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i can't click play, the button is underneath the logo

how do i leave an arcade machine while playing? if there's no way to do this you should add it, and just generally more info on the controls

woah the lag, but good otherwise!

oof how do you know which is the lie?!?!

good game though!!

i had zero health but i wouldn't die? other than that, great game

ooh i'm dumb, i thought sykoo had 6 letters xd

how do you beat level 10 lol. really challenging puzzles! i tried counting the amount of letters, the numbers of the first letters and a bunch of other dumb stuff xd

Great game! it's fun and easy to understand.

Great game, but the first spike, you couldn't see it coming, and once you die the slime is gone, so you can't know when to jump. Other than that, amazing game!

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dude... download it. with the big download button

i won yaaaay

i haven't made anything yet, but i'm thinking of making an rpg or platformer where you're told the controls, but they're the exact opposite, and the text appearing on screen keeps trying to convince you to turn on your friends or something

once i chose my character nothing happens and inputs don't work

what's going on

good, but VERY hard