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Nice casual game - I adore the effects and little debris physics, those are nice touches. Shame about the memory issue, but should be something fixable. Good work!

I liked the crayon style art - but wasn't sure what was harmful and what was 'food'. Some trial and error required. Neat little game though, congrats.

The fishing phase worked fine but I couldn't get the shooting phase to work, I played on the web build btw.

I found the interface a bit confusing to start - but figured out that you had to spin the dial in the middle to fill the meter on the left while the beam was on. Nice execution.

Fixed! The scroll wheel should feel more responsive and now there are button based controls for it. Also, added a couple levels to better showcase the mechanics we built.

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yeah scroll wheel is being inconsistent for people, I'm gonna add button supports for it, they've never failed me! (Oh thanks for playing I'm glad you liked it! We had fun with it haha)

Hey, a completed project! Nice job! I was able to get into one of the houses and cheese it a bit - but that made it more fun.

Loved the sound effects and atmosphere - but juxtaposed with that art gave a very uneasy feeling. I like the mechanic behind the pumpkins but feel that it could have been emphasized a little more. Good job!

Needs more UX (highlights, outlines, drop shadows) to indicate when cards are selected and when moves are not available. I ended up with 4 stacks and a Jack - and couldn't complete the game because I couldn't place a 10 of spades onto the jack of hearts (also got the sound effect for a completed stack, without having this jack in it). The myth/legend/folklore angle was a bit weak too, but maybe you could explain it better in game? Congrats on the submission!

I didn't get the gameplay loop but the pixel art, music, shooting, and overall crunchiness was enjoyable. I did read the tutorial section - but maybe a way to improve this would be to slow it down and explain each mechanic until the player has experienced each element. Good work, congrats on the submit!

Nice work, complete game! I enjoyed the cutscenes and presentation - but felt the gameplay loop was a little basic, some of the collisions weren't very accurate. Enjoyed the ending, didn't stick around too long - was well paced for a jam game, good work!

I loved the intro. The gameplay was pretty basic and fell apart towards the end (framerate drops) - but good job putting this together!

Nice. I really liked this one - felt complete. I would have liked to see some lerping for movement but we discussed you were lookin for a retro feel - good work!

First update is up - at least now you can die and drive, and I clarified some of the controls. Have fun!

I think you may have played my messed up build where I forgot to change the player back. I've thrown up an update with notes on the game page if you're interested in giving it another go!

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mixamo and pixel art - i've been discussing how I implemented it in the discord :)

You sure dove deep, I was hoping if I didn’t upload a picture people wouldn’t play this yet! Lol - we have a fix ready but we all work during the day. Will update tonight.

yep the link is located at the bottom of the limitation section for all Mini Jams and now Major Jam.

wash your hands!

Tinkerbell is very much alive lol. You still have time! Make her not alive to meet the limitation.

I agree. I’ll try to drum up some traffic to this thread.

unfortunately no due to the review process, but you could reuse the assets for a fresh but similar game.

Some ways around being “alive”: the player is a robot, the player is a vampire, the player is magically animated.

all platforms are valid. You’ll have the most success during the rating period if you support webgl though. Windows executable is second most popular.

perfect, you can extend it for this jam. Extensions must include the previous submission link as well as a devlog of changes. 

Yeah that's totally fine!

as long as it ain’t too NSFW you’re probably good.

Yep I added a multiple choice field to the submission form. This will allow the two to be filtered, or so I’m told! 

There won’t be a rating category for limitation for Major Jam. Submissions that are extensions from previous jams must also include a dev log documenting the changes. You bring up a good point about mixing the two, as they are distinct categories. I will make sure this is in place for the jam start, and clarify the rules section. Thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the feedback! I’ll be addressing these in the next build. 

Ooooh I really like this. More please!

Solid platformer - i noticed your door was a bit blurry, try using no filter on it in the import settings. Wish there was some music during the gameplay but it was nice to have during the credits. And the options menu was empty, i assume you ran out of time?

Hey this is pretty neat. This would be a cool variation of those little apps where you don't interact with your phone to make a tree grow.

Simple little survival game, but the movement was way too slippery. Try a circle collider so the player can move along those small blocks more smoothly without getting caught. Good work!

well I failed to pay off my mortgage but I had fun!

cool I’m gonna try it again. What did the rifle do?