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This game has a really good level dwesign, but there are a few problems with the character itself:

1- The lack of momentum makes the more difficult platforming sections a bit more frustrating (also, why doesn't the jetpack respawn when you die?)

2- All the enemies can be defeated the same way (The triangle doesn't look like somebody to jump on the head)

3- The hitboxes should be fixed, it's difficult to jump on a small enemy sometimes

Overall, this game is really fun  and being able to play it on the get go is really good, keep making!

Thank you for playing my game and giving me your feedback. I'll make sure to address most of the issues you raised in my next update. And I meant for the jetpack to respawn only after the player loses all lives so as to not make the player dependant on the jetpack and I was hoping this would make the game more challenging. Thanks again for your feedback, its really helpful :)