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IWO CaveJam Entry
Submitted by TinyGamesLab (@TinyGamesLab1) — 20 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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This game is great.I like how our rock friend wants so many things. The design pushes you to multi task. Game feel is amazing. So satisfying to hit those baddies that don't like my RockFriend. Also unforgiving if you miss it. Swing animation is really smooth. Baddies are cute. I like how dino opens its mouth and bangs its head. Music is only coming from left earpiece and sound effects are 3d based on the room which is weird. But i only tried browser version. I didn't like the colors that much. Environment and baddies are okay but caveman looks like a zombie, i don't know if it's intentional. I couldn't get to finish if there is one. I kept dying or the rock was unhappy :D

Overall design, animations and game feel are great.


Thanks! Glad you liked it!!! There is a game end if can hang out for long enough. I kept making it easier to reach the end since I know how enemies pile up quickly. I got it once, after many tries!

It's my first game in Godot and I had a bit of an issue with the audio. I gotta look into it....

As for the colors, they are all NES colors. I self imposed this limitation. I had fun with this limitation but I agree that it could have been better.

Thanks for the feedback!


Oh yeah definetly an amazing game for first try in an another engine. 


The sprites in this game were great! The dinos are adorable!


Thanks! Almost all art was done on my mobile phone, while playing with my daughter. 


Incredible! and wholesome! haha

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

really nice art the dinos were so cute when they got red with anger! i also enjoyed how powerful the song mad me feel.


Thanks! This is the first jam where I send most of my time polishing the art!


This is awesome! Love the pixel art style! The music is great! But I had a problem with the music only playing on the left channel. Combat feels great, very juicy. Love the footstep sound effects it's very satisfying to move around. The concept of defending a rock is great as well. Enemies are very distinct and different from each other. But do not collide with each other and will overlap sometimes, but either than that great entry!


Thanks! I did not like how Godot plays audio (very weird bugs). The enemies not colliding with each other was a initial feature (so you could smash multiple enemies at once) but it would be better having them colliding indeed! 


That's weird that you are having audio bugs in Godot I got mine to run just fine. I just use a sound manager that instances the sounds and when the sound is finished then destroy them. Not sure why the music only played on one channel.


Really cool, who knew rocks were so needy :D

Lots of really nice attention to detail with particle systems and screen shake.

My criticism is I found the white outlined text kinda hard to read.

Bonus points for UngaBunga and Rock


Thanks! The tutorial was put together last minute so it did not look good (I would've liked to do it in-game, but did not have the time)