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Really nice and simple. The music and sounds just fit perfectly. Awesome work.

Thanks :) I wish I had a little extra time to make some more in depth levels. Sort of got bogged down making the characters and animations. Was fun though switching to 3D and doing something different :

Haha no I haven't. Had a quick play before I had to go to work this morning. I'll be having a better play at some of the games tonight 😊

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Haha you had me from I'm Alex...the world has gone to shit. Nice straight forward playstyle and the game picks up in difficulty nicely. Love the fact you can buy bigger weapons. Very nice.

I love this game. The graphics are really nice.  I started off thinking geez this could be a little harder and then bam it goes from 0 to 100 haha. Just managed to finish the game with 5 seconds to spare. Really nice game. Awesome work.

Haha cute I like it! Nice and simple game play, it's very intuative. Love the hotdog dude!

Really like the graphic style. Kind of didn't know what I was doing at first but picked it up pretty quickly. Not sure if those little agents were supposed to chase me, they sort of just stood there making a funny sound and I only died if I ran into them.

Was nice though. Love Radical Randy!

Thanks 😊 had a lot of fun making it. 

Nice! I look forward to seeing where this goes :)

Really like this. Took my brain a bit to get around the whole space bar isn't jump haha but once I had that down it was nice and challenging. Especially those spikes! Nice work :)

Got to the end and had no idea what was going on. Then I read the comments and it made sense. I like the idea it's nice. Maybe some instructions would help though :) At the end maybe use the users input to tell them that they can write to the screen?

Haha I have no idea what just went on but I had a good laugh. Love the random voice overs :'D

I like it but I found the jumping to be frustrating.  It felt like I floated too much so was hard to control.  Cool idea though :)

Little bit confusing with the controls. When I opened a message it was just blank. I started hitting all the keys on my keyboard until I moved and the text appeared. 

Unlocked the locked thing and just guessed I collected the fuel.

Overall though it's nice.  Could be a little longer with a few more puzzles. 

I like the feel of it. Very cool.

I like it. Nice concept. Haha gets a bit hectic at the end! Maybe less drops and weapon health would make it a bit harder.  But overall very nice :)

Thanks :) I have fixed a few bugs and added some additional info. The first level was accidentally skipping to the 4th which has extra requirements to finish (the pink tabs around the edges show the maximum aquaducts allowed in that row NOT including the start and finish aquaducts) .