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Such a great idea, I need to get my kid to try this out. I work as a dev all day so i enjoyed the website part of it!

Not sure if i wasn't supposed to have control over the weapon but i figured it out - is there a win condition that i'm missing? I mastered killing the striders but couldn't figure out what to do past that.

Blue doors go to secret areas and the red door is the exit. Level 2 is pretty hard, is that where you got stuck? Revelation and I did all the art, mostly him though. I did the logo and the unicorn haha. Thanks for checking it out!

Another classic. Great work dude keep it up.

Ha nice idea here. I enjoyed the intro, had a bit of a hard time understanding what to do at first, and it appears you can hit the hero...? Nice work for a solo effort, impressive!

Well that was...strange haha. I wish it had more __ and played like __.

I liked the music and the premise, but wish the clicking was a little more accurate - it felt a little fiddly. Would love to see what you could have done with more time!

I ended up really liking this. I hated berry though. What a jerk.

Nice work, good use of the music and the presentation was nice and consistent. I enjoyed it!

Not much of a 'game' but I love the atmosphere of this. 

I couldn't move after the first screen. I was stuck in place after the dialog.

Another brilliant game Jens, and that soundtrack is excellent Alessandro, great work both of you!

Damn man you nailed the game feel. This felt so good to play, excellent work, I'm really impressed!

Visually it's a bit tough to tell when to hit the 'notes', but I love these kinds of games so I endured. Good work!

this is really nicely done, i love the dithering effect and how it's used to indicate health. excellent work! I'd like to see more!

I can't even. How do you? This is art.

Decent game, I didn't have any issues with the game play, it was fun. I wish there was some more audio feedback, like bullet fire and impact sounds. The menu didn't give any interaction feedback either, so it was hard to tell if something actually happened. Also, the font on the instructions was a fourth color :P

Overall good work, keep working on it!

Yeah this is perfect for those idle endless runner games, I wish it had some bloopy sound effects for the jump, I could play it for hours. Although...mouse input works to start the game. lol

I got spoopoky, but I think I got the hang of it. Tough game but fun!

Ha, I spent a lot of time trying to pick up the other keys, oops! I think it would be pretty funny to land on the goat and run off to the family. Nice work.

I will crush this game with my teeth. I echo the hitbox comment, it should be more forgiving at least. I can see this being a lot of fun if it was a bit more fair. You weren't kidding when you said it was hard! lol

This is dark souls.

I loved the presentation of this game, thoughtful quotes hint at the puzzle solution, and it never got too hard. Great game!

You nailed it, I was going for a sort of unreliable narrator,  psychological thriller theme. The clock glitching out was a bug that just played into the theme. Thanks for playing! We are continuing to work on it. 

My cats kept falling asleep and the burglars took everything I own. I’m ruined. 9/10

took a bit to get the hang of it, but once i learned their tells I was able to stop blowing my hand off. A bit gruesome don't you think? lol

I freaking loved this game! fantastic work!

Ill check it out, thanks.

I made it to the west! Good game and nice use of the themes and limitation of both jams!

I'd slow the snakes down a bit at first. I died while figuring out the controls. Speed it up over time to make it more accessible I'd think.

I killed everyone, does the game have an end? Am I missing something?

Yeah nice improvement on the last game, one issue i encountered was your voice was able to talk over itself if i did too many things too quickly. Might need an adjustment.

I wasn't sure what to do, but I'm still willing to give it another go if you can put some instructions somewhere :)

Was the final boss beatable? lol he seemed to have perfect reactions. I had to give up after a few attempts.

Nice work picking up a new tool during a jam. I have to echo the feedback that I wish there was more for the player to actually do.


Whoops! I painted them as ground tiles by accident, my bad! It's fixed now, thanks for letting me know.

Nice, I like that you managed to get the random level generation in. Good work!