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this game looks awsome but i cant play its in japanes and plz trasalt soon to english

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When I de-compiled/extracted the game assets to translate it, they did not have localised assets. In other words, the text in the game was hard-coded in, making translating much harder.

I de-compiled and re-compiled Assembly-CSharp.dll, it had some data that I could translate, however I'm beginning to suspect the main text data is located in level0 etc. I'm sure I looked last time, correct me if I'm wrong. Yes, it appears text data is located in level0 and so on, currently I can view the data and have a method which logically should work to recompile it.

i have no idea what u just said


Thank you for playing my game! I can't afford to translate it into English myself, but I'm working on creating a localization system and localization editor for Chikaro. Please be patient as the text of this game may be easily localized!