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space drive

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you remember me

awsome me and my dad played and it was good


2D Game Jam! #1 community · Created a new topic Two min

summit NOW

hurry up

does not look like its inspired by the theame but this is before i played so who knows

NO THANKS srry caps lock im useing a solo engine call game maker studio 2

now its completable


nope what level did you get to theres 15 one is super hard you have to enter it a ceten way



i would go with both

or both

i think its just sprits

nice your better than me but i had fun :)

its just called the hunted and its a stealth puzzle game dont expect much it wont allow me to add a pic


my game is going good


but i am a pixel artis

i cant team im useing a solo engine called game maker studio 2

i was going to make a game over screen that did not show you died and instead it was over top of the point where you died and it faded i

i did some thing good on axident XD

ok thanks

can i recerch on how to do it

im having truble with the wander mech im inplamenting never did this before im useing game maker studio 2 drag and drop

thats harsh

yay i like bananas

i made it to floor 5

I Really LIKE THE GAME BEAUTIFUL  srry caps landscape only bad thing is the lak of game play in the demo if this is a reflective new game 5-12 months  i wont blame you but plz get a working demo that has the core game play out side of the tutoriol :)

good work no great work btw my name was the great wolf made me smile like in undertale never seen a game like that

idk what happened but did you use a pole thing

good game but way too hard

(1 edit)

my best is 3 min and 59 seconds lol 239 seconds in total so far

i made a axe that said 2 handed axe

hi its my first game so plz enjoy