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The game has a lot of potential! The arm dragging mechanic is annoying, yes, but it fits with the theme of being a 1 arm-no legs guy crawling in a lab. The manual reload is soo good!

This really milks out the concept "let's play until we lose", huh?

Nice game. Real nice.

I've played the post jam version. Jesus christ if it's good.

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I'd love to see some features:

-A one button mode (you press one button for all the notes)

-A mode without slowdown and speed-up (to keep the flow)

-An easier way to add custom tracks, maybe an option in the menu

Other than that, a question: For custom tracks, do i only have to write the track's name and BPM in their respective files or do i have to put the audio file somewhere?


-Pira :)

Jus run it

I guess it just happens. :)

Ding Dang your opinion is bad

*gunclick* More of this. Hand it over.

Well thought out comment.

"For his neutral special, Duck wields a GUN!"

-PiraITA, 2020

The boli is very roli. Great game, but i have a suggestion: make the boli's shadow a different color from the platform shaders. Also, a mouse sensitivity setting would be great. Also, stay home and don't roli outside.

Yes, i meant the camera shake. Thanks for replying. And yes, the game delivered a good amount of atmosphere!

Make something with this game. Even one single level is fine. Even one single enemy AI. Please. Do it for the gun spider.

I played the game, it's pretty cool. I don't understand what's the point of this, but sure it's a good 10 mins of gameplay. I noticed that the character dashes back and forth a bit too much when riding near another one's trail AND being in that area that slows you down. GG anyways.

I found a visual glitch. After obtaining the Agility perk, which gives you goggles, if you look down, the character no longer has them. Great game anyways!

r/decreasinglyverbose how to gun

This was a froggy frog moment, frog frog.

"Frog / 10. Would shelf again." -gryphOn, 2020

I guess you just yeet the game in the bin with all its data.

Or disinstall via Itch app.

Ze tapp haz googli eiez.

Googly eyes gang till the bitter end.


I wonder who downvoted

I just roll my face on the wasd keys and spam space, and crap happens.

Now i know why Yoshi doesn't pay his taxes. Cool game anyways!

A h,   y e s,   e n s l a v e d   e v i d e n c e

Well, touching story

Ok champ. I was vibin'the whole time.

I don't talk Spanish

Me too. It's gonna be my first game, too. Let's hope.

Cose che mancano:

Effetti sonori

Contatore punteggio

Zombie decenti

Thanks Royex! software, where can i download it then? ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

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it aint download

its only yours i guess, what computer do you have

Cool game.

PoundyPanda986 got rekt.

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Z to confirm things in menus, x to skip menus and arrows to move in both menus and battle

oh doesnt work, now i have the same question, lets try rolling my face on the keyboard

smh it works but not item, act and mercy, attack only--

Where is the windows version

isnt the file .zip? if so, you can just right click and exract here while on desktop