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A stagnant village, or painful sorrow?
Submitted by FlyWolfe, AlekKef, isalich — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Team members
FlyWolfe, isalitch, AlekKef

Software used
Unity, Photoshop, FLStudio, Visual Studio

Cookies eaten
Quite a few

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So, NPC's had names... 

The names seemed time based...

Was this to show their age somehow? 

Or maybe a hint at how every chunk,moment,second,instance, or some other  interval of time is unique, just like people? 

It was interesting. Even though the character movement was slow, I pushed through it and stuck it out to explore and talk to more people to try and figure out what the times meant above their head. ... 

Was it their time left to live?

I imagine a world full of cranky dying people. But then meeting 1 wise person who's extremely kind and compassionate even though he only has 3 days left to live or something. 3 days to quest and do him some kind of favor or explore some story of his. Kind of like the gameplay for Majoras Mask.


Great game! The visuals and the music are beatiful!

The mood in the game is really well set up, it's really impressive! you really feel the routine everyone is stuck in and want to stay stucked in. "The most important thing is to keep things the way they are! If something seems to have change, just ignore it." It really makes think about how the real world is, how people interact with each other, how they react to change.

It's an exploration game, but I wish there were more interactions with the world. Also, I like the story, but some things would have gain to be more explained, like what implies the initial state of this world, the consequences on its people.  But I'm being unfair here, given the length of the game jam ^_^ 

Thank you for this awesome game!


I wish we had more time to implement more of the story. A lot got cut out, unfortunately.

And I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, it means a lot :)


I really liked the story and the mood of the game but it feels a bit buggy sometimes...

good job anyway!


Thank you for the review! We have some graphical bugs with dead characters, floating people, etc. Didn't have time to fix them :(
Did you see any others?

I'm really glad you liked the story :D


The best part of this game is the story. Atmosphere of fatalistic living in this town and grayish mood got to me in a good way.

I wish player could move a bit faster.

Art is nice, though often I cannot distinguish part one from another and where are bounds of objects.

Also, pretty music! Creating the mood.


Thank you so much for trying our game out!
I agree, the player is probably too slow. We wanted to have a slower feel to the game, but we probably went too far. Unfortunately, we were only able to work with 3 colors at the start, so it was really difficult to have the art stand out haha

Thanks for the review, it helps us feel more motivated ^^