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Gameplay and levels are very nice! I liked the concept of simple time limited platformer.

Had much time playing it and second level actually got me so much excited and irritated and the same time I woke up instantly, despite being very sleepy.

Several things to improve, imo:

- Bound of player and platforms/squares. Due to the nature of I don't know, coding, or rigidbody, whichever you used, sometimes you bounce from touching square, sometimes you slide right from the corner of the square, thus making controls more like enemies of the player.

- It definitely lacks 1 jump constraint. Ofter I fall down because of not releasing space and jumping again.

Nice game!


I'm glad you liked it! :)


I used KinematicBody2D for the player and Static. for the platforms and floors / walls.

I didn't notice the bouncing but I think  I know what can be the problem. I used capsule as the CollisionPolygon for the player. I noticed that the rectangle as bound of player doesn't work so well with diagonal tiles, I can't climb up for example. I think I know how I could I fix that; adding a second collision as foot, I remember seeing something like that in a FPS example project.


The "repeating-jump" when I keep pushing the SPACE wasn't irritating for me...however after reading your comment I see why it can be a problem.

I think I could add a key for turning repeating-jump on / off.

After the voting period I'll update it, thanks :)