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yep the link is located at the bottom of the limitation section for all Mini Jams and now Major Jam.

wash your hands!

Tinkerbell is very much alive lol. You still have time! Make her not alive to meet the limitation.

I agree. I’ll try to drum up some traffic to this thread.

unfortunately no due to the review process, but you could reuse the assets for a fresh but similar game.

Some ways around being “alive”: the player is a robot, the player is a vampire, the player is magically animated.

all platforms are valid. You’ll have the most success during the rating period if you support webgl though. Windows executable is second most popular.

perfect, you can extend it for this jam. Extensions must include the previous submission link as well as a devlog of changes. 

Yeah that's totally fine!

as long as it ain’t too NSFW you’re probably good.

Yep I added a multiple choice field to the submission form. This will allow the two to be filtered, or so I’m told! 

There won’t be a rating category for limitation for Major Jam. Submissions that are extensions from previous jams must also include a dev log documenting the changes. You bring up a good point about mixing the two, as they are distinct categories. I will make sure this is in place for the jam start, and clarify the rules section. Thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the feedback! I’ll be addressing these in the next build. 

Ooooh I really like this. More please!

Solid platformer - i noticed your door was a bit blurry, try using no filter on it in the import settings. Wish there was some music during the gameplay but it was nice to have during the credits. And the options menu was empty, i assume you ran out of time?

Hey this is pretty neat. This would be a cool variation of those little apps where you don't interact with your phone to make a tree grow.

Simple little survival game, but the movement was way too slippery. Try a circle collider so the player can move along those small blocks more smoothly without getting caught. Good work!

well I failed to pay off my mortgage but I had fun!

cool I’m gonna try it again. What did the rifle do?

I’ll give it another go tonight and be more patient :)

I couldn't really tell how to achieve each condition or what each setting changed. Pretty little game with lots of charm, but perhaps some more instruction would help?

I, too got trapped a few times. I also couldn't seem to leave spring? I would get one apple and reset over and over. Help! lol

This fit the limitation perfectly and has a nice gameplay loop with a solid tutorial. Congrats!

I broke that radio probably 200 times before i ran out of food and got a game over oh no. Ya got something fun here - keep developing it and see where it goes! Is there actually an axe? I couldn't find it. I got a rifle though.

dude what?

There were a lot of collision issues that made it frustrating to get past the second 'level' and i missed the exit a few times. Try to use a collider with rounded edges so corners aren't as brutal. I like the post processing effects and soundtrack though, and its a neat mechanic. Keep at it!

Soundtrack was great! Stuck to the limitation, but I'm not sure what the goal was. I noticed you could extend time but it was only on the game page - perhaps an instruction slide on the main menu would help clarify your design.

A bit on the short side but you've got a decent mechanic here you could build a puzzle game out of! nice job!

Excellent art style and use of the limitation. It's like dark souls hard which I like too. I enjoyed the game but wish there was more variety in the enemies (maybe some shooting ones to counter your gun).

I kinda like what you did with the visuals, and the race against the wall would be more fun if there was more length to the loop. Overall nice work given the time constraint!

fixed! I think you'll like it much better now.

oh I totally agree I hate the camera, first thing I’m fixing! Lol

This was good! Nice use of the limitation, nice and clean, smooth gameplay. Work on those juice effects, add some screen shake and more impact particles. Keep it up!

This is fun - I like how heavier objects hit so you can't exploit a certain spot, foiled my plan!

Ha, i love it - physics arcade action. I suck at it, but i think it works because its my fault, the game has simple rules but it's just too silly to fling stuff around.

Didn't seem to be designed for 16:9 resolutions so the top of the UI was cut-off. It's well put together, and is a decent game, but there wasn't a lot of player feedback so it was hard to tell why I failed (did i fall off, did i hit something, etc) and it was seemingly random to hit the meteors. But good work, solid foundation here.