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Hello. I got scammed by humble monthly and lost 12 dollars because I only paid for one month and subscribed a few minutes before the games were released so I lost access to the trove. Is there anyway I could have a copy of the game

Great Game. I probably wouldn't pay money for it but it was still a great experience. At least its free now

I know this is pretty general, but I love all sokpop games, and good goods inc is a pretty good one that is very fresh

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I don't do social media. Right now for the next month I am doing stuff so I don't think I can make the trailer now, but I might be able to come october

I think all I would need is a really good game play video. I can try to work out a design for the trailer to find the needs for footage. Does the game have any music? If it does that might be good for the trailer

Backland community · Created a new topic Trailer

Hello, I am trying to practice making game trailers, and would love to make one for your game for free

It is pretty good game, but dying only restarts the level, meaning that you get your ammo and health back without any consequences. If you could only die three times like in mario the experience could be a lot more interesting

Hello. I was in the gmtk game jam and was not able to publish a game, but I have a couple things that I learned from it. The first thing is to have a working product in 24 hours. This is really essential because the last 12 hours of a game jam should be spent polishing. The second thing is to create a list of things that need to be done, and to make sure that they get done. The third is to exercise a lot before and during the game jam.

Great game. What engine did you make it with

They told me gamemaker(tijmen and rubna use it) and unity(tom and aran use it)

Hey, the game crashes when you pick up anything spiky

this deserves to get the gmtk video. Hey, and I love your art.

Great game, I will totally play this again

Hey, If you ever are open, I would love an artist. I am not the most advanced programmer but I might probably sell my projects and give you a percentag

@dvpGamer can you show me some of your work

Hi, I am trying to get an artist for this game jam, and have no luck. I do mostly 2d games but if there is a 3d artist wanting to join than I can work with 3d

Hey, I need an artist. I know a little bit of c# for unity

Thank you for the help. I am releasing my own game tonight so if you are interested you can check out my page

Hey, I am new to game jams, and I really need some good advice on planning for game jams and how to get finished with a game for a game jam.