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Caveman BoyView game page

A game about a boy, who is a caveman!
Submitted by [noblelemon] — 17 minutes, 28 seconds before the deadline
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This game has such a retro feel it's awesome! The artstyle is a great choice and the way the game feels as well is very retro in mind. The UI is simple yet effective the backgrounds in the levels are awesome!


I'd buy it.


I love the colors, art, music, content, levels. I'm quite surprised how you could manage to add 3 levels and a boss fight and lots of enemies. Nice nostalgic feel with the colors, is that 8 bit color palette? And the music is great, props to Voltz. I like how we #ThrowBigRocks.But.. the game feel isn't that nice. When jump button is released we directly go down. Having a momentum would be nice. And hit&jump would be nice too like others mentioned. And the animations, walking animation is a bit weird, it feels like he is sliding, but enemy animations are nice. It's interesting where people choose to work on first. I think you couldn't find the time to work on game feel after making lots of levels and enemies. I did the exact opposite :D i first worked on the game feel and after that ended up with 1 level and 1 enemy only with no time. Overall Great art and levels with moderate game-feel which is pretty nice for a game jam.


Thank you very much! That was definitely an 8-bit palette that was used, with some added colours and less restrictions on colour limits. Voltz also worked with some light restrictions by using a lot of bit-crushed samples. Retro but also something more! I'll agree that certain things on the coding side could've been smoother and there was lots I wanted to do but couldn't spend time on. 

Regardless, glad you enjoyed it!


I'd definitely drop a quarter in this one.


Great platformer! I liked all the variety that was put into the game! It sure is hard to beat the whole level in one go!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Had fun playing it, loved the pixel art and the music. Plus the rocklifting and snake surfing are pretty cool mechanics.

Like others mentioned I can't really see the HUD. The jumping is a bit unforgiving around the bottomless pits/waterfalls.


Love the nostalgic feel of this game. It's got tonnes of personality and the I really love the different enemies.

I like the bold, colourful visuals. Kinda made me go cross eyed after a while though. Maybe tone down some of the busier textures or make the background have less detail?

UI also wasn't working for me :(

If you continue working on this I'd also like a few more checkpoints. I'm really good at falling down holes xD

All in all I thought it was pretty incredible for a GameJam game!

Bonus Points for UngaBunga and I jumped over plenty of rocks.

Deleted 363 days ago

Thank you! Yeah, the HUD has been giving me trouble, currently trying to get a hotfix going but unfortunately this is what I have to go with until the voting ends. I'll make the hotfix public, tho.


The game looks very good, but I think the feel of the game could have been better, you can't attack while falling, the levels are big but when I die I start from the beginning, and for some reasons I can't see the health bar


Dang, I'm really not sure what's going on with the health bar, I feel maybe it's getting cut off due to the game's resolution. As for the air attack, that is actually a thing I wanted to put in there but when I came back to it, I just didn't have the time. Thanks for your feedback!