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also, awesome idea!!

How did you build this to make it playable in browser and also on mobile? 

Do you just build for web, then add controls for touch screen?

This is like... Wall-E's great great ancestor or something before the planet turned to trash XD

Super neat :)

So, NPC's had names... 

The names seemed time based...

Was this to show their age somehow? 

Or maybe a hint at how every chunk,moment,second,instance, or some other  interval of time is unique, just like people? 

It was interesting. Even though the character movement was slow, I pushed through it and stuck it out to explore and talk to more people to try and figure out what the times meant above their head. ... 

Was it their time left to live?

I imagine a world full of cranky dying people. But then meeting 1 wise person who's extremely kind and compassionate even though he only has 3 days left to live or something. 3 days to quest and do him some kind of favor or explore some story of his. Kind of like the gameplay for Majoras Mask.

This seems like a very good intro to an awesome game.  

Kind of reminds me of the Intro to Skyrim.  Except maybe you're a detective on the train? A WIZARD!?!?! ... Whatever else rides trains XD. 

Maybe a train mouse who has to stealth around and eavesdrop on passengers for clues O.O ...  

It's cool what were you were able to do in a 3D world with simple colors. I really wanted to get out and run to the mountain or something.  Sound really showing off the power of what nice effects can do to an atmosphere. :) 

It seems like you're one of the few who cleared it. lol. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

I really appreciate that. :)  I was just going to scrap it after the jam, but maybe it's worth looking into what else I can do with it. 

Yeah, I had a few people call it pacman already. XD

I'm glad you liked it!

I noticed that too.  I'm wondering if it came down to exact calculation in a physics step or something to determine how ma y pieces or was actually touching.  

Or maybe it was the nature of box colliders vs  circle colliders? 

I thought about changing it, but then decided to keep the nice randomized destruction. Help keep the player on their toes.  Destroying 1 block at a time would take forever, but having random huge chunks felt like a nice bonus when it boosts the time bar. :)

I meant to put in a tiny help screen before the game starts, but I ended spending the last minutes of the jam trying to figure out that I needed to upload more than just the .exe file.  

Thank you.

This is deep...   

I know there is a saying out there that mentions doing the most with the least...

Everyone misses someone...  Very good. 

Hard game. 

Art is very nice.

Music made me feel like I was definitely running out of time. 

Also, hard game! XD. 

3 hits and I'm dead is a bit aggressive for a dungeon crawler for me. 

Animations were also good!

I ended up deleting the original, then zipping the entire "Build" folder and uploading it. 

You simulated the cookies out of that clock and void!

Oh, wow. Thanks FlyWolfe.

Are participants allowed to vote? or... its voting just for everyone else?  If we can vote, how do we do it?

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I clicked the button at the characters feet at the opening of the game and it exited O.O  

Cool sound though!

Also, thank you. :)

Hm...  I only uploaded the exe file... maybe that has something to do with it? I'm at work now, so I cant really do much about it. 

First submission ever on this site, if anyone catches something I did wrong, please let me know. lol.

Awesome art. Even more so considering the limitations.