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This game is so fun! I have a lot of suggestions for it, but I have four suggestions that are low-effort/easy:

  • Use Q/E to fly up/down
  • Press space to pause/resume time
  • Additional mode for dynamite: "detonate on impact"
  • Add a "UI scale" slider. On my 4k monitor, the UI is extremely tiny and hard to use.

Thanks for making a fun game, and an excellent showcase of ECS physics!

This game was cute and funny. Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

This was really fun. Super cool concept. Challenging but not impossible, which is a tough balance to strike, especially in a jam!

I only have one big complaint: if I press "R" during the the death cutscene, the level resets immediately, but I can't actually control the character until a second or two later (whenthe death cutscene would have ended).  I assume this is a bug, but it was a very annoying bug.

This is your first game on Itch, is it your first game ever? Because if so, that was an extremely impressive debut. Nice work!

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For what it's worth, most Unity game developers agree it's dumb. There's a thread on the Unity forums full of people complaining, with the Unity developers telling us that we don't actually need it, and that we should suck it up and program our own custom keybinding UI for every single game we make.


This game was absolutely delightful! I had a fun and unorthodox solution to Level 15:

Tom, this is fantastic. The character movement is satisfying (although I wish she stayed on the ladder when she stopped climbing), the art and animation are top-notch, and the music is quite charming, despite your excusing. The end screen made me laugh out loud 😄

I hope you make more games in the future :)

The problem isn't your account, it's that you didn't upload the build properly. The error message is very helpful; you didn't include UnityPlayer.dll, and you probably also missed other necessary files.


Logic World will cost $12. Unfortunately we will not have TUNG board/save import.

Absolutely loved it.

- the art is charming and very cohesive

- everything feels very polished, with all the little animations and effects during gameplay. It's a joy to play!

- Ryden's quips during gameplay were hilarious, and did a great job of setting the tone of the game

- the gameplay itself is simple but very well-executed and fun. I get totally focused and "in the zone" when I play RR, which is a difficult thing for a game to do.

A few points of criticism:

- I don't feel like the plot was explained well. I wasn't ever really sure what was going on.

- It was very frustrating to have to start from the beginning of the game each time. It would be nice if you just restarted from the level you were currently on.

I made a video with some highlights of my time playing the game:

Really fantastic work, I hope this group makes more games together in the future :)

We are planning on $12 USD

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Sorry, I didn't see this comment when you made it. Logic World will be releasing on Steam in February 2020.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for letting me know, I've reported the false positive to AVG.

Press esc or p to pause the cutscene. There's a "skip cutscene" on that menu.
The ` key, just above the tab key, toggles the console.

Hey man, could you click "edit game" and click the checkboxes for OSs next to your downloads? Until you do this, you can't download the game through the itch client.

Hey, could you please upload the original in addition to the HD version? Or are there technical issues with that?

Modding requires the fan-created modding framework, which you can download and install here. Once you've done that,  you place the mods in your "mods" folder, which will be next to the game's executable.

There's no centralized place to get mods (something we should really fix). You can download a bunch here, and here's two more. There's also this guide for creating your own mods, if that's your thing.

Cheers. For now, multiplayer is a fan-created mod. I believe it requires some specific steps to work on Linux. I encourage you to join our discord and ask the people there for help getting it to work.

Hello, could you please provide some more information? In what way are things breaking for you?

Highest score I've been able to get is 101,125. Really fun game!

Excellent game, well done. A genius take on the theme. Difficulty curve is perfect. All the game mechanics work super well together. I also love the music. Unreached is a tense, tight, exciting experience!

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Thank you! We were super lucky to have Ken (voice actor) on our team. He gave the game so much personality!

Really nice game. Fun puzzles & challenge.

Great atmosphere, I love the music and visuals.

Very interesting game mechanic. I also love the artstyle.

This is a great game. The level design is excellent, especially the final couple levels. How many people worked on this game? If it was just one, then this is absolutely jaw-dropping for 48 hours. I played through the whole thing and was enjoying myself for all of it.

My one wish is that you could pull objects. I'd frequently push stuff into corners by accident and then I'd be fucked because I couldn't get to the other side to push it.

Neat little game, it's fun to play. What's enormously frustrating is that after dying, "press any key to restart" doesn't work. I have to close the game and reopen it.

Very nice! I love the goofy as game mechanics - the first time I busted down a door (by accident!) I just about squealed with laughter. It's very fun just absolutely destroying the house. The visual style and the music are also great. I have just a few suggestions that could help improve the game:

Firstly, make the physics even goofier. Make the player's arm really heavy, so the impulse when it smacks into things is really high and they go super far. Increase the gravity on the objects as well, currently they feel kinda floaty, and it would be satisfying for everything to come crashing off the shelf when you knocked it over.

Secondly, fix a few rendering issues. The player's arm should render on top of the world, and the near clip plane of the camera should be closer so we can get nice and personal with the house objects.

Overall it's a nice solid game and probably my favourite one that I've played from this jam! Great work, guys.

Interesting game. I like the concept, but I feel like it was held back enormously by bad controls.

  • there's no way to tell what you're looking at/what you're going to pick up
  • mouse movement feels floaty and weird
  • while holding something, you can't change the height you're holding it at by looking around
  • the player moves excruciatingly slowly
  • the controls are never explained. I had to go to your itch page to figure out how to pick things up, and the instructions on your itch page are actually wrong! I only figured it out via trial and error.

Good controls are one of the most important things for the feel of a game, and I think you need to spend more time and effort on them next time.

Neat little game. I found it extremely challenging! A few suggestions:

  • When you make a long move, that square should become red
  • you shouldn't be able to hold down a key to continue moving, each key press should only mean one move. I found myself accidentally moving too far because of this.

It's also annoying that you have to have an installer for the game. I've never used gamemaker, so I'm not sure what the proper procedure is, but you haven't done it correctly; most GM games I've played just run as-is but yours involves an annoying installer.

This game is so silly, I love it.

Nice little game you've got there. The art, music and sound are great; I particularly like the look of the witch from the training. The whole game has a really nice atmosphere.

However, I found the gameplay itself pretty frustrating. There isn't any cue, visual or audio, about when to swing your staff for the invisible ghosts. I just have to kind of guess when the ghost is coming, and that's not fun. I continually died because of the guessing, even though I had remembered where the ghosts were coming from.

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Thank you so much for all your kind words! I really appreciate them, and I will pass them on to the rest of the team. Sorry about the jumping bug, absolutely baffled as to why that happens :P

I appreciate your confidence lol

I quite like the art. The fucking muffin man music is drilled into my skull now though.

I agree with the comment about shoehorning in memory. C'mon, man, just pick a single jam and do it, no need to triple dip one game into several jams.

Very interesting concept! Great use of the theme.

Trippy O.o