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This is neat! I was able to clear it without too much trouble. Good job!

This is my favorite entry in this jam! Feels polished and has a great mechanic that works really well. Combined with the nice art and music, this game stands out. Well done!

I keep dying for no reason after killing the first enemy (there are no enemies near me when I die). A nice concept otherwise.

Pretty cool art style. Unfortunately I was unable to locate all the parts, but I enjoyed it.

This was cool, though I wish I could have walked around parts of the train.

My favorite part was the giant in the distance that had a boat for a hat.

That could be cool, to have to sort out a bunch of boxes quickly to unbury yourself.

Cool concept, nice platforming. I was able to avoid death by going through a wall around the clock hand on one of the maps, which I assume is not intentional.

Nice effect with the lantern, though I couldn't seem to interact with anything else.

I couldn't make it very far, but the frog's jumping animation kept me going.

Not sure if intentional, but I could go really fast during the slow-motion effect. Also the slowing effect did seem like the game was lagging at first, but I assume it's supposed to be like that?

I didn't even bother using the keyboard to move, and just moved around by shooting the gun.

Overall it was entertaining, nice work.

Quite simple, but has potential. I liked how the boss threw minions at me instead of a weapon.

A nice concept, though I lost interest after the first couple of trains waiting for the time to get to where I needed it for departures.

Nice art, but it is difficult to stay alive. Would like to see more enemy types, but I didn't make it very far. If there are more enemy types, I apologize, but it was too hard to make it that far if that was the case.

A cute little game. I liked the part where the cat goes 'meow'.

Interesting concept. I liked how you can slow down time and fire a lot of bullets to magnify the force applied to boxes.

What is this, a platformer for ants!?

Jokes aside, nice job! The player moves too fast for my taste, but not a bad game at all.

Solid platforming, fun little time mechanic. Well done!

I was able to kind of talk to the customers, but couldn't figure out what to do after that. I purchased some food from the chef guy, but couldn't do anything with it.

Some nice art, and I'm sure it's good fun if you can figure out what to do.

Simple addictive gameplay, would work well on mobile devices.

A cool concept for a neat little puzzle platformer.