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Please mention me when you will add features to the game, if it is possible. Will gladly try new versions!

oh my god

Approximately 5 hours for sleep each of 3 days and making most important parts in the first day, when brain was still full of energy, and leaving interface and usability stuff for later :D

Unfortunately, one of the mistakes was spending too much time on first day to fill up phrases variations. This stuff bores you and drains your energy, when you try to come up with ~10 variations of already (in your mind) kinda original phrase. Should've filled that at the last hours. Well, lessons learned!

Aww, planets mouse over was the part I was most insecure about lol. Increasing planets in size felt like it was not "retro like" but more "flash games of 2000" like. I definetely was going to add more interactivity to all of the buttons, but I stumbled in some minor problem with implementing, it was day 2, not enough brain power already, so I postponed implementation until... Ran out of time :D

Big idea was full-stack of things made by me, UX, art, music, sounds, logic, gameplay. Got time only for several parts. Most time was used on coding and logic :D

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey, it's would be nice to have more ratings and feedback. Thanks!

This is incredible game. Pleasant gameplay, interesting levels, nice art!

More than solid entry!

Wow, this is nice! Slowing down time to see splatters and fluid movement is very nice!

I liked the feeling of the game, shooting and movement!

Nice entry ;)

Art and gameplay resembles Don't Starve. I like Don't Starve and I like animations, art and movement in this game. Music is trippy, but not bad at all.

Boss freeze, yes, but hey, sounds for sheep and boss are rather funny!

Nice game!

As others mentioned, very creative was to use 4 colors limitation! Who would've thought... To use one color as solid color for things and others as background. Very nice!

Gameplay, though, is buggy. Unfortunately, I could not take seeds, since after failed attempt, they seem to vanish forever.

But hey, the concept as it is - very solid and creative entry!

Nice art and level design! Music is neat too, pretty sad but erm... encouraging to go further.

Speaking about going further, unfortunately, the main problem was mechanics of the game. They could've been more active and jumpy for players to even go further than first rotating gear. Jump often could not be activated.

Anyway, this is a very solid entry with rich level design, nice music and atmosphere. I see a lot of work was done in this game!

I liked the music and it's slowing down. Very neat!

Hitboxes kinda off, so I almost all the time play slowly :D

Nice entry!

The effect used for time travel is very nicely looking!

As other mentioned, it's yet to be improved for a full game.

That description :DDD

The art, music, gameplay - all is good. The art imo especially good.

The only problem for me was the movement. Did not like fluid movement with intertia.

Very nice and pretty game!

Maybe the concept mentioned in description can be further improved for full fletched game? I suspect it would be fun!

Haha, funny buttons and phrases about playing again :D

I like the animation of main character.

The concept is interesting, too...

Simple yet fun to play. It becomes repetitive over time, but pressing buttons to the beat makes it more interesting!

I actually can see future game with different food and music and rhythms!

Art is very nice, as well music.

Wow, nice mechanic for the game! I liked playing it. See myself playing it on mobile, many levels! This is good.

I liked the idea! Maybe some polishing, more kind of enemies, maybe types of weapons and this could be easily shipped to mobile!


Very fun to play game! I like how frozen and funny looks the frog when walling :D

Music and sounds are suitable for this art and mechanics, nice!

Haha! That awesome creature running with this music! It was interesting and fun!

Concept of speed reducing is very nice and new, liked it!

The best part of this game is the story. Atmosphere of fatalistic living in this town and grayish mood got to me in a good way.

I wish player could move a bit faster.

Art is nice, though often I cannot distinguish part one from another and where are bounds of objects.

Also, pretty music! Creating the mood.

Art style is pretty, like the animation of main character!

I suppose this game is kinda like overcooked?

Wish to see final release, if author will update the game after the jam.

That's... and original concept. I liked the idea and story. Also, I liked changing backgrounds when driving. Would like more driving and changing lanes, though.

Wow, it was fun to play! Driving somewhat in style of GTA1-2 games.

Like that you implemented bots for civilians and police, very nice to play. Game has feeling of danger and ability to evade it, and that makes gameplay interesting!

I was delighted to play this game with this music and idea. It's nice to have 3 iterations of times, as well as mechanic with "where you look there you teleport in time travel".

This is an interesting idea!

I liked learning about time travel and effects (lamp, seed). It's a bit too obvious imo to show player those concepts, but well, some players would simply drop the game if it would not explain to them some things.

The sound when she is talking is rather funny :D

Art is simple and pleasant.
Music is a nice touch, relaxing yet haunting.

I really like meditative observing games. And I liked this one. This game is not for everyone, but it is for people like me, liking that sort of stuff. Looking into distance, feeling happy being able to see one of the trees near the window, seeing new things, mountains, ships!

