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First game jam I’m going to be in! Anyone else?

A topic by Diamondblade created Feb 07, 2020 Views: 791 Replies: 48
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This  is going to be the first game jam that I’m going to be participating in! Is it for anyone else too?


Same for me and my partner. Good luck and most importantly, Have fun!


Hey! I wish you good luck and fun in this event. This is my second jam. I really love brakeys, which is why I decided to participate in this jam

same for me I can't wait

Same! well technically it's my first "Brackeys" game jam :))

anyway good luck everyone!!

This is my first ever game jam too guys! Best of luck to ye all!


Second for me. Good luck to you!

My first as well.

Mine as well! Excited to level up my game dev abilities!

Mine as well!What game engine do you suggest using, I have some experience with Python.

Second for me, just finalised the "My First Game Jam Winter 2020". Good luck to all of you!


My first Game Jam as well. I hope I can finish the game in a week.

This is my first game jam too :) Good Luck!!


Yup. Another first-timer here.

me too

first for me gl everyone

ANYONE WANNA PARTNER WITH ME?  on discord if u want mail me i can c# i need a designer xd


This is my first jam too, good luck!


Me too,wish all of you guys best of luck.Can't wait to play your games!


Me too, good luck to all of us. :)

Its my first game jam too! I'm a little scared because i dont know much about game development but i'm ready to take the challenge!


I wish every participants continued success during development. May the IT force be with you.

This is my first game jam too.

Ohh... I thought there will be less people which is their first Game Jam. By the way good luck everyone.

Same here


Same! Wish luck!

I'm in! Good luck everyone! :D

my first game jam as well


I won't be joining the jam myself, but seeing that a lot of you are new to game jams, I will give you the little advice I learned over many failed game jams. The one thing I will recommend is to always make something that is simple and accomplish able but you can still learn from the experience. Failing to meet the time limits on a game jam isn't the end of the world, because you can always try next time.  Always make sure to be on task, and you may finish your game during the time period of the game jam. But over all things, remember to have fun! I am not trying to sound like some corny camp leader.


Thanks mate


First for me and my 2 friends. Going to be really fun =) good luck all 

Same here! Good luck to everyone!


My first jam.  No idea what to expect.  No idea if I'll be able to complete a game in time.  Not even sure if I'll have a good idea for a game.  There's some serious creativity and excitement here.  Looking forward to the next step... the announcement of the theme.

Good luck everyone :-D

Same here :)

very first one for me... hope i'll get at least one like..

Me too. It's gonna be my first game, too. Let's hope.

not my first but despite putting 80% of my free time into it I could never finish a game in time...

no i meant get a working prototype.


Same for our team, excited!! Good luck everyone, have fun! 


Yes it will be my first game jam too. I'm looking forward to it!


This is my first one too. I'm working alone so it'll be tough but fun.

Same thing here

Same. GL HF!

Yeah i can't wait to start this will be my first time too


My first as well!!  Good luck everyone, and remember - have fun above all else!!!

same for me! Good luck to everyone in the jam!




My first game jam too! Getting prepared to overdose on caffeine


Don't forget to sleep well.

That is very important ;)