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Hello. To sum this up fast and quickly, I would like to get in contact with a trusted developer/publisher would would run the financials for an upcoming charity bundle.  The bundle would donate 100% of its profits split 50/50 between the NAACP legal defense and educational fund and the community bail fund, running almost the same as the racial justice and equality bundle. If you're interested, please let me know.

Have a good day


ooh, I love myself some thirty flights-type stuff

Hey, I just wanted to ask if this game has any jumpscares at all or if it's just psychological stuff. I own the game, and I'm considering playing, but I can't handle many jumpscares(other than stuff like night of the consumers)

I'd like to add centrifuge to the collection, thank you for making this bundle and to everyone else working on this bundle, thank you as well!

It's framed but without the engrossing spy feel It's still very good

Man, I found it and i've heard that rian johnson broke his hand by punching a wall because he couldn't make as good a plot twist as this

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is the secret just that this game existed?

why did you do this?

I was just looking at the comments for this game

this isn't funny and really is offensive.

My review:

I thought I was going to hate this game and never play it again after my usual first play session, but I ended up loving it and will definitely play more of it,

I won't be joining the jam myself, but seeing that a lot of you are new to game jams, I will give you the little advice I learned over many failed game jams. The one thing I will recommend is to always make something that is simple and accomplish able but you can still learn from the experience. Failing to meet the time limits on a game jam isn't the end of the world, because you can always try next time.  Always make sure to be on task, and you may finish your game during the time period of the game jam. But over all things, remember to have fun! I am not trying to sound like some corny camp leader.


How do you shoot? What button is it?

23, and my two partners will be 24 and 22

I would like to request a download

They refused to help in anyway.

You are totally right. That really is too little of an amout of money. What if you had the subscription be 10 dollars per month, and everyone subscribed would vote on their top 10 featured games. Then, the 10 most voted games would be given away at the end of the month. You could also have something like what humble monthly does where you have a library of games that you can download while your subscribed. Say you put some really cool games on that list and people could offer their games for that list in return for a small percentage of every payment or something. If you were to give the developer of each of the 10 most voted games(say their could only be 1 game per dev), you could give each developer 90 cents and dedicate 50 cents to the company and 50 cents to the people on the library of download-while-subscribed games. I think the download-while-subscribed games could be like some really good games and then some cheaper featured games. If you have fifty games on this download-while-subscribed library, you could give 1 cent to every developer in the library. 

What if developed a DRM service that would allow people to subscribe for 10 dollars/month to have access to all the featured games(or most of them). I think it would be a really awesome service that I would totally suscribe to.

Bravo on the game. THis took me around 20 minutes to play but i thought the gameplay was incredibly cool. I feel like wanting to do something like this myself. do you think you could make a tutorial on this? Also, what game engine do you use

Hello. I got scammed by humble monthly and lost 12 dollars because I only paid for one month and subscribed a few minutes before the games were released so I lost access to the trove. Is there anyway I could have a copy of the game

Great Game. I probably wouldn't pay money for it but it was still a great experience. At least its free now

I know this is pretty general, but I love all sokpop games, and good goods inc is a pretty good one that is very fresh

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I don't do social media. Right now for the next month I am doing stuff so I don't think I can make the trailer now, but I might be able to come october

I think all I would need is a really good game play video. I can try to work out a design for the trailer to find the needs for footage. Does the game have any music? If it does that might be good for the trailer

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Hello, I am trying to practice making game trailers, and would love to make one for your game for free

It is pretty good game, but dying only restarts the level, meaning that you get your ammo and health back without any consequences. If you could only die three times like in mario the experience could be a lot more interesting

Hello. I was in the gmtk game jam and was not able to publish a game, but I have a couple things that I learned from it. The first thing is to have a working product in 24 hours. This is really essential because the last 12 hours of a game jam should be spent polishing. The second thing is to create a list of things that need to be done, and to make sure that they get done. The third is to exercise a lot before and during the game jam.

Great game. What engine did you make it with

They told me gamemaker(tijmen and rubna use it) and unity(tom and aran use it)

Hey, the game crashes when you pick up anything spiky