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Right lemme just...

Thank you for the submission, Zero! You know I love those voxels and I love the way that you incorporated them as 2D sprites! Plus you managed to fit a surprisingly high amount of mechanics in there - shooting, dashing, wall-jumping, switching heads (and also weapons)! Very good work!

I really hope we see more from Team Potato! You got some solid mechanics, lovely art and overall, the game was short and sweet! I'm really glad you both used the jam as an opportunity to learn more about making games, please make more!

So, I really liked this one. The graphics are true retro like the old PC games of yore and gameplay-wise it felt that way, too! It also had wall-clinging, a truly unique mechanic you just don't see in nearly enough platformers these days! Zment, you are a retro master, thanks again for the submission!

So I'm not gonna comment on the programming aspects since I did all that but I really think my team did a great job! The music Igni made fits with the whole vibe that Sara and Wind set with their graphics and I really think it all came together well! I said it already but I'm gonna say it again; good job, team!

I still gotta' get back into this one! I have unfinished business with that snowflake mocking me! Aesthetically the game was very cool and I loved the weight and feel of the character, the sounds were great, too! Good work!

This was a very cool game! I loved the little jerboa, the animation and the environment! The mechanics were very solid and I feel everything controlled really well. The wide resolution gave it a sense of scale and also allowed the jerboa to run real fast without losing track of the action, which was a pleasant surprise! Great work, team!

Thank you very much for your submission! It was definitely a lot of fun. Visually very nice with nice, clean pixels and very cool light and shadow effects! The controls were very responsive but admittedly very tricky, however, there was controller support which made things a lot easier to manage! Thanks again for jamming with us!

yes that was something i wanted to do! i wanted to do both visual and sound pitch changes but in the interest of time didn't fit it in. thanks for playing!

yeah they are a little tough to deal with, use the lemons! i also suggest getting one colour at a time and bringing it back, this makes the game longer but a lot easier.

thank you! very much appreciate that!

Excellent work! I thought it was really fun and easy to understand and it fits in the theme quite well! 

Update is in! Seems overkill to do a devlog so, dig in!

The game did turn out very difficult, it is easy to make a hard game and hard to make an easy game, after all! 

Made some fixes and I'll be updating it soon! I too, noticed the ice block issue and there are some jumps that some characters just couldn't complete. Another area was missing enemies and collectibles entirely!

I'm still glad people enjoyed it and it should be more tolerable after the patch. Thanks for the feedback!

what the heeeeck!
thanks for adding them evil :D

also this is really cute, dude. love the look and style of the sprites! the editor is simple (this is good) and you got a lot of different parts here. great work!

Just noticed this! Very nice prototype! Would definitely make a great game someday.

Thank you very much! Also, yeah definitely see the resemblance!

Ah, sorry! We ran out of time and I didn't realize it was set so loud!

Hey everyone, the new demo has landed please enjoy! If there's any bugs ofc please report them but if there's anything you like or even don't like let us know, we always want to hear how people are feeling with the game. There's a lot more content this time around and it's still just a small part of what's to come!

Thank ya!

Thank you very much :D

that is wonderful to hear, i'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

Somehow, I beat this! Very nice submission, I really enjoyed it!

Yeah, sorry! The page describes what you need to do but it's supposed to be somewhat freeform. You do need to rest (the R key) in order to advance in growth as that will bring food back into the area. 

Hey everyone! We've thrown up this discussion board for anything you want to say about the demo!

That is really strange. When I check, it still appears to be public. Maybe you could find it from my creator page? I'm not a frequent user of itch (yet) so I'm afraid I don't really know how to fix the problem.

Amazing entry! The music, controls and graphics all shine through. Overall, the game is a lot of fun as well! Will be looking forward to any post-jam content!

Potential for a lot of fun here, a post-jam version is a must! Absolutely love how much detail you were able to get in there and controls-wise everything felt great. 

You won!

This is actually amazing and ofc your art's always on-point!

Very nice! Camera was nice and smooth and character controlled well. Rocks were thrown (that's the most important part) and ungas were bunga'd. 

Thank you very much! That was definitely an 8-bit palette that was used, with some added colours and less restrictions on colour limits. Voltz also worked with some light restrictions by using a lot of bit-crushed samples. Retro but also something more! I'll agree that certain things on the coding side could've been smoother and there was lots I wanted to do but couldn't spend time on. 

Regardless, glad you enjoyed it!

This is one of the ones I was looking forward to seeing! The idea alone is very interesting. 

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Very Unga. Much Bunga!

I feel like I should say more. I really liked it, it was fairly relaxing and it felt really good when you ran. Some of the rock slabs were neat, too, including different ways of getting them was also a really nice touch. Hunting/Fighting was a bit too easy for me and I also spent a bit of time being lost but overall I really liked it, great work!

Thank you! Yeah, the HUD has been giving me trouble, currently trying to get a hotfix going but unfortunately this is what I have to go with until the voting ends. I'll make the hotfix public, tho.

Dang, I'm really not sure what's going on with the health bar, I feel maybe it's getting cut off due to the game's resolution. As for the air attack, that is actually a thing I wanted to put in there but when I came back to it, I just didn't have the time. Thanks for your feedback!