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Approximately 5 hours for sleep each of 3 days and making most important parts in the first day, when brain was still full of energy, and leaving interface and usability stuff for later :D

Unfortunately, one of the mistakes was spending too much time on first day to fill up phrases variations. This stuff bores you and drains your energy, when you try to come up with ~10 variations of already (in your mind) kinda original phrase. Should've filled that at the last hours. Well, lessons learned!

Aww, planets mouse over was the part I was most insecure about lol. Increasing planets in size felt like it was not "retro like" but more "flash games of 2000" like. I definetely was going to add more interactivity to all of the buttons, but I stumbled in some minor problem with implementing, it was day 2, not enough brain power already, so I postponed implementation until... Ran out of time :D

Big idea was full-stack of things made by me, UX, art, music, sounds, logic, gameplay. Got time only for several parts. Most time was used on coding and logic :D

Thanks for the feedback!