I can suggest some things or ideas I find might be interesting:

- Allow player to open door, and maybe to walk around the wagon. Also, maybe add ambience for closed doors, like people there are talking or cheering. Anyway, looking through different windows would be nice!

- This game concept may be a very good starter point for passive-active game. Like you have device, and you have radio or chat device or something. You press random buttons on device and something happens (rocket emerges from underground, helicopter flies somewhere), and you see news/radio chatter or something that tells you what you did (maybe exploded empty building which collapsed and stopped flooding and saved people or something). Just was imagining it playing your game.

Nice art, very pleasant for eyes!

Sound is relaxing :3

I very liked the concept of interacting with different elements. It's fresh... It's really fresh! No need to press E, no need to hold button. Simple, yet effective.

Story is a nice one, touching and lovely.

Graphics is simple, but objects and shapes are easily recognized. Love it.

Very nice gameplay concept! At first I was like well this is bouncing, but I always liked bouncing games and then woah, this is with clock bounce/no-bounce! Very nice.

Minor complaints on mechanics, sometimes ball not bouncing  when you get out of the level bounds and try to get back :(

But, this game is nice!

Unfortunately, was not able to start the game on mac. macOS said "file is damaged".

I liked the music, and I liked the gameplay! Also, nice art.

Actually, I hoped that this would be "punch the letter" game. Like learn typing faster etc. See the letter and press it.

But even with press blocks with cursor concept, it's still very fun to play. Music is beatiful!

It's a nice concept with time-limit.

I like the colors!

Imo, several things that might be improved:

- Sometimes something happens with hitboxes or something, and I was not able to punch enemies or feel that I punched them until counter updated

Overall nice concept!

Second idea of trying Chrome.

Gameplay and levels are very nice! I liked the concept of simple time limited platformer.

Had much time playing it and second level actually got me so much excited and irritated and the same time I woke up instantly, despite being very sleepy.

Several things to improve, imo:

- Bound of player and platforms/squares. Due to the nature of I don't know, coding, or rigidbody, whichever you used, sometimes you bounce from touching square, sometimes you slide right from the corner of the square, thus making controls more like enemies of the player.

- It definitely lacks 1 jump constraint. Ofter I fall down because of not releasing space and jumping again.

Nice game!

Thanks! There are a bunch of problems, as I see right now.

Log is one of them. Game idea basically started around this simulation of the battle. It was fun looking at the logs in debugger, seeing how battle was going. First 10 times. Then I was sitting drinking tea and wondering how would it be nice to somehow speed up or even "clash - show result, no logs artifact (like jump in time to see the result instantly)".

Lack of time, lack of brain juice because of instense work on the game, aaand I ended up just making log. Without buttons "get this done at once", without screen of stats, without "stop auto-scroll and let me see", without "colors for different names/ranks".

You can see when battle is active there is a huge empty space, which used for storing artifacts for now. There had to be more things (battle stats, fuel marines got, artifacts marines got, morale of the marines). They were actually already implemented, but because it was ~2 hours before end of jam, I was afraid I will break something (spaghetti, spaghetti code everywhere), so just did not attached them to the core of the game.

Most things in the game are invisible for player. They can be discovered only through logs or artifacts (well, result of artifacts in the logs, lol). There are some uncertain mysteries, as well as many references to different sci-fi books/movies/etc

Due to the eh... log nature of the game, only most patient players will discover them. Because sometimes you would have to play more than one time to find all references. Hell, you can finish the game without finding all the artifact types (not much of them, actually).

P.S. At first, log was much, much longer, because in my chase to make battle "full of life" I ended up filling logs with much more variety of different phrases, reactions to phrases and situations. Because I had only one way to present this "life of the battle" to the player, and this way was slow as hell, I ended up cutting maybe 60% of content. Gotta think of way to improve this, if I decide to work on the game further.

Interesting concept, I would say. First levels lack of tutorials, about multiple jump and over the wall cloning, but overall pretty interesting.

I liked the concept and gameplay, and a lesson to learn, thoughts to listen to.

Not much to say! At first I thought hm... maybe this needs more gameplay? But then I realised, this game is good as it is. Small example of a wholesome point and a reason to smile.

On thing, though, it can be nicer if cat would smile in the end ;)

At first I was not sure how to play. I thought arrows are using to pass objects instantly left or right.

After some time I discovere space is for grabbing.

I liked the gameplay, it's simple yet satisfying, with the need to concetrate for a moment to get where to pass object.

Art is good, very dynamic and alive. Also interactivity of screen and music is very nice. Loosing made me uneasy in a good way for a game.

I really liked the gameplay. Idea is not new, but much appealing to me. I liked sounds too! Sometimes I will loose just to hear that annoying beatiful sound of loosing.