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Really nice game! Only played the first level so far but it is very intuitive and looks like it has heaps of potentional.

The sound was really nice. I found it a little harsh when droppy changed planets, the camera rotation speed etc. Cute idea though and nicely executed. Well done.

That background >< haha I felt myself going crosseyed. Nice litte idea for a game though. Took me a bit to understand what I needed to do and I never got off the first planet due to the affect the background had on me. 

Some sound would have really made this nice. Even little knocking sounds when building or collecting. 

The game definitely has some potential! Great work :)

Thanks for the feedback ๐Ÿ˜Š. I was hoping to have many more buildings but I just ran out of time. I was also hoping to have the resources collectors upgrade so they would be faster/could have more workers. So it definitely feels unfinished and I am a little disappointed at that. 

Ahhh haha OK I will have to give it another go when I get home ๐Ÿ˜Š

Haha I may have exaggerated with 10 minutes but it was rushed in the last hour. Thank you for playing ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thanks :) Yeh I was hoping to be able to implement more buildings but I ran out of time. The game mechanics took me a lot longer than I thought it would. Thanks for playing :D

I feel like the black stuff catches up to you too fast. I don't know if the game even needs it tbh. Really nice game though, nice simple art but nice to look at. Well done :)

Loved the sounds very cute. The music not so much kind of a bit quiet.  As always love the art style.

Litte bit strange playing this game solo. But I like the idea of the health dropping from damage. Was a bit weird when I shot a player though and he picked the health straight back up.

Nice litte game. The sounds are really fitting. The movement is a little annoying though how it's slow/gradual to react and also that you are stuck at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes it was impossible to avoid things.  Overall very cute :) and I love the little bits of humor. Well done.

Cute little game. Some kind of objective or direction would be nice. One thing I did notice was that the UI didnt stay in front of built objects which was a bit weird visually. But overall nice effort :)

Really nice game for your first jam :) well done. Nice and simple game with clear instructions. The music was a little repetitive though and became annoying really quickly.

Ahh the movement made it really hard to want to do more than 1 level, it was so frustrating.  Nice game  though. The art and music were really nice. The in game list of things to collect were different from the one at the start of the level and then the amount I collected was different again.

Really nice game. It feels like it ramps up in difficulty quite quickly though. Those little suns are so fast I just kept on getting pinned to walls and couldn't move away.

Overall though it feels really nice and the music and SFX fit really nicely without being over the top. Great work :)

 It works fine on Windows btw.

I don't know if I am missing something haha but I can't build anything, I have no resources. I like the idea, and the music is cute.

Really nice game. Played a couple of times before I won.  I found that if I didnt purchase any other planets and built a heap of routes between just 2 of them it was easier to win. There doesn't seem to be any real incentive to buy extra planets. Maybe those routes could get you more money or limit the number of routes between planets? 

Overall though it was nice. Awesome work :)

Really unique idea. Not sure if its just my computer but the buttons move sooo fast and close together it's really hard to react in time and I pushed all the wrong  buttons and somehow won haha. Good work though it is a nice game!

Thank you :) I was actually thinking of Anno when I started this. Love the game.  I think this will definitely be a game I will continue messing around with in the future. 

Thank you :) and cheers for the feedback.

Thank you so much :)

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Thanks for the feedback really appreciate it!  I've only just started making games over the past 6-12 months so I am trying different styles of games each time, this being my second attempt at a platformer.

Having no sound makes the game eerily quiet. Maybe even recording yourself tapping the table to make footstep sounds. Nice idea though well done.

Lol so random. Definitely unique haha had me so confused with the egg and tennis. But overall surprisingly good. It can be a little hard to control the egg at times but its a solid game for 1 week. Well done.

Haha love it. Really clever idea.

What a beautiful game! Seriously everything is just so nice and clean. The models are great and the animations feel natural, the audio fits perfect. For 1 week this is amazing. Well done! So far my favourite that I have played.

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Haha what did I just play?? I'm so confused right now :D Love the music!

This game is so visually pleasing. The controls were a little clunky for me. I always felt like I was being dragged to the center of the screen and it wasn't a natural movement to the outer parts of the screen.  Love the little twist at the end. Was a little repetative but overall what a great achievement for 1 week. Awesome work.

Really nice feel to the game. I got a little confused how to save a loved one but I just ended up heading towards the blue light and it worked. Kind of felt like I was playing Doom 2 when it first started. Really nice work.

The controls are pretry difficult to be honest. Took me a while to get the hang of it. Nice clean looking game though. Well done :)

Interesting concept. Love the pewdiepie plug in there haha. Good work

Love the little light trail. I could walk straight through the first door though when it was closed haha. 

It took me a little while to figure out I have to shoot people with hearts above their head. Nice neat and simple concept. Really nice for it being your first jam. Awesome work.

Really cute game. Love that PAC man just wants some pizza. Love the puzzle aspect of the game. Shame you could only do a few levels. Really well done though.

Love the graphics. Really nice and clean. Little frustrating when the visibility gets too small and you have no idea where to jump. Love the animations and attacks as well. 

I couldn't do anything in the second level. I literally clicked on everything and couldn't stop the guy from dying. Interesting concept though and nice graphics. Awesome work for your first jam.

Really cute game. Love the concept. Would be nice if the game got progressively harder. Maybe the enemies start coming faster etc. Really creative though :) Well done.

Really cute game. The graphics are lovely. You can become stuck though with no way of restarting the game.  Like if you miss a button you are just left running up against a wall. A little short but really nice :) Awesome work!

Interesting concept. Getting stuck on the rees was kind of annoying. Maybe using Q and E to walk sidways would have been an option to help. WIsh the light lasted a little longer as well. Overall though you did really well.