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This is the most inventive game I've ever seen! Good Work!

The game would be pretty good, except the fact I'm playing it on a Chromebook with a tuachpad that  need 2 hands to right click....

But it seems like a fun game, other than that.

Thanks for your feedback!

I feel that there are aspects where there is room to improve.

For one, the gameplay was pretty boring. Secondly, there was a little bit of confusion on how to actually play.

The visual style was very unique, but it wasn't too obvious that the parachute was a parachute.

Sound effects were on point.

Overall, an okay game that has design flaws.

I like this game! Good work!

Thats a bug ! :D Thanks for telling me about that!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you!

No joke I actually did that

I think you can use any engine

I mean it's not like this...

This is a good game

ggod game!!

Controls are a bit too responsive. I otherwise really like the mechanics of this game. Good work!!

You think I care?

Than I wish you the best of luck!!

Hi. This game was a little bit confusing at first, as I did not realize you could move around XD. The art and music were pretty good, and very well polished. Overall, a great game!! I would suggest if you were so update it after the jam to add a tutorial

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This game is pretty good. The art is top-notch as always, Noa! I especially like the foreground pipes, which just adds that little bit extra that makes the world so cool!!

I also sorta like experiment 7 style experiments, if they could be a bit easier.

I totally understand the balance issues, having made a very questionably balanced game myself. Here it is, if you want:

Overall, this game is a 10/10 for physics, a 11/10 for art, a few balance issues, a very fun concept, and a pretty cool story. Keep up the great work!!

I'll add camera shake!!

I'll try to add a tutorial in the next version. Thank you for your feedback!!

The art and music are really impressive, especially for a a game jam!! The controls felt a little unresponsive and intuitive, but that goes with the sort of risk reward system that seems to be in place. Great Game !!

Thanks for your feedback!! I'll release a second version with more in the future!!

 Press O to shoot blue lasers and P to shoot red lasers. Sorry!

Great Game!! Could use some balance on the attack though... I was able to break most of the blocks before they got to the beam, so there wasn't much balancing going on. Otherwise, a very fun game!!

Here is my game:

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Post the link to yours here.  

OK. Thank you so much!!! I'll do that.


Can there be multiple high scores?

Great Game that allows you to explore a great world! The boss characters followed be out of the boss room and started clipping through walls though...

Crap, my account is cursed for some reason. This happened to another game too. OK, so don't play it unless I fix it.

Also, if anybody wants to see a game made entirely with Paint 3D and bad art skills, please check out this game(made by me):

Yeah, it's not really meant for game making or anything like that.  The main problem is that, as far as I've seen,  there isn't a layer tool. That can make a lot of complications down the line if you want to animate something.

Does anybody else use paint 3D for all their games? 

Great Game!! The mechanics are really unique!!

Great Game!! The mechanic is really unique and fun!!

Sorry, I deleted the file from the page because it didn't contain the whole game and you can't play it.


Actually, it still doesn't work

Does it work now??

OK. I'll try

Oh. Sorry, this is my first jam, I'll still play your game if you tell me the link. Next time I won't make that mistake