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The ClockWorkerView game page

Platform-Puzzle game about how time goes on
Submitted by Aitor López (@AitorWIC), picabientuunicornio1, lluispalerm, lemondev, Xabi Goenaga (@Xabier121) — 29 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Team members
Aitor Lopez Alonso
Xabi Goenaga Urkiola
Joan Lluis Clemens Sanso
Angel Canto Caballero
Lluis Palerm Tur

Software used
Unity / Ableton Live

Cookies eaten
a bag of quelitas

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Great artstyle. I also loved that the ageing influenced parts of the mechanic.
The only thing to fix would be the jumping. Was sometimes really hard because the jump didn't work and that frustrated me a bit especially as I played as an old man. But maybe this would also fit in the time theme. xD


Thank you, we already have solved the jump bug so.. when rate time ends we will update the game.


This is so, so good! I love the concept of a platformer inside a clockwork machine, and I love the multiple ways you've interpreted the theme - the clockwork, the need to precisely time your jumps, the way the player character ages. Plus you REALLY made the four-colour restriction work! I'd definitely play (and pay for!) a de-bugged, full-length version of this if you ever make one.


Oh thanks, is our first game and it's good to read this :)


I absolutely love the art style. It's gorgeous. However, I was't able to get very far because of the jump bug (that I see you have already addressed in other comments). Also, the music just cut out sometimes, not sure if that was unintentional or if the soundtrack just ended quickly.


Really great game. Love the graphics and the atmoshpere. As other pointed out the jump doesn't work all the times which makes it quite frustrating. At some points in the levels you have to wait a little to long for the right moment to jump for my taste. But except for that the level design is good. I like how it kinda gets more puzzle like as you get older.


Nice, you get the point ;)

Btw we are sorry for the jump bug, we will solve it when rate time ends...


Looks nice, but I can't jump for the life of me.


Nice art and level design! Music is neat too, pretty sad but erm... encouraging to go further.

Speaking about going further, unfortunately, the main problem was mechanics of the game. They could've been more active and jumpy for players to even go further than first rotating gear. Jump often could not be activated.

Anyway, this is a very solid entry with rich level design, nice music and atmosphere. I see a lot of work was done in this game!


i love the graphics and music!

maybye a litte bit buggy sometimes but considering the time limit it's very goo


Well, this is the best entry that I played so far! :)
Art is amazing and the music fits the gameplay really well.
My only complaint is about the gameplay, sometimes the character seems to not jump whem I press the jump button.
Btw really solid entry!


Thank you!!

We have enough time to solve jump error :(