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HA!! That was fun.  The knock back broke my heart, super intense. Really neat control idea, "8956230." might be slightly less confusing, but I adjusted to the controls after a couple of tries.

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really nice art the dinos were so cute when they got red with anger! i also enjoyed how powerful the song mad me feel.

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that was addictive I played for a while! I enjoyed the art really liked the enemy's death sprite

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"Try EGGain" HAhaha! really great art nailed the theme. I had trouble aiming and fun!

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Fun game really smooth controls.

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My bad. I removed it.

So much fun it looks soooo good! and their little face as they jump, great stuff.

HA! HAhahahah! too darn CUTE! HA! Really creative icecream/cats!

AMAZING!!!! thankyou so much!

great textures! that was fun!

oh my gosh that character design and the animation! so good! and super cute. i had trouble with the movements... but i lack dexterity.

That was really fun! Really nice game play feel and I really liked the black hole that was lovely!


Aww you're making me blush. Thanks!

love the art, and the lil smoking guy.

really neat idea, creepy lights, but i could not get passed the locks! it was fun to try

oh that was fun! so creepy oh man that hallway tho! the sounds really added to the spook and the art really works well for the whole vibe

oh gosh the art! sooo gooood it made my stomach hurt!!!

awww! thats neat i loved the glow of health and attack and the sparkly music, it's a bit difficult for me to navigate through but that's probably mostly my dexterity! keep being a cool guy!

oh! that was really fun!!

that was fun! and I really liked the revealing effect.

what a neat idea! Extremely clean and easy to read set up.

that was great, awesome art so good  click head was so cute and their movements were so cleeean I loved the death sprite.

it was a bit of a wait, but  fun! and i loved the start up lies lol.

maybe some rules in text.

the blood was very satisfying .

Very cool, super hard for the uncoordinated, maybe a touch slower. 

so good! oh that is fun. i was not expecting the guy that just rams you.  Great shaders.

Great tiles and movements and the scene just looked so nice. love the character's cuteness.  i had trouble with jumping from the wall to the first beam but my dexterity isn't the best.

I really like the vibe and super cute character!