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Told ya! Hope you'll enjoy playing as you!


Has a lot of potential to become a great 2.5D platformer

I'm posting this little multiplayer game for 2

Thank you for the feedback, I took a break form it for quite a while and I found it harder and harder to work with, comments like this keep make me more motivated to continue this project. I'll probably have to rewrite a lot of code, you know, spaghetti code...

It will take some time to have something to show,expecially for the collision, thank you again.

Guess I lost

How did you get those screenshots there must be a key that let's you skip the rooms.

Extra points for the slow camera when you die

Don't you hate when somebody keeps replying instead of editing?

Anyway, all the art was made with the Gamemaker 8.1 sprite editor

This game took less effort than an Atari game

The reviews in my game's description show that this game is the best game ever made, approved by NGI

So, gam gud, if you say it's difficult get gud

The videogame industry is a special one, it's an industry were you can't just tell a story, you have to put good, engaging gameplay to say it's a videogame. What I love about videogames is how the gameplay and the story can fuse together, and Poppin & Jupa: Pocket Adventure does this perfectly.

Calling this “Pocket Adventure” wouldn't be fair, despite the fact taht this is a demo, this game already feels huge, but let's start with the protagonists.

After the first dialouge between Poppin and Jupa, all I wanted was to hear more, Jupa introduction shows her exciting nature, and Poppin's dialouge shows his more serious and curious nature, they're both very well written.

Their idle animations are beautiful, sometimes Jupa would fall asleep, and I loved when they started playing together.

I really liked how you can heal your friend by hugging him, but it feels very slow, I'm not saying it should be instant, but it's very difficult to heal your friend during a boss fight.

The main combat mechanic is very unique, and it feels really good to play, for some reasons I can't jump while pressing up, so it was difficult to attack under the enemies.

The actual combat is very fluid and fast, I really liked that you can charge your attack, you colud add a moon walk option so that the player can't turn around when charging.

I also liked how Poppin and Jupa have different abilities, Poppin being able to pull heavy stuff was very smart, but I don't see why he couldn't crawl.

Another problem I have is how easy the game is, after one of the protagonists dies, you can wake him up, but there isn't a limit on how much you wake up your partner.

After playing through the entire demo, played trough it again and again, I know you have been daveloping this game for a long time, and I can't wait for the final product. Great job!!!

Thank you for playing! I noticed you didn't understand what the red water does, it refills the big flower if you use it on the little pink ones

Also, why is there a fullscreen button for the mobile version?

The game is really fun on mobile, there are a lot of different levels, now you should work on the little things: maybe you could make the countdown for the levels go faster after you die, it's a little fraustating to die and have to wait to retry. I'd also suggest a text that tells you how fast the cube falls.

Good job!

The game looks very good, but I think the feel of the game could have been better, you can't attack while falling, the levels are big but when I die I start from the beginning, and for some reasons I can't see the health bar

I really like how you managed to make the most out of a single level, this game has a lot of potential.

I'm not really interested in mobile game development, maybe in the future I'll try to make mobile games.


I'm happy you're waiting for my games, Autumn Story is going to be a big thing, but for now I'm still learning, a demo for another game is coming soon.

I'm looking to support Gamejolt, too.

This game is good, the movement, the explosions, and the hitboxes feel great.  I liked the parallax scrolling, it really effects the immersion, and the game manages to fell great even without screenshake.

I think the player should meet the first boss earlier, I was almost to quit, thimking the enemy waves would just restart. I also noticed that staying on the bottom center with the green 3-projectiles kills most of the enemies before they can hit you.

Overall, I think this game woyld be better on mobile phones instead than PCs, but it's still good on PC ;)

P.S. The high score doesn't save when you quit. 

Thank you for the feedback, the pallete update will make the game more readable. An upcoming small update will showcase the new pallete and more levels.

(2 edits)

Thank you Jalecko, I'm going to rework all the sprites with the Endesga 32 pallete. I'll be happy if you could reply with some screenshots of the sprites with bad pixel size.

The concept is great. But it's hard to understad what you have to do at first, maybe a little cutscene could help a new player to understand what to do.

P.S. I think the alarm should be bigger.

Gorgeus pixel art, addicting gameplay, cute characters and great upgrade, definetly a labor of love! I'm looking foward for the final game.

This game has a really good level dwesign, but there are a few problems with the character itself:

1- The lack of momentum makes the more difficult platforming sections a bit more frustrating (also, why doesn't the jetpack respawn when you die?)

2- All the enemies can be defeated the same way (The triangle doesn't look like somebody to jump on the head)

3- The hitboxes should be fixed, it's difficult to jump on a small enemy sometimes

Overall, this game is really fun  and being able to play it on the get go is really good, keep making!

Beautiful game, the powerup design is brilliant, but the endings are a little unclever.  : )