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Monitoring PaintingView game page

Work with david at the Tableau's museum and have fun !
Submitted by kstzl — 9 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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I liked it! similar to baldi's basics but has stuff that makes it pretty unique.


Thank you ! :)


Great game, I love the voice effects :)


Thank you ! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

i love this voiceacting and the echo on some lines for no reason

also i like the detail if you leave without swiping the floor


Thank you ! :)


This game reminds me of Baldi's Basics but the gameplay is really different and also fun to play! Nice game


Yes it's because there is billboard sprite i think and thank you ! ;)

Did you play the version 1.5 or 2.0 ?

Also, you can rate it, thank and in advance and have a nice day !


Baldi's Basics in Painting And Painting :) The game is pretty scary, but overall this game is better that any other horror games out there :D


Thank you ! I think i will make a more full game in unity ;)

Submitted (3 edits)

First, I will have to say I'm pretty harsh on the ratings, so keep a distance for my rating.

The game is very well made and greatly executed.

Art 4/5. I think that even though the art was made in paint it was well fitting to the game. It looked nice and every piece fit together almost perfectly.  Also nice game cover.

Sound 4/5. The sound was very nice made. I liked the dialog voice lines that you recorded. (the voice lines are my favorite part of the audio to be honest. Especially when david says "swyp the floo." It was pretty funny every time he said it) The jumpscare sound and the thumping of the weird triangle thing was a little overdone. The ambient noice was nice. It built pressure but was not too loud or overdone.

Mechanics 4/5 Everything worked as intended but the items were pretty hard to click on when you had to look at the triangle and pick it up at the same time (possible solution is to increase the size of the item hitbox). The movement felt pretty smooth. Also the door flicking stopped. (it was flicking even if the triangle was not near it). Also another issue that I discovered is that in lower fps david moves very slowly and he doesn't reach the room with the painting.(solution might be to multiply his speed by delta time). Also the david issue is not happening in the min version with 60 fps.

Fun 5/5 I enjoyed the game in 60 fps. Literally every bug disappeared after the fps change and overall the game became enjoyable.

Overall 4/5 nice game.

MECHANIC SPOILER: I think I get why people my get spooked about this game but once you get the mechanics you are not actually scared at all. The triangle does not follow you if you look at it and triangle's collisions turn off when it's close to a door. you can now manipulate the triangle and it's not scary at all. Sometimes it just gets you off guard that's it.


Hey Vlakoosh, thank you for your constructed reply ! I will try to reply every question you asked.

1) First, yes, i know i have a big problem with the game's fps, i tryied everything to resolve it.. I reduced the quality by around 50%, i think its because there is a lot of walls/doors/floors sprites (+100) ..

2) Thank you ! Yes i did all textures in paint and i just used Affinity Photo to set the alpha layer !

3) Thank you, but for the dialog voice i think my French accent is not perfect !

4) Its weird if the Doors / Buttons dont worked correctly, it worked perfectly when i played it . And for the triangle man, its "normal" if the door is opening closing because when it get close to the door he open the door and 3 sec later close it, so if the triangle man is in front of a door, and you look at it, it will keep the same position and trigger the door, and btw when the triangle man is near the door, the collisions are desactivated for it.

5) Thank you and i'm sorry for that .. I will try to change my game engine to unity, it seems to be an better engine for  this type of the game !

Anyway, thanks you for you rating and playing my game, have a nice day !

Deleted 1 year ago

lmao you are overreacting


One of the best! HAHAHAHAHAA

And I don't even like horror games!



Thank you ! :)


Gods I hate horror games.

... But I have to admit, it's pretty good.


Thanks you very much ! :)


This game is so scary, holy flip, I enjoyed it, and screamed so loud, that my table knocked over like in the game. EPIC


Thank you very much for testing my game ! 

I didn't think anyone would scream in my game !  


even thought it's a horror game?


My game isnt scary

Deleted 2 years ago