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How long is this game?

Yes. Not the best beckett, but interesting

Well, I downloaded this game, but 13 minutes in or so it switched to a completely different game. I think I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall again.

Great Game! The third level was probably the best, 2nd probably the worst(though still quite good).


Phenomenal Game! I loved the idea, and it was quite well executed! The shader was really nice as well.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Really well made, but too hard for me. 

I'm having the same issue

I really need help figuring out where to go. I've gotten to the big room, but I can't figure out where I'm supposed to go after that

I keep getting stuck with a white screen after I finish the switch puzzle(the one with the answer 1, 4, 5, 7)

It's good, but quite short

Well executed!

Awesome game! If you found a way to polish it up(visuals + game feel), I could see myself buying it

every time I've played so far an enemy gets stuck at the corner of the screen and I can't continue.

I loved this! If you found a way to make the controls a bit more smooth, this could totally be turned into a full game!

Great Job! One of the best SCP adaptations out there, rivals QNTM's book There is no antimemetics division. Very subtle horror, not overly jumpscare oriented

This is really good! I really like the terrain mechanic, I think it adds a lot more strategy to the game in an accessible and fun way


The first day I got a steam account(last year), I spent 8 hours playing games. I was eventually able to get it down to 6 hours, and eventually to 5, but 5 hours is a lot of time to be spending playing something as not-worthwhile as a video game. 

Over the next 7 months, I continued to have this addiction to gaming, barely paying attention to schoolwork and extra-curricular stuff. In December, I deleted my steam account.

I'm not a designer or anything but something about Steam's design makes the user more likely to spend a lot of time playing games and buy games. doesn't really do that for me. I play about 30 minutes to an hour a day, mostly free game jam games, and I've been able to do a whole lot more with my life now. is the only platform I use, and it doesn't really have the addictive-factor that steam does. 

I guess it's just my opinion, but video games aren't a great use of much more than an hour or two. Sure, they're fun, but most games you play will leave your mind a month after you play them. 

I hope that explains everything. Muck really isn't that big of a deal, it kinda just looks like another game that's famous just because of the developer behind it.

Hi! Is there a way you could add the windows to I have been boycotting steam for a while now, and I would like a way to play this game without having to create a steam account and install it.

it looks like all the mechanics are there, but I couldn't figure out how to put the parts of the controller together

This is so good! I'm hooked! Can't wait to play more

Really cozy, straightfoward, relaxing game! I loved it! Took me about 6 minutes though

Awesome game! Whilst it may not be that scary, it had me on the edge of my seat, and it was super fun

I love this! I kinda wish that the screen didn't flash when you hit a wall though, and instead did something a little more subtle

Really great game! Better than stuff like re:run for speedrunning, I like the variety that abilities and stuff give you and the controls are very tight(though the wall jumping needs some work)

The combat is too simple. For an action roguelike, that's a bad thing. There are definitely some systems here that could be good but the game relies too heavily on its aesthetic, and without it, gives no reason to play it

Hi! Interpret the theme however you want, as long as you can link it somehow to the words of the theme, it's all good.

All I can say is that this game is like a piece of candide.

Hi! If anyone's looking for team members, or wants someone to work on their project, just post it here(and on the discord server as well).

I will say this. I hated this game until the last 3 seconds. The dialogue was pretentious, poorly written. Characters were uninteresting. The walking speed served no purpose. The story was aimless. But then the last 3 seconds happened, and now I'm so convinced that I need to give it another shot. Very jarring, surreal ending. I do like the visual style though! Overall, paratopic is just plain better, but this has a nice style to it.

great collection!

Really a rage game, not very fun, good art and music though

This gives me housemarque vibes for some reason, I love it. My best run was around 300k, hoping to beat it. Thank you for making this!

I don't know. It's extremely unfair to other developers in my opinion. I'm glad that creators like Dani exist, at least to get younger people into coding sort of, but repeating the same jokes over and over and getting millions of people to pay attention to oneself just because of intentionally bad editing just seems slightly problematic to me. Dani is a competent developer, but he overshadows some extremely talented developers who don't even have 1% the size of the crowd that Dani has.

An admirable effort but I don't feel like the handling is that good and I'm fairly certain this is overshadowing other, better games on itch

this is awesome. Are there any plans to follow it up?

this is good but the framerate is really choppy

Great, very fun game. Interested to see where it goes based on the devlog you released

sure, I'll do that in a bit!

In some of these screenshots it shows different backgrounds. How do I access these?