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Sushi TimeView game page

It's time for sushi!
Submitted by Ninjaxim, Kuang-Yu, danieldochertymusic — 3 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline
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Team members
Austin Zimmer
Kuang-Yu Cheng
Daniel Docherty Music

Software used

Cookies eaten
Every last one

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Sushi time is ninjaaaaaa time! I really like the arrangement of this scene and also these dudes who are constantly (if I fail) punshing their heads on the ground (maybe they are afrait of their boss who will eventuly cut off their tiny fingers because the customer is not satisfied with his sushis (yakusa backstory!)
And did you composed this song? Feels like the beat is connected with the sushi which you can serve.

Really good I thought. I love it.


I love the music and the look of this! Simple and done well, really liked it :D


Cute game with some rythm I liked it ^^ The music did some weird clipping on my headset though (there's one note that plays only like every 5-10 seconds at best, and it's this one that does it ;) ) ! I kinda could see this as a full game idea if you could move, with belt that would get more complex in shape, more meals and customers that want specific meals so yeah neat idea !


I liked the graphics! :D

The controls were good and the gameplay was straightforward, relaxing!


owo! the graphic's aro so cute, the music  too!


The gameplay is nice, but to repetitive . It's a solid base and quite polished. I really like the music and especially the art.

All in all a good game and with a litte more gameplay it could be quite awesome.


simple ideo but really nice to play,

the graphics are nice too :)


Simple yet fun to play. It becomes repetitive over time, but pressing buttons to the beat makes it more interesting!

I actually can see future game with different food and music and rhythms!

Art is very nice, as well music.


Probably the best game from this I've seen so far. It's simple but polished. The art style is cute and the music and sound effects are great.

High score was 90% by the way.


That's better than me :/ XD

Submitted (1 edit)

Two thumbs up for awesome art plus fun and relaxing gameplay!

I noticed there was some sort of "squeaky" noise during the gameplay (not always, just often), like there's a glitch in the music. Is that supposed to happen or is it my speaker acting up?

Yeah, I heard that as well.


Yeah, we're not sure what that is, it only happens in the browser version for some reason. It seems like when all the music and sfx/clips come together sometimes it clips the master fader and causes little pops. Sorry about that! Hopefully it didn't ruin the game.


I got that popping in one of my jam games too. I found it can be due to too many audio sources in the scene, notice how it gets progressively worse the more sushi is spawned? I'm just guessing here from my observation, but it appears you have an audio source spawning with each plate. For that sound effect, you could get away with a single source. I really enjoyed this btw, great work!