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Thanks for giving it a play :) 

Yeh I agree it wasn't something I thought of until after I was finished. 

Once you figure out what to do it works nice. 

Controls are a little confusing. I was clicking in the centre for a while before I realised I have to click outside of the octagon? Also is a bit confusing what you are trying to achieve.

Nice work though in such a small amount of time :)

I like the original idea. I haven't seen anything like it yet haha maybe because lighting yourself on fire doesn't just spring to mind! XD

Hard to start with but you get into the swing of things after dying alot....

Nice work

Nice and simple.  I really like the cute little animation when he walks.  I got stuck a few times and died before I realised where the bounds of the level were.  I like it how you can't just spam the shooting fire or you die. 

The only thing that really stood out to me was the music.  It restarts everytime the game does and is a little annoying if you die alot (like myself haha).  Put it in a DontDestroyOnLoad so it's seamless between plays.  

Love it. The only thing I would say is the controls can be a bit confusing. You are pressing right and flip...and you start going left haha took my brain a bit to catch up!

Also the bats being unshootable when they are outside of the walls is so frustrating.  They just seem to build up there.

Awesome idea though I really like it and it looks really nice as well. 

Well it's definitely fast paced haha.  Maybe a little too much? Trying to coordinate my brain with the colours and the movement and the speed of the balls coming down was a bit much.  

This would be a really good later game level where someone has mastered the controls and is just kiling it.

It's a nice idea though, the way the fire changes you the way you play. Nice work :)

Love the art style on this and the little hand pulling down when you hit the space bar is a nice touch.  SFX are good and the music is nice and chill - really fits well with the style of game.

All I would say is limit the player to the bounds of the screen.  I just held the space bar down for ages until I was out of limits and it took a while to get back to the playing screen - and I was still scoring points. 

I like this idea. Cool concept for a puzzle game.  

It is made a little easy though because you can pathetically(lighty) throw a fire ball and knock to the candle over but it doesnt fall out of the "lose" box? It feels like that is the edges of the screen in 3 seconds.   

If you plan on building on this concept I would shrink the area in which a player can lose if they knock the candle...or if they touch the candle at all game over. 

Love to see where you go with this. 

Took me a little bit to fully understand the controls! For anyone else - aim at the ground and shoot to propel yourself up. A cute take on a flappy bird style game but with a bit more control.  

Nice work :) 

I came from the Trijam and could see straight away this wasn't made for that Jam. 

Still wanted to give you some feedback though.  When you open menus/bags, make a method that closes all other menus. I didn't play much longer to be honest as well it had nothing to do with the Jam I was in.

Looks like a cute little game.  Keep working on it. 

I don't know if adding it to random Jams is your best option though. It kind of just annoys people and they will ignore it. 

Nice little game. The only thing I would say is to make the random placement of the next egg?? a certain distance from the current one. There was a couple of time I scored like 6 in a row just from going up once. 

I like the idea and it fits the theme nicely :)

Thanks :)

Make sure you follow the instructions or if you don't need them just hit the skip instructions button 😊

Thank you 😊Was fun to try something so ambitious and get something out. 

Thanks 😊 After the jam is done I would like to go back and finish up what I wanted to do. 

Thanks 😊to get the rock orange you have to plant the tree you get from the mission before. It grows from that tree. 

Thanks for giving it a play 😊Yeh I'm sorry the collection and hit boxes definitely need to be fixed. After the jam is done I would like to go back and fix things up and add everything I wanted to.

This is really nice.  I love the humor :) Would love to see you build on this.

Cute game.  Haha love the hot sauce drink

I couldn't see all of the screen though even zoomed out. The only way I knew what buttons to press what by looking at your screenshots.

Wow. This has to be my favourite game of the jam so far. That was beautifully executed. I played for like 40 minutes.  And the artwork is simple but so nice. Well done :)

This is great. I love the graphics and the subtle music in the background.  Gives the game a really good feel. I got totally lost heaps and couldn't find my base a lot haha but I was just enjoying running over zombies! The driving handled great.

Nice little game with a super creepy kid haha I tried to replay it but one of the keys was missing for some reason.

Thanks :)

Thank you :) 

Thanks :) I'll check out your game

Thanks :) Yeh that is fair.   I guess I was trying to force people to use the other aliens to do collecting, maybe didn't balance it enough. Thanks for playing though, much appreciated :D

You just need to change the ViewPort dimensions in the setting when you upload it.   Change them to the resolution to exported it in.

The controls are a little confusing and I keep on bugging the game out and crashing it if I click on things too fast. It's a good concept though and has potential. I like the art style :)

I really enjoyed this game :) Played for quite a while.  This could be turned into a full game. Love the idea. Great work!

Thanks :) Yeh I did find that myself as well.  I toyed around with the size and placement of the area that triggered collection for quite a while.  I think I would take a different approached if I tried it again.

Thank you very much :) I really started 

I really enjoyed this.  You introduced the concepts of the game really well. Love a good puzzle game :)

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Thank you :)  The crafting did turn out a bit awkward. Once you start crafting you have to wait for it to end and also empty the collection area. Was going to change it but as always ran out of time haha. 

Not going to lie....that took me way longer than I like to admit to figure out what I needed to do haha. I liked it though. Once I figured out what I needed to do I really got into it. Made it to the 2nd last planet.  May have to come back and give it another go.   Really liked the crafting. :)

Thanks much appreciated :) Haha I'm sure there are more than a few bugs with how I was throwing it all together on the last day.  

I really enjoyed this.  It's a nice simple concept and you executed it really well. Nice work :)

Really nice game! Only played the first level so far but it is very intuitive and looks like it has heaps of potentional.