trouble figuring out the planet order so one thing I would recommend is to have the solar system order, maybe staring from Pluto (I know, not a planet) and ending at the Sun.

Seems like a lot of fun to play multiplayer or against an AI (too bad I'm all by myself right now...). I can see myself playing a minigame like this in a game like Mario Party!

The game needs a need polishing in terms of in screen information and UI.

Great Job!!!!

I did a HTML5 port! It is not perfect (Some lag on the background movement). I still prefer to play the executable version!

Also added some SFX as per your suggestion! Thanks!!! All feedback is highly appreciated!

I may develop it further if there is enough interest during the game jam. Some people, like you, really liked it, which made me very happy with the work done! 

Hope you like it!

Thanks a lot!

I do like to make short games to test out mechanics (and make tutorials for people on how to do it on my YouTube channel). This was a game  mechanics was something I had in mind for a while and when the theme got out I knew I had to try to do it (and for a good part of the week i was worried it wouldn't be fun to play).


It has been done on my free time as I have a full time job that has nothing to do with game dev. I'm glad you like playing it!

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That is strange, it is a standalone exe (no install required), exported directly from GameMaker Studio. 

I ported an HTML5 version in time, but I'm having trouble getting it to perform equally to the executable version.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!!! 

I'll try to do a more interactive tutorial next time!

As for SFX, space does not carry sound! Just kidding, I didn't have time to do it better....

Great work! I love the idea and the implementation.

Thanks! On my to-do list I had a couple additional special blocks that I didn't have the time to implement. I'll pick up on this game later on and implement the suggested changes!