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A jam submission

IT'S BULLET TIME !View game page

Submitted by HaroGames, Arrrow3, Firmino31, VictorLebrun31 — 7 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline

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Team members
Quentin de Capele
Victor Lebrun
Firmin Rousseau

Software used
Unity 3d

Cookies eaten
A lot, we are pretty sick now...

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It was a fun game and I really enjoyed it, so great job :) I didn't want to quit until I died and ran out of new content.

I know a lot of people already mentioned the slow-down issue, so I won't mention that. But I do think you should add more enemies together. It would be really fun to get swarmed and have to switch between the shotgun and rifle based on how far away the enemies were.


thanks a lot for your interesting feedbacks ! we must indeed rework the ennemies. We are glad you liked our game


The game control mechanics was great, but I think the enemies were a bit boring. The game would have been so much more fun if the enemies were not always aware of you, and if you could hide in the bush and do ambush attacks.


thanos for playing ! We struggled a lot with the IA indeed :/

Nice, I know you've heard this before, but yes, the game feels laggy in bullet time. Maybe make bullet time activate whenever you are holding down the soot button instead? Other then that, yea this game has some great feel, or juice, or whatever its called. Quite fun! 
Also I really like how you make all bullets Yellow, whilst red is used for blood. Nice color coding. You know what is where at a glance.


Thanks for playing ! We are definitely going to fix the bullet time after the jam


Not sure if intentional, but I could go really fast during the slow-motion effect. Also the slowing effect did seem like the game was lagging at first, but I assume it's supposed to be like that?

I didn't even bother using the keyboard to move, and just moved around by shooting the gun.

Overall it was entertaining, nice work.


Thanks for your feedback,

the dash is indeed faster while slowing down


The slowing down feels a bit laggy on my laptop which results in a hard to control movement. But the fact tat you guys written the controls and the enemy ai is kinda nice. 


Tanks for the feedback ! we are indeed pretty bad at optimization xD


Wow, this is nice! Slowing down time to see splatters and fluid movement is very nice!

I liked the feeling of the game, shooting and movement!

Nice entry ;)


thanks for the feebacks !