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Cozy Time Rail (game jam version)View game page

A train ride through an old unusual land
Submitted by Norrimo (@Norrimo) — 22 minutes, 53 seconds before the deadline
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Team members
just me, norrimo

Software used
blender, unity, audacity and my brainsoftware

Cookies eaten
ZERO! Because I've forgotten to buy me some cookies ... instead of this I have eaten many potatoes. Real potatoes. Was tasty.

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This seems like a very good intro to an awesome game.  

Kind of reminds me of the Intro to Skyrim.  Except maybe you're a detective on the train? A WIZARD!?!?! ... Whatever else rides trains XD. 

Maybe a train mouse who has to stealth around and eavesdrop on passengers for clues O.O ...  

It's cool what were you were able to do in a 3D world with simple colors. I really wanted to get out and run to the mountain or something.  Sound really showing off the power of what nice effects can do to an atmosphere. :) 


Hehe, thank you.
And I will leave it to your mind what you want to be ... dear wizard. :)
I will later add some more stuff and yeah maybe a bit more freedom later.  I also uploaded a new version where you can now sit!
Made it a few hours ago and it was something what I wanted to add for the jam but there was no more time (!) left.


Very relaxing. I like the interpretation of the theme! However, I really wanted to be able to explore the cabin.


Yeah that was an idea for the jam but it didn't made it into the game. I'm working currently on some additional stuff. I also uploaded a new build (seperate download option) where you can now sit! Sitting is a luxury! :D
I will see if I can add something more until the ende of the week what I had during the jam in mind.


Yup cool relaxing game ! For some reason I really got a lovecratian eeriness from the giants in the distance just standing there. Especially with the fact the ride was mostly silent, the character has no apparent reason for being here, and the people in the desert are dressed somewhat strangely. It felt some of those highers places found in dreams by Lovecraft characters ;)


Thanks. :D
Yeah, maybe I took subconsciously somehow inspiration by the Lovecraft universe.
I love his bizarre worlds and mythology as well.


This was cool, though I wish I could have walked around parts of the train.

My favorite part was the giant in the distance that had a boat for a hat.


Yeah, the walking through the train idea was in my head as I started with the jam. But couldn't manage it in time to implement the opening doors and maybe finding other stuff in the train.

He is also my favorite giant. This ship is his crown which appeared on his head many years ago deep in the ocean and he never removed it since then. :)


I really like meditative observing games. And I liked this one. This game is not for everyone, but it is for people like me, liking that sort of stuff. Looking into distance, feeling happy being able to see one of the trees near the window, seeing new things, mountains, ships!

I can suggest some things or ideas I find might be interesting:

- Allow player to open door, and maybe to walk around the wagon. Also, maybe add ambience for closed doors, like people there are talking or cheering. Anyway, looking through different windows would be nice!

- This game concept may be a very good starter point for passive-active game. Like you have device, and you have radio or chat device or something. You press random buttons on device and something happens (rocket emerges from underground, helicopter flies somewhere), and you see news/radio chatter or something that tells you what you did (maybe exploded empty building which collapsed and stopped flooding and saved people or something). Just was imagining it playing your game.

Nice art, very pleasant for eyes!

Sound is relaxing :3


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)

And yeah, I had at the start of the jam some of these ideas in mind but couldn't manage it in time to implement them.
In the last hours of the jam I totally crunsched through it and so I needed one whole day to recover my body.

I will make today one of the things which didn't made it into the jam version like sitting on these seats!
And you will also be able to walk through the train and maybe you can find something. But this I will do laaaaater.
The explosion idea is also funny. :D


Please mention me when you will add features to the game, if it is possible. Will gladly try new versions!


I will! :D