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not that bad

I played to level 10(broswer version) and here are my thoughts.


  • Pretty cool mechanics
  • The levels are not overly complicated(Good!)
  • Nice sound effects
  • The art style fits the game
  • I like the fact that you have a level editor(did not try it saw it by the pictures)


  • None.I could not find any negatives but i do have some notes.


  • The of the game is too generic.You should find a better suited title so it sticks out of the crowd.
  • The undo button does not register a click if the image is not clicked which may be tedious at times.
  • The rewind is not very fun to play around with.So maybe you could spice it up a little bit.Example: particles.
  • While all the versions are 0.1.2 the Android one is 0.1.3 does it have more features?It is odd.


It is a very good game that feels polished for a game jam.The level editor is a pretty nice addition considering that this is a game jam game.Overall it is a nice game with potential.Wish you the best of lucks.

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Yes i noticed it too.It is Vimlark's alien.


Sure I will send you a  friend on discord request right away!

As far as I am aware of there is only a MacOS executable.I created a seperate topic explaining the problem to the developer so he might notice it and fix it faster.

The file that i downloaded does not contain any windows or as far as i know linux executable although it is marked as a windows, MacOS and Linux.

After I extarct the zip the file contains another file called conetnts.After I click on the contents file the following files appear and I am not able to find an executable(I am using Windows10)

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I am 14 years old😂 I have around about  two months of experience with Unity but I have more than a year experince with python.So I am familiar with OOP programming and stuff.I am neither a good artist nor a good music composer., although I can do some music if neccessary.Its my first game jam btw and I am only participating for fun.Even if you have never made a game before you may join. 

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I am a 14 years old and i am participating just for fun.Its my first game jam and I am fairly new to Unity but I have some C# experience not throught  Unity though.I do have 1+ year of experience with python btw. If you are interested my discord is rafaeldiol#0796

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Create a private page that you upload the latest build every day.When you are done with your game you can simply attach the page to the jam submission DONT forget to make you page public this way even if you donnot manage to upload your latest build in time the most recent build will up and running.

I wish you the best of lucks!

There are so many topics created thats purpose is to find a team that the Community Board  is chaotic.I advice you to use the following format on your title when creating a post to find a team.This is only an advice you donnot have to do it.

Your age, looking for a team (GameEngine)


14, looking for a team (Unity)

This way a person can see all the find all important information without needing to click on the post.

Sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes.I am writing this post through my phone.

In the rule it says "You are allowed to use any game engine/framework, and any third party assets (you of course are required to have a proper license to use them)."So yes you can use the Godot game engine.

I think that you can create a mobile game but it is more likely for someone to try out your game on PC.You should focus on the Windows OS and add compatability for mobile if you have enough time.Although if your game engine is specificly for mobile give it a try I am sure some people will try it out!

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I am very sorry for the inconvenience I am currently trying to resolve the issue.I really appreciate the fact that you reported that bug.I will let you know when the issue has been resolved.Could you please open the "LBOS" file (with notepad) and tell me what is in it?

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I found a bug where the screen freezes!It happened 2 times!

Mine as well!What game engine do you suggest using, I have some experience with Python.

I noticed that cyberpunk and retro gaming both have six votes so which one is the theme?Or do we choose between them?

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The game has been pirated to a website i wont mension the website for obvious reasons.Patch it if possible.Just wanted to let you know

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It`s my first time making an actuall python executable so I didn't try to compact it.I used pyinstaller which I saw some tutorials using.The installer is an NSIS installer.

I want ot make a python script which speeds up python game developement with the indrodction of new features.Is this considered a valid tool?

11 am New York time?

Do i have to join a team?

In which kind of topic have you guys settled in.

ok get it thanks

I want to take a backround image and edit it in pixlr for my own needs.

i am confused so i have to wait till the jum starts to submit right?

Thanks for the feedback

Scratch Jam community · Created a new topic Scratch 2.0

Can we use scratch 2.0?

When do  i submit the game

Very nice Game