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This jam is pretty funny because I use paint for all my game s...

A topic by chickenblazer356 created Mar 28, 2020 Views: 338 Replies: 9
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Does anybody else use paint 3D for all their games? 

I've never used MS Paint seriously but now I've been playing around with it for a while and it's actually kinda charming! I'm really looking forward to this jam.

Yeah, it's not really meant for game making or anything like that.  The main problem is that, as far as I've seen,  there isn't a layer tool. That can make a lot of complications down the line if you want to animate something.

Also, if anybody wants to see a game made entirely with Paint 3D and bad art skills, please check out this game(made by me):

I can't get it to run. It displays an error message saying that UnityPlayer.dll is missing.

Crap, my account is cursed for some reason. This happened to another game too. OK, so don't play it unless I fix it.

The problem isn't your account, it's that you didn't upload the build properly. The error message is very helpful; you didn't include UnityPlayer.dll, and you probably also missed other necessary files.



When you export unity game, upload the whole folder and not just the .exe ;)

OK. Thank you so much!!! I'll do that.