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I don't know what i'm doing but the art is hella cute. But i don't think this jam is right place for this game.

Love the music! Wished there was some sort of combat. Art is nice but would like it more if there wasn't pixel size differences. And after many tries i still don't know if levels were procedurally generated or there was a lot of levels.

Combat was too easy for my taste. Levels were too big. Usually more levels the better for games but with this i would have preferred less levels and better game feel. Like if trees had collisions. Better depth sorting would be nice. Small details adds a lot to the game feel.

But lots of content for a game jam. Calming music fits the game well. I liked how you nailed the 2 frame animations, they work well too. Game encourages you to hunt & gather very nicely. Dane & mices helped a lot. Loved the art and colors.

Still don't know how you managed to do all these levels, dialouges, animations, story, characters and boss fight in this short time. Props to you. At the end i've collected 14 slabs before time run out (15 if you count the first one). And i know there was at least 2 more to get. But didn't wanted to discover more with replaying due to how big the levels were.

Summary : I think this game is great. Wished it was shorter with better game feel.

Nice unreal engine graphics but no objective or anything :(

Unga Power for the best value! 

I love the art and colors. Background is beautiful. Music fits nicely. Only thing is the pixel size variation bothered me a little. Oh and i over did the Unga Power and rock went bye bye :D It fell of the edge and didn't give me the another shot since it didn't stop falling i think. 

Overall great game man. Enjoyed it!

Amazing game. Really polished. Everything well tought and designed. Music fits very well. Game feel and sound fx are amazing. Two things to say kinda doesnt't fit the theme but also fits at the same time. Because we throw big rocks and we are a caveman and such. And enemies sometimes shoot before coming into view. Which doesn't make it less fun or anything.

Game is hella fun. Enjoyed it alot . Could be a twin stick shooter for mobile eh? 

A lot of stuff going on here. 3 different levels, speech bubbles, lights and all. But hitboxes are really unforgiving . Level designs were okay if there wasn't  a lot of headbanging. I liked the graphics they are nice. But player animation sheet is in wrong order i think, he looks like he's going backwards. With small tweaks this could be a pretty game but wasn't that enjoyable for me mostly because collision detection.

Thank you :)

Thanks :)

Thanks again :)

Oh yeah definetly an amazing game for first try in an another engine. 

Thanks :) Glad you enjoed it

This game is great.I like how our rock friend wants so many things. The design pushes you to multi task. Game feel is amazing. So satisfying to hit those baddies that don't like my RockFriend. Also unforgiving if you miss it. Swing animation is really smooth. Baddies are cute. I like how dino opens its mouth and bangs its head. Music is only coming from left earpiece and sound effects are 3d based on the room which is weird. But i only tried browser version. I didn't like the colors that much. Environment and baddies are okay but caveman looks like a zombie, i don't know if it's intentional. I couldn't get to finish if there is one. I kept dying or the rock was unhappy :D

Overall design, animations and game feel are great.

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I don't know why this DUMB THICC UngaBunga character is smacking them Ungasauruses but it's pretty fun :D

edit : I tried the updated one with sound, it's derpier and more satisfying with sounds. Nice.

I love the colors, art, music, content, levels. I'm quite surprised how you could manage to add 3 levels and a boss fight and lots of enemies. Nice nostalgic feel with the colors, is that 8 bit color palette? And the music is great, props to Voltz. I like how we #ThrowBigRocks.But.. the game feel isn't that nice. When jump button is released we directly go down. Having a momentum would be nice. And hit&jump would be nice too like others mentioned. And the animations, walking animation is a bit weird, it feels like he is sliding, but enemy animations are nice. It's interesting where people choose to work on first. I think you couldn't find the time to work on game feel after making lots of levels and enemies. I did the exact opposite :D i first worked on the game feel and after that ended up with 1 level and 1 enemy only with no time. Overall Great art and levels with moderate game-feel which is pretty nice for a game jam.

My main project  "Guardians & Golems" is an RPG with element based combat. Right now i'm only posting about it in my twitter @brtvcl. You can check there if interested :)

Thanks for playing and feedback :) I watched your gameplay. You talked about more levels in the video but i have no plans for this game in future unfortunately as i focus on my main project..

Thanks! Music is "Whimsy Groove" from Kevin MacLeod so props to him. There is few bugs i had to ship with unfortunately.

Thanks! Yeah I couldn't figure out that issue in time. And music is "Whimsy Groove" from Kevin Macleod so props to him. 


Thanks! Yeah there is few bugs i couldn't find time to fix.

Thanks! I don't have any plans to expand this game though

Oh boy Game Maker 8 Lite.. what a nostalgia! That's what i started with. I don't know how you could manage to fit 2 different levels and different gameplays and a boss fight in 2 weeks but. WELL DONE! I liked  the first level much better i think. Having the mouse click as a shoot button would be nice because my thumb got tired after little a while. I like the aliens and how they squish but  they squish too much in my opinion. Cover art is really nice too! I suggest you to not use the built-in score variable and use your own variable instead this way you have more control over it. And seeing the score on the screen would be nice too.I mistakenly found the 'F' button, i think you used this to test and debug. I couldn't beat the boss so i cheated a little with that :D This is the second submission i'm trying and i cheated in both of them i don't know 🤷‍♂️

I liked the simple clean art. It's clear you didn't have much time to add more stuff sadly. Gameplay is easy to pickup. This can be a nice game with more content. There's few bugs and ways to cheat :D. First you can just go out of the room with your mouse and they can't shoot you there. And if you let go of mouse you are stuck there. Second i got sudden white screens few  times and i had to refresh the page. I was able to get to wave 6 without cheating. Overall nice game and theme!