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You misspelled "private". It's basically saying you can't declare a type (called "privite") before you set it as static. Just change it to "private" and that should fix it

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON -> Pick up and Drop objects

(We didn't have time to add that instruction)

Just want to say that yeah, it was a hard game, but you taught the player through the environment rather than through a long section of text. I felt like I was intuitively learning how everything worked, not having my hand held or just being completely in the dark. It was really fun and I played it until the end. Really great job!

It was a fun game and I really enjoyed it, so great job :) I didn't want to quit until I died and ran out of new content.

I know a lot of people already mentioned the slow-down issue, so I won't mention that. But I do think you should add more enemies together. It would be really fun to get swarmed and have to switch between the shotgun and rifle based on how far away the enemies were.

96% :'(

That was fun :D Nice soundtrack and sound effects. An arrow with more contrast (so it's easier to see when it's moving) I think would add to the game. Overall, super cool, Great job !

This really hits home for me. You've done a really great job at presenting the story. Thank you for this game :)

I wish we had more time to implement more of the story. A lot got cut out, unfortunately.

And I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, it means a lot :)

Thank you for the review! We have some graphical bugs with dead characters, floating people, etc. Didn't have time to fix them :(
Did you see any others?

I'm really glad you liked the story :D

Thank you so much for trying our game out!
I agree, the player is probably too slow. We wanted to have a slower feel to the game, but we probably went too far. Unfortunately, we were only able to work with 3 colors at the start, so it was really difficult to have the art stand out haha

Thanks for the review, it helps us feel more motivated ^^

It's still not visible. If you can't see it, then others can't either. I imagine it's because you deleted the files. You should get in contact with the moderators

The music fits really well and the gameplay is really fun! I wish there were more levels to play through and maybe some jumping/blinking sound effects (just something simple to add to the feedback of jumping/blinking). Otherwise, great game!

The story is  really nice, however it is a bit difficult to tell what is happening on the log. How many of my people died? How many aliens? How much fuel do I have? So it's difficult to tell if I should fallback or stay there.
That said, the game concept was really cool. With some sound and a more understandable log (with the option to speed up the time because it takes a while to get enough fuel from that), I think this game would really stand out.

You implemented something really cool :D

It was fun and *exciting* :) Trying to beat your highscore with more and more enemies is really cool, great progression. I would add some more feedback, though. Screenshake, particle effects, etc. just to add more flair to your punches and everything. 

Cool game!

I'm not the developer, but I think that happens on some browsers. You can try Chrome, that might work better

The gameplay, the sounds, the art... It's all amazing! I love what you did with the lighting (it's not 4 colors, but it still has that feel to it). It would be cool to have some screenshake on hit and a number to keep track of how many bullets you have left.

Overall, great game, I loved it!

Haha, it was fun :D I enjoyed that the sides changed when you restarted the game and the massive overflow of trash was a bit hectic until I realized it was because I lost and you're not supposed to be able to beat it. Good game !

Your game is password protected. Could you either remove that or tell us the password?
Thanks :)

Dang, that was good! Incredible gameplay, nice art, and the music fit really well. The mechanic was really fun and it was great that I was able to figure everything out without an in-depth tutorial. There was one part where I almost got stuck until I realized I still hadn't used the slow time/speed up time buttons.

Stellar game!

It's a fun game :D I would lower the volume of the sound effects because they overtake the main music a lot. Also, how do I plant onions? I figured out how to open the menu and till the land, but I can't restart the dialogue with the character without replaying the game. It was enjoyable, so I want to play through again and finish the game

I wasn't able to beat it (kept dying/running out of time on the second key), but the art was amazing and I really enjoyed the game! At the start, I would let the player move on through the text at their own pace because it's too fast to read it in time.

Great job :D

I'm pretty sure you can still change the settings and say that it's not a browser playable game. Don't delete/re-upload your game, just change the settings to let us download the exe

If that doesn't work, send a message to the moderators of the jam and ask about changing your submission

When you click on a game page, if you've submitted your own game, you should have four categories with stars you can click on. Rate it, then click save.

Congrats on finishing, by the way! I'll check out your game :D

Wow, that was super fun! I really enjoyed speedup mechanic with the coins. I think one of the levels was maybe a bit too difficult (I don't remember which one, but it was just a bit annoying to have to be *perfect* to get to the end). Otherwise, I really enjoyed it and it was fun to play through it!

It was a really nice game! The music was on point, loved it :)

It would be cool to have more customers  as time increased too, to add to the difficulty

Great job!

Merry Christmas \o/

Really an amazing game! It was super fun and the skill tree was a great addition to the gameplay. It gave a sense of progression that a lot of jam games lack.

For some reason, the cheat code was not working for me, so I wasn't able to try out the planet pulverizer, but it was incredibly fun even without that. Also, for the collision bug, you can solve that in a couple of ways (at least just from what I thought of now). First would be to freeze rotations on your rigidbody and rotate via the transform. Or you could have a high angular drag on the rigidbody. 

Incredible job on the game!

The game was great! The controls felt good and it looked really good with the lighting. I wish there was more variation/other ships to fight. Also, you might want to hide the cursor when in game. Otherwise, loved it :D

For those that are confused: Arrows to move, X to shoot

You should probably have a short tutorial, even just text to explain that because I went through every key on my keyboard until I found the right button haha. I like the idea, but it does get boring after a while because nothing changes. You should implement power-ups for faster speed/stronger weapons/something and you should implement different enemy types or environmental effects. Overall, great idea, just needs a little more variety and it's all good :)

There is a bug where you can get the main menu overlay stuck on the screen, but otherwise I liked the concept. It was a bit confusing because there was no tutorial, so I didn't know what I was doing at first, but I eventually figured it out. You should also implement a lose screen where you can restart/quit so we don't have to restart the game. Overall, I liked it :)

I like the game, good job! I think it would be really cool if it was an open world that you could move around in. As it stands now, there are multiple spots where you can't kill an asteroid since you can only teleport around the current view

I didn't have someone else to play with, so I tried it against myself. I'm glad it was turn based haha. IT was very well done and I liked how it was well balanced in terms of strengths between the different resources. It was a lot of fun and I'll save it to try with a friend later! Only critique is that the blaster sound on the main menu is pretty annoying when you're trying to read the how to play, which I don't think needs to be so long by the way. The game was mostly intuitive and you just needed a quick playable tutorial and that would be it. Great game dude, good job!

As others have said, it is pretty difficult, but it was very fun. The tutorial was very well done and the way you make the player learn by trying was very well thought-through. Good job :)

This is a pretty dang good job for a first game :) You might want to lerp the camera zoom so it doesn't come to a stop immediately/start up so quickly. Also, maybe make it more clear to the player that there is a missile coming. A halo/glowing effect, or ever just some time to react. Because the first time you see it, you don't know to avoid it. Otherwise, good job, it was enjoyable

Really amazing game for the jam! I played all the way through and loved every bit :D A couple tips: You slide a bit when you stand still on some platforms. You should add a physics material with friction to them :) Also, the art is beautiful and I loved the cell shader you have! Sometimes, though, it was a bit difficult to tell if I would land the jump because of the lighting. Maybe make the edges more obvious in terms of modelling? Anyway, loved the game, incredible job!

The game was really pretty, you did a great job with the sky! Especially how the stars twinkle faster when you move. It was a nice touch.

The game was cool, though I think there is something wrong either with the raycasting or the collider on the trees because it doesn't always harvest properly. Also, it would be much nicer to have a playable tutorial than a lot of text at first. It took a bit, but I kind of got the hang of it. Nicely done!

It was a nicely explored concept and I liked the game. Unfortunately, I really couldn't beat the yellow level. The double jumps wouldn't work some of the time, so it was really frustrating to get halfway and die from that >.<

Something I'll mention because it didn't feel like you were doing that: You can make a platformer feel like it has much tighter controls by just keeping track of when the player presses the jump button. So basically, you can have a timer for 0.1 seconds-ish and if the player is landing, or if the player had just barely fallen off a ledge, they'll still jump. It's not realistic, but can help with having a better feel.

Anyways, great job with the design and the implementation of the concept in general. I really liked it ^^

Loved the game! It was a little weird to select the amount of ships I wanted to move, click move, and then click the planet. I found myself often just selecting a ton of ships, then selecting the planet, expecting that to work.

Overall, great game and awesome take on the theme :)

Thank you, didn't realize I missed that >.<
Should be good now