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Quick farming game to pass the time.
Submitted by ReadyMajor — 32 seconds before the deadline

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Pretty nice. Seems very Minecraft inspired. With the punching trees and the farming.

I think that Z and X should instead be replaced with the LMB and RMB though.

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I just want to point this out.


This is a nice game!

you did well with the colour limitation 


Lovely art, just needs a little animation for the characters.

I enjoyed the game overall, just wish there was more. Major Zelda vibes.


That description :DDD

The art, music, gameplay - all is good. The art imo especially good.

The only problem for me was the movement. Did not like fluid movement with intertia.

Very nice and pretty game!

Maybe the concept mentioned in description can be further improved for full fletched game? I suspect it would be fun!


This game is like an RPG, but it's not, Personally these kinds of games are always my favorite, This is the first game I've found while digging through the submissions that got a full 19 stars, out of the 20 stars you could earn, so that means just if the game was A BIT more than just walking around collecting what looks like gold bars than it'd get a 5 star rating on gameplay, giving it 20 total stars.


There’s also a farming quest once you are done the wood gathering quest, but that’s the last quest I was able to add.


There's more, its impressive how that one comment could get you even a single star. Say hi to 20 star island!


I think the game is intended for gameplay, didn't seem like I could use the axe and I only got 9 wood, so the game didn't progress.  I did like the mellow music.


You can use the axe by equipping it to one of the two item slots. Controls are posted on the inventory screen. One equipped, press the corresponding input (z or x) to use that equipped item. Also, only the smaller trees are choppable. Thanks for trying!


Yeah, I equipped it and z seemed to do nothing, if it is z on the keyboard.


If you equipped it to item 1 it would be Z yes - you gotta be rather close to the small trees to use it - there's no animation otherwise. I don't think i'll be spending more time on this, other projects are piling up - but lemme know on discord if you wanna see more :)


It's a fun game :D I would lower the volume of the sound effects because they overtake the main music a lot. Also, how do I plant onions? I figured out how to open the menu and till the land, but I can't restart the dialogue with the character without replaying the game. It was enjoyable, so I want to play through again and finish the game


To plant onions, you need to use the seeds you are given after tilling the land, then you need to use the watering can. Then sleep, and rewater  and sleep and repeat until the crop looks ready. thanks for trying!