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cool game! I thought there was no sound  but then realized it can be turned on. Love the graphics and the bugs variety!!!


I would love to see you playing mine and giving constructive advices if you can!!!

I've trying to build a growing carnivorous plant game, where you get taller as you eat your enemies for a few days. I want it to be composed of nested segments with PinJoints and RigidBodies, but as it grows it needs to add new parts and I haven't been able to get this mechanics working without breaking the physics engine... it works great if the game starts with the required segments but as soon as I start adding them all hell breaks loose...

I'll try some more but it seems I won't be able to finish the jam....

Anyone ever did something similar? Reparenting and moving Joints during gameplay?

Just tried this game with a friend (I'm late to the party, I guess) and loved it!

Great game, congratulations on creating it!

thanks! Sorry about the keyboard... stitch a simple thing to do but it never crossed my mind in this jam. Glad you like the replayability you get each time you die. 

Thanks! The idea is that you can beat it with all stats on minimum (very hard) but you can also try to find the perfect balance for you and switch it everytime you die. 

Thanks! Glad you liked it!!! There is a game end if can hang out for long enough. I kept making it easier to reach the end since I know how enemies pile up quickly. I got it once, after many tries!

It's my first game in Godot and I had a bit of an issue with the audio. I gotta look into it....

As for the colors, they are all NES colors. I self imposed this limitation. I had fun with this limitation but I agree that it could have been better.

Thanks for the feedback!

no worries! It is a jam after all! The game is awesome!

Thanks! Almost all art was done on my mobile phone, while playing with my daughter. 

Thanks! This is the first jam where I send most of my time polishing the art!

Thanks! I did not like how Godot plays audio (very weird bugs). The enemies not colliding with each other was a initial feature (so you could smash multiple enemies at once) but it would be better having them colliding indeed! 

Thanks! The tutorial was put together last minute so it did not look good (I would've liked to do it in-game, but did not have the time)

Great platformer! I liked all the variety that was put into the game! It sure is hard to beat the whole level in one go!

Excellent art and music! It seems very well done!  I love all the hit flashes and how the enemy flips upside down when killed. I also was stuck at the tiles when respawning. 

You literally throw rocks on these alien squids! I liked playing it and even though I tough it would be easy in the beginning the game showed m I was wrong! Congrats!!!

Had some fun breaking eggs! It is like angry birds met a hungry caveman! Music is just fantastic!!!

Great game!!! A "modern" cave man literally shooting rocks into his enemies and being able to roll on them! I really liked the blood effect sticking around for a bit, it looks great!!!!

Great art and music! I had fun collecting all the different things you could find under a rock!

It is definitely a different genre than most would expect on this jam. I like that you can get power-ups (like the rotating rock). Too bad you could add the sound in, it would be awesome! Some shadows to the player and the enemy would also look good!


great! I have a game that will fit perfectly. It is still an on going development so I'll improve it based on the latest feedback I have and will submit it!

sorry if I missed it, but what is the game developing time frame of this jam? Can I submit a game which I have been already working on?

Well done! Game plays very well and I really liked the feeling it gives you when playing!

Thanks! I bet I used the same 2.5d technique for the ball bounce.

Thanks for the comment! SFX in Pico8 is my weak point. It took me way too long to get this done, which I believe could be much better had I known how to do it properly.

Glad you enjoyed the music! Makes me think it was worth the effort!

Thank you! Pico8 is limited but gives you a nice aesthetic if you use it right (I'm just learning to use it)

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Sorry, should have mentioned that for all prompts you need to use X or Z

yes! A demo has been released!

I'll use this opportunity to finish my pico8 game,  called Tennis8.

I've been working on it for the last few months but it had been hard to find the time do the last adjustments (add music,  sfx, fix some bugs and add a carrer mode). Meanwhile I have a new project in my head that i do not want to start before finishing this one. Maybe this is the push I need!

This is what I got so far:

This is just awesome! Thanks a lot!

I've used the base of the characters to create my own for my tennis8 game, being made on pico8!

Great game for so little code! best score of 506 after a few attempts!

Great game, I just loved playing it! 

I highly recommend the investment of buying it (it's cheap) but I also think a demos containing only the purple world would be great for advertisement.

One question though, when I'm using the arrow keys in the menu, which key is supposed to be the "back" key? I could find it so I resorted t switching to "ASD" to go back.

This is a great Asset Pack! Everything is well done and all looks great!

I'll definitely use it in one of my YouTube game making tutorials, explaining how to create this effect:

Thanks for the play Joshua McLean!

I'm glad you liked it and I'll take your advice into consideration when  updating this game! (And also when designing a new game).

I'm just sorry I missed the stream when you were playing it..... It would have been fun talking to you while you were playing it!

Tried playing it but other than teleporting myself and the cows I could do much. The UFO's left the screen right in the beginning and never came back (Did they leave me on this planet?!?!).

Did I miss something?

Great work and game!

I just love your artstyle so the visuals were great, of course. All the particle effects help to create a mood that the game brings!

The SFX are awesome. I love the squeaky voice of the planets and the popping sound when you lose!

The game in itself it tough, which means you need to put some effort to beat and I like it this way. 

Keep inspiring us!!!

I decided to play by myself, as I have no one with me right now... lol

The game has a good premise. I liked the graphs and the background music. 

As for the gameplay, I found a bit too simple with the screen always moving in the same direction. It would add a lot more fun to the game having the blackholes moving around, instead of the screen, and making the opponent planet bounce off when hit by you.

Now, with time, you could implement a simple AI enemy, so lone player can also enjoy your game.

Congrats for participating! Keep it up and you may have a good game!

I played it and I like the particle effects and the idea behind it!

I believe that the weapon rotation needs to be faster, or the enemies slower, since I usually lose because I can't get to position fast enough. The weapon is also not very forgiving, you need a perfect shot to kill the enemy.

Since it seems like a good game, and if you want to develop it further, I would add more weapons, different enemies and maybe have the gravity of the enemies affecting the bullets.

Good job! Keep it up!