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Thanks :)

Ohh Thanks!

How do I get this button?

I can't find a option for adding this button in the Edit Game tab

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Unrelated 😅

but how do I get this button?

Thank you for your feedback :)
- We will be working on a balancing update for food very soon
- Docks and ships are scheduled to be added within the next few weeks(our artist is n vacation)

- Our musician is working on a music will be updated by next monday or tuesday

- Table has been updated to be a place for increasing the wood production

- Each games now start with 2 humans

- night cycle will be added after ships and docks

Thank you for your feedback! :)

We will be working on the problems asap

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It's a short form of "let me"

Lemme now when you like it :)

looks don't matter


I see

How long did it take you to make this masterpiece btw?

I see 

Thank you 

You did an awesome job btw :)

I enjoyed your game very much

I see

I got a little confused actually since there is usually a few more files with the .exe for unity builds(like that monobleeding edge and unity crash handler etc etc)

I thought those were required to make the game run properly? 

This game is so cool :)
I really enjoyed it.
Did you use Unreal engine 4?

I am really having trouble in using the other models for the animated character in Unity :(

Ahhh the anvil hammer my perfect weapon of choice :)

Thanks! :)

Umm is there a plant growing animation?

Can you provide a link to those houses?

Can I use the non commercial version for a tutorial series?

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Umm so the non commercial version doesn't have player sprites?


Can you release the axolotl island tileset as well pleaseeeeee ??

Heyy I had played your game back when it was just a demo.

Glad to see you guys are done :D

Do you guys use Game maker 2?

thank you :D

Heyo care to release the sprites and sounds as an asset pack plz plz plz??

Hey man really cool asset pack.

I will use this for my tutorial series. :D

There is just one problem

In the character and monster animations,

It's quite difficult to distinguish between the different animations(run walk etc)

Would have been cool if you separated up the sprites into individual animations.

Great asset pack anyways.

One of the best I have seen :)

cool game there lens :)

Cool puzzles :D

Cool Game :)

Really nice game play :D

Just one problem

the player moves with both A and D keys and right and left arrow keys but jumps with only up arrow 

It's a really nice game
I really liked the color palette and the  scene transitions :) 

Good game :)

Awesome !!  :D

Cool game there :)

Cool game but a little hard for me to control :)

Imma riot if you guys don't win this jam :D