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Stone Age StoreysView game page

Explore the Wilderness! Find slabs to build a Tower!
Submitted by Azzie (@4ZZI3) — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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Combat was too easy for my taste. Levels were too big. Usually more levels the better for games but with this i would have preferred less levels and better game feel. Like if trees had collisions. Better depth sorting would be nice. Small details adds a lot to the game feel.

But lots of content for a game jam. Calming music fits the game well. I liked how you nailed the 2 frame animations, they work well too. Game encourages you to hunt & gather very nicely. Dane & mices helped a lot. Loved the art and colors.

Still don't know how you managed to do all these levels, dialouges, animations, story, characters and boss fight in this short time. Props to you. At the end i've collected 14 slabs before time run out (15 if you count the first one). And i know there was at least 2 more to get. But didn't wanted to discover more with replaying due to how big the levels were.

Summary : I think this game is great. Wished it was shorter with better game feel.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the thorough feedback.

I see what you mean about the size of the levels and the tree collisions(since you can walk "under").  In terms of combat, I didn't want player bogged down fighting Tigers at the expense of game progression.  I put the two boss fights as lowest priority and squeezed them in during the weekend before the deadline for that reason, since it kind of takes longer to get those than any other slab in the game.

Regarding the amount of content. When I found out the theme of the Jam I wrote out a word document plan of all the characters and features I wanted to implement and how I'd expect to create/code them. I also had some restrictions on myself to make sure I didn't spend too much time on an individual thing like as soon as I finished a sprite, I would not go back to adjust it, same with the map layouts and some of the mechanics.  Though I did end up making concessions by the end, I ended up implementing 21 of 30 slabs, leaving some parts of the map a bit empty and kind of left the trees as they were in order to work on the rest of the content.

(Though I think if the whole lockdown didn't happen I doubt I would have finished on time, I'm working remotely during it so not having to travel to work and back gave me a lot more time during the morning and evenings)

Thanks again.


This game is awesome! The art style is great! The world is great as well, having the dialogue and the characters teach the player how to play the game feels really nice. UI is really good. The length of the game and depth is great too, overall great game!


Thanks! Glad to hear that the dialogue was helpful, I wanted to make sure the open/sandbox world wasn't overwhelming. 


This is wonderful. Loved the player character, the controls felt good, just very well done overall!


Nice to hear! I spent a good chunk of the 1st half of the jam trying to get the controls/mechanics to feel smooth. Glad you enjoyed it. 


Awesome game, I had a blast playing it. I loved the art, music and gameplay... Definitely playing it again. Good job!


Thanks very much! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very Unga. Much Bunga!

I feel like I should say more. I really liked it, it was fairly relaxing and it felt really good when you ran. Some of the rock slabs were neat, too, including different ways of getting them was also a really nice touch. Hunting/Fighting was a bit too easy for me and I also spent a bit of time being lost but overall I really liked it, great work!


Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the game. 


Really impressive, there's a lot of game here for a game jam game.

A lot of mechanics introduced during Dolomite's search for slabs and even some unique boss encounters. Just an amazing amount of content.

I also love the dialogue and characters, especially Dogskin.  he animal run is a pure power move.

I'd suggest that some of the area's are a little too big with empty space. I'd also like the slab teleporters to be easier to find. I spent a lot of time wandering around with a slab combing an area looking for one. 

Bonus points for UngaBunga and many rocks performing many roles.


Glad you liked it and thanks very much for the feedback.

I see what you mean about the area sizes. I think in the future I could make them a bit more compact and make the slab teleporters more prominent(perhaps if I put them in view as soon as you enter certain maps that have them).