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Can there be multiple high scores?

Great Game that allows you to explore a great world! The boss characters followed be out of the boss room and started clipping through walls though...

Crap, my account is cursed for some reason. This happened to another game too. OK, so don't play it unless I fix it.

Also, if anybody wants to see a game made entirely with Paint 3D and bad art skills, please check out this game(made by me):

Yeah, it's not really meant for game making or anything like that.  The main problem is that, as far as I've seen,  there isn't a layer tool. That can make a lot of complications down the line if you want to animate something.

Does anybody else use paint 3D for all their games? 

Great Game!! The mechanics are really unique!!

Great Game!! The mechanic is really unique and fun!!

Sorry, I deleted the file from the page because it didn't contain the whole game and you can't play it.


Actually, it still doesn't work

Does it work now??

OK. I'll try

Oh. Sorry, this is my first jam, I'll still play your game if you tell me the link. Next time I won't make that mistake 

This is my first game jam game and I would like to see people play it and maybe some feedback. In exchange, I will play you game if you tell me the name or send me the link.

Link to my game:

This isn't in the browser, but please still play my game.



Brackeys has a vid on how to do it It took my a while to find it, but here you go!!

Can you make 2 games  for the jam?

The state of Florida's schools have all shut down until further notice about 30 minutes ago

there is a scratch converter that you have to use, other wise it won't work

JamCraft 5 community · Created a new topic Crafting Systems

This whole jam is about crafting, yet I am a very junior programmer. Does anybody know how to make a crafting system in unity with C#?

These are the official rules:

  1. If you are new to Godot, we suggest using version 3.2 for a stable experience.
  2. Reusing existing code and assets is allowed. - No re-skinning of games made outside of the jam. - A majority of the code and/or assets must be made in the jam's time frame.
  3. This is an exclusive jam which means that entries made to both this jam and others will be removed unless otherwise allowed by the organizers (Stern Flowers).
  4. Follow the theme.
  5. Have fun!

None of these rules state that you have to use the Godot Engine, so I might use unity for this game jam.

I also like how you taught with level design, and gave those "AHA!!!" moments.

This game is very fun and unique. Keep up the great work!!!!

Can't wait to play it.

Also,  how do you fix clones not appearing in the game view in Unity???

I'm making a game about a rabbit running past holes trying not to fall into them. It's pretty unoriginal and basic, but this is my first game jam.

Better than the cobble of squares and circles I'm staring at on my screen right now.

Also, there is a difference between having a discussion and saying f everyone who like this.

Well, it seems like your just doing it to be negative, and you don't even show you can do better, or even know how hard it is to make a game at all. So you should take that into account.

Stop being toxic, if you think you can do better than  him, prove us wrong and do better, if not keep your toxicity to yourself.


This is my first game jam too.

This will be my first jam that I don't see the theme and have to think about it for 18 hours in a 24 hour jam


Sorry. I had Instructions on the Scratch Page, but I don't think you could read those. Also, those probably weren't enough anyways.

I ca't find out how upload a Scratch game to Does anybody know how to do it?

You can look at a game you like and try to change an aspect that fits the theme(this is what I did)