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thanks a lot for your interesting feedbacks ! we must indeed rework the ennemies. We are glad you liked our game

yeah i suppose but it will be better if i made a build. It's not so complicated with unity

I really want to play  this game... could you please make a linux build later ?

thanos for playing ! We struggled a lot with the IA indeed :/

Thanks for playing ! We are definitely going to fix the bullet time after the jam

thanks for your feedbacks ! 

thanks a lot !

thanks for playing and for the feedbacks !

Nice I will give it another shot then

Thanks for playing ! we are glad you liked it !

thanks, we are happy you enjoyed the game !

Very fun game ! The art and animation are really nice, the ragdolls are really good and funny ! Good job

Thanks for playing !

Nice game ! the graphics are really nice ! the controlls was a bit hard though but anyway good job (and thanks for the linux build ;)

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That    is a very cool game ! Well done ! Maybe the most juicy game of the jam with his perfect animations, screen shakes and MUSIC ! (OMG that music) The game feel is reaalllyyy good like really. Good job !

Very cool and fun puzzle game ! The art and level design are very nice. The music is simple but efficient :) Good Job

Thanks a lot for playing ! it means a lot to us

you can't tell that your game is playable on linux and macOS, it isn't :/

Thanks a lot for playing ! Thomas was alone was indeed present in our period of reflection and research :)

thanks ! we are glad you enjoyed the game !

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Thanks a lot for playing ! The musicians will be very happy you love their music

thanks for the feedbacks !

Well done ! The main mechanic is very interesting and you really succed to show is potential with the puzzles !

Very good game. difficult but always fair and fun. you have really succeeded in building a stressful and horrific atmosphere through music and animations. well done ! I have trouble finishing the game but I am each time a little better

thanks ! We struggled a lot with recording the  instruments :)

thanks a lot for playing ! We are very happy you liked the music, having a piano player and a cello player on the team is a quite chance ;)

A very fun game to play! the mechanics work very well and the difficulty is well measured. However I must admit that I did not really understand the story and the relation with the theme. So finally I think it’s a game that works very well in its game design even if this one is not very innovative. Good job ! (some music would also have been nice)

Nice game ! i liked mostly the graphics, the idea is interesting but you maybe should have increase the vision of the player, at some point we jump completely blind and well that fit the theme but it's not very fun. I liked a lot the intergration of the story text in the game and the mechanic of the door slowly opening is pretty cool. Finally it’s a shame not to have made more complex sounds, more interesting music and a menu after the end (but I guess it’s a lack of time). Finally if this criticism may seem negative I have generally enjoyed the game and its atmosphere. Good work!

thanks a lot for the feebbacks ! we are happy you loved the game

that's what i did

massacre simulator ! a nice mix between cross the road and zombie tsunami. good job

cute graphics and interesting concept but the movement feels very bad and it really break the game's fun

very nice game, well polished and fun ! the animations are really appealing :)

nice game ! your mechanics seems to work fine, but i think that the walls disepear too quickly and maybe you could have add a minimap or something to orientate yourself... but anyway good job

Man i want that horse, he's litteraly flying ! hop hop hop

Nice work :)

in the level i did go behind the last door but i didn't won :/

Nice game anyway good job !

Can you explain me how your game works please i didn't enderstand :)

Is it normal i didn't heard any sound. Beside that it's a pretty cool game but too repetitive for me

Everything should work perfectly now, thank you for your help !

thanks a lot for your feedback ! we are happy you enjoyed the game