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gg had fun.

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it's actually a soundalike. The art assets are from the unity asset store and a paid synty town pack.


I hate this and I hate you.

Interesting, I like the presentation, but found myself frustrated with the jumping and siphon range. Might have just been bad RNG. Good work!

Amazing. 5 stars.

One of the better uses of the shotgun movement mechanic I've seen here - good work!

Scariest game I've played yet. Maaaaath.

Sick shotgun bro.

It sure is sick and nasty.

Great job for a first timer! Congrats!

Excellent presentation, great work!

Nailed it!

GG Murgn

Excellent use of the limitation, great concept - really enjoyed this one.

ha im curious what kind of phone you have cause my Note S20 Ultra the game runs like a slideshow. Thanks for playing! I'll catch up on ratings tonight.

sounds cool, you should share it! I wouldn't mind taking a look.

Pretty good for a first game jam entry. Keep it up, you're going places!


I like this but feel like the implementation wasn't great. Maybe having your gravity gun point at the mouse cursor and use the mouse to move items would be ideal. Perhaps the controls are intentional, but I had to play like a t-rex so rawr.

I like this combination of the theme and limitation - nice and juicy too.

Clean graphics, clever puzzles. The main mechanic was a bit discordant and the platforming was a bit stiff but I really appreciate what you were going for here and it would be great to see more.

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I also failed a couple times to get the timing right, but you've got a duck so it's alright in my book.


Beautiful art, music, and poetry. Not sure of the use of the limitation - but nice little experience.

Congrats on the submission! Good job!

Impressive concept dude, I found myself playing this much longer than I thought I would - as I typically don't like tower defense. The way the music is layered together with each tower, and the little synergies (symphonies?) you can do just clicks. Put a quit button in though, you don't need to hold me hostage lol.

Pretty clever idea and great presentation. I would have liked to see some fail state or risk, besides being a simply high score game. Good job though, one of the more original ideas I've seen.

Welp I fuckin loved that. Great job!

Fun little platformer, simple mechanic but challenging level - perhaps too challenging. We spoke in VC, but here's a friendly comment and my approval :)

yeah the box could probably be resized, but I'm avoiding making functional changes until after the jam. Thanks for playing!

maybe lowering the cost would make it have a better sense of progression, and you can add more upgrades then without it getting longer.

This might be my favorite game of the jam by the music alone. I am one of the users having troubles with mouse controls unfortunately, it feels unresponsive but I really want to play it. 

Is there a way to restart? What does shooting do? I'm confused and die immediately upon starting the game. Lemme know, thanks!

First thing that happened was my bass took off into space. I did manage to finish it after a restart, but I thought it was funny that the instruments could 'escape'. Neat little toy/game ya got here.

Gravity gun is always cool - and I liked the variety of props. I'm not sure but I got to the large room with the staircase and hit all the targets, but nothing happened. Did I miss anything? The beat indicator was a bit hard to see as well, perhaps pairing it up with the crosshair would be better? Overall good job!

Hey this is pretty good, I appreciate the little upgrade shop, kept me playing for a bit to see how fast it could get. I also liked the clean presentation and the little transition between screens, very clean!

Rad - you already addressed my feedback from the VC. Good job derp!

New control support added including gamepad, lemme know what you think

Thank you! I wish I could have done more with the theme but the limitation took priority.