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Yeah it’s unfinished, you are supposed to be able to overserve customers and they’ll puke, causing other customers to get disgusted, then sick themselves. New customers won’t appear near the puke so you must use the mop to clean up. This mechanic is missing ATM. there’s multiple levels where I’ve moved the chairs away from the bar and added more colors and mixing. It should progress once the timer runs out.

Cool idea here, needs a bit more polish though. There seems to be some timing issues with your spawners due to how you are pausing time, I had too many blue platforms spawning and couldn't get past that stage. Jumping also feels a bit loose despite being low, but that could be due to some collision issues, I fell through one of the orange platforms when it was roughly the same angle as this => /

The art is great, but that platforming needs some woooork. Not bad for your second game ever though!

Try these fixes:

For your character, check out this character controller to fix your velocity issues:

And to fix the wall sticking, add a slippery physics material to your characters RigidBody2D:

Oh man if only time passed that quickly. Loved that tunnel effect, perfectly simple game you have here. Don't change a thing!

This was fun - an ammo counter would have been great though, and the slow time ability appears to slow the player down too - negating any benefit. Just like King said, reminds me of doom too. Good music, fun gameplay, i got up to about 350 before my kiting strategy buckled. Nice work.

Who doesn't climb their window frames? Why do you gotta make me feel weird about it? Cool story!

The idea is cool, but the execution needs some work - collisions felt a bit off for example. Another suggestion is the punching animation shouldn't be interruptable if damage is delivered at the end of the punch; either speed up the animation or make the player commit to an attack, it will feel more impactful that way.

A little bit of polish and you've got a gem here. Was this inspired by Crank? 

I got that popping in one of my jam games too. I found it can be due to too many audio sources in the scene, notice how it gets progressively worse the more sushi is spawned? I'm just guessing here from my observation, but it appears you have an audio source spawning with each plate. For that sound effect, you could get away with a single source. I really enjoyed this btw, great work!

I did. I really liked what you did with the 4 color limitation, how it was actually a core mechanic. Keep at this, cause it would be cool to have a full game of puzzles like this.

I got nearly 4 minutes in, I really enjoyed that. I would have liked to see a crosshair and larger bullets - but i totally understand the limitation! Nice work!

I love this idea but I couldn't "ride the beam" as they say. Keep working on this!

p.s. Consider adding another BoxCollider2D set as a trigger to your projectiles and setting up the OnTriggerEnter2D and OnTriggerExit2D callbacks on their script. In OnTriggerEnter2D, set the projectile's transform as the parent of your player transform. In OnTriggerExit2D you de-parent the player from the 'platform'. This will cause your player to move with the beam until they choose to jump or move off that collider. That should make it much easier to stand on the beams!

This is fun! With some sound effects and more levels you've got a good idea to develop here.

I got it! I really like this one, position really matters and its more like a puzzle game than a shooter game. Stealth puzzle? You should definitely keep working on this!

Ooooh I like this one, I get a stanley parable narrative vibe from it. 

The boss ran away! And my shuriken's stopped spawning after I spammed spacebar. Neat little game, like Ninjaxim said, it has potential!

I really liked this, great use of the colors and simple idle game in touch with the theme. Good work!

If you equipped it to item 1 it would be Z yes - you gotta be rather close to the small trees to use it - there's no animation otherwise. I don't think i'll be spending more time on this, other projects are piling up - but lemme know on discord if you wanna see more :)

There’s also a farming quest once you are done the wood gathering quest, but that’s the last quest I was able to add.

To plant onions, you need to use the seeds you are given after tilling the land, then you need to use the watering can. Then sleep, and rewater  and sleep and repeat until the crop looks ready. thanks for trying!

You can use the axe by equipping it to one of the two item slots. Controls are posted on the inventory screen. One equipped, press the corresponding input (z or x) to use that equipped item. Also, only the smaller trees are choppable. Thanks for trying!

Chill game, I was able to upgrade my house twice before I ran out of food nearby and my whole family starved, any tips?

that's a lot of cycles saved!

ah, the submit.score() button gives no feedback but it sure is working! 

Such a great idea, I need to get my kid to try this out. I work as a dev all day so i enjoyed the website part of it!

Not sure if i wasn't supposed to have control over the weapon but i figured it out - is there a win condition that i'm missing? I mastered killing the striders but couldn't figure out what to do past that.

Blue doors go to secret areas and the red door is the exit. Level 2 is pretty hard, is that where you got stuck? Revelation and I did all the art, mostly him though. I did the logo and the unicorn haha. Thanks for checking it out!

Another classic. Great work dude keep it up.

Ha nice idea here. I enjoyed the intro, had a bit of a hard time understanding what to do at first, and it appears you can hit the hero...? Nice work for a solo effort, impressive!

Well that was...strange haha. I wish it had more __ and played like __.

I liked the music and the premise, but wish the clicking was a little more accurate - it felt a little fiddly. Would love to see what you could have done with more time!

I ended up really liking this. I hated berry though. What a jerk.

Nice work, good use of the music and the presentation was nice and consistent. I enjoyed it!

Not much of a 'game' but I love the atmosphere of this. 

I couldn't move after the first screen. I was stuck in place after the dialog.

Another brilliant game Jens, and that soundtrack is excellent Alessandro, great work both of you!

Damn man you nailed the game feel. This felt so good to play, excellent work, I'm really impressed!

Visually it's a bit tough to tell when to hit the 'notes', but I love these kinds of games so I endured. Good work!

this is really nicely done, i love the dithering effect and how it's used to indicate health. excellent work! I'd like to see more!

I can't even. How do you? This is art.

Decent game, I didn't have any issues with the game play, it was fun. I wish there was some more audio feedback, like bullet fire and impact sounds. The menu didn't give any interaction feedback either, so it was hard to tell if something actually happened. Also, the font on the instructions was a fourth color :P

Overall good work, keep working on it!