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oh sorry, i didn't realize! i'll look for those things

i need arena points to buy a weapon, and to get arena points i need to fight enemies in the arena, but i die to the most basic one because i have no weapons, and a charisma based character. then i was almost dead from the arena battle, and i need arena points to go to the doctor. are you kidding me.

i got that too!

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"how are your cats"

"i grew them myself"

to anyone leaving a comment, sorry about the camera controls! i left them as the defaults for the tutorial i was using, and i'll be fixing them in an update after the jam is over. if you enjoyed the game, follow the game page, as i intend to expand this and release updates (at least a little)

in the game description, it is

i agree

it won't run and says to pay for the pro version?

you needed to upload the entire build folder as a zip, the exe gives me an error about missing files

where is the game?

i love to whack the zombies and knock over everything


the story was called the tower of babel... but great game!

i got 141.78

fun game!

i like this a lot! i love the art style and it really got me trying to beat my best score. fun and engaging, but also really difficult. great game

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i think there should be landmarks to be able to know where you are and get a better understanding of the map, like unique buildings and such

great concept though! i like it

very fun!

close your eyes

i can't click play, the button is underneath the logo

how do i leave an arcade machine while playing? if there's no way to do this you should add it, and just generally more info on the controls

oof how do you know which is the lie?!?!

good game though!!

i had zero health but i wouldn't die? other than that, great game

Great game! it's fun and easy to understand.

Great game, but the first spike, you couldn't see it coming, and once you die the slime is gone, so you can't know when to jump. Other than that, amazing game!

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dude... download it. with the big download button

i won yaaaay

i haven't made anything yet, but i'm thinking of making an rpg or platformer where you're told the controls, but they're the exact opposite, and the text appearing on screen keeps trying to convince you to turn on your friends or something

once i chose my character nothing happens and inputs don't work

what's going on

good, but VERY hard