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Hey sorry about that, I'll look into exporting 32 bit when I get the time.
But you can play the web version on right now.

Thanks for your interest in the game!

Very cool, the music is a vibe

Awesome game!

Pixel art looks really good, even with a couple of small mechanics, you managed to use them in different ways and keep the game fun and engaging to play.

Music and sounds also vibe very much.

I really enjoyed this game, it was awesome!

Thanks so much! I am actually planning on making a free tutorial series  on YouTube on making this type of game very soon. As for the source code, I am planning on making a Patereon soon as well. Which will include the source code of all of my games. 

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment :D

I am planning on making a free tutorial series based on this game soon. As for the source code I was thinking about making it one of the benefits of my Patereon that I will look into starting up soon. 

Do you have a controller plugged in? If it's plugged in the game will be controlled by the controller and not the mouse and keyboard.

Interesting, I have tested this on multiple machines and haven't ran into this issue.
Try downloading the Gunner Guy Alt version I just uploaded. 

Let me know if you encounter any more issues, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! The guns just randomly spawn in each level, and are not tied to the level you are currently on.

Yep it was made in Godot! 

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Hey awesome game! The particles were great and the game was very enjoyable.

I am glad you were able to make this great game from my tutorial series. Anyways I am glad you added some extra things and made it your own. The game feels very polished and fun to play.

If anyone is interested in learning how to make this type of game, I have a series on how to do it here.

Glad you liked the art style and the choices I left for the player. I'll rate your game soon ;)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :D

Really awesome game! The puzzles were great, the sound design and art were great! The personality between the characters also showed without much dialogue.

Overall amazing game!

This game is awesome! I would say the story and atmosphere in the game is really good. The gameplay is good but I think the story is what keeps the player's going. It's awesome seeing the story switch points of view, and have the main character realize different things. The dialogue and everything about it was great. The backgrounds in the art was great as well.

Overall very solid game!

This is a unique concept and goes together very well with the theme well done!

It's enjoyable to setup a farm and watch it grow, but the day and night systems were weird. It seemed that all of a sudden it would be night and then 5 seconds later day. It would have been nice to be eased into it. 

The 3D graphics were good, sounds and music were great as well. The sounds could be a bit better, like walking for instance, you here the same sound over and over again. Would have been nice to play some different walk sounds at random or just randomly set the pitch.

Overall great game a little rough around the edges, but works very well.

Glad you enjoyed the graphics and game feel. Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed the game juice and animations in the game :D

Awesome thanks for playing! It may have not been just you that didn't get very far, some parts of the game are unintiutive.
Thanks again!

Glad you enjoyed it an liked the game feel. For the 12 coins thing, there is more to the left of the world once you get past the Knight.

You probably missed using the child to dash past them, which may have been very unintiutive my bad.

I completely agree with your feedback, the reason why I implemented a bed time system was due to the issues with my time system.  I agree the player should be able to choose to go to bed and get rewarded for that. Yeah the health mechanic was also a bit broken as well.

Thanks for all of the feedback, and thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much! Yeah I was worried that I tried to make something to complex for a jam game, and it turned out a lot better than I expected. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!

Haha you should be able to buy in the shop buy pressing control, thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah you can buy something in the shop, only when get 20 coins and when the shop is opened.

Glad you enjoyed it, good luck on your projects!

Glad you enjoyed the game! Yeah the father's sword was a bit short haha

I hope I am not too late, thanks for this amazing bundle, I'll be buying soon. :)

Thank youwu, glad you enjoyed it! :D


This game has such a retro feel it's awesome! The artstyle is a great choice and the way the game feels as well is very retro in mind. The UI is simple yet effective the backgrounds in the levels are awesome!

This game is awesome! The art style is great! The world is great as well, having the dialogue and the characters teach the player how to play the game feels really nice. UI is really good. The length of the game and depth is great too, overall great game!

Really nice graphics and 3D modeling. The game was cool to move around and throw rocks, but without a goal it made it hard to figure out what to do. So I am guessing you just kill animals and that's it. Still really cool, and I think it's a cool concept to expand upon.

Great game, the art style for this was really great! I did notice for the player if you stop moving the animation keeps running, would have been nice to have an idle animation. But the music for each of the levels is great, so is the level backgrounds and lighting. The speech levels is a very nice detail as well.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the game does struggle to fit the theme well. I have thought about mobile, but I find that it may have problems due to players fingers getting in front of the action. If I were to port I would probably add a camera to follow the player and that way the player's fingers don't get in the way. Thanks again!

Thanks! Glad you liked the difficulty ramp and playing the game.

Thanks! Glad you liked all of the different weapons and feedback in the game. :)

That's weird that you are having audio bugs in Godot I got mine to run just fine. I just use a sound manager that instances the sounds and when the sound is finished then destroy them. Not sure why the music only played on one channel.

Thanks! Glad you gave my game a try. I tried out your game, just yesterday looking to play it more, it's a lot of fun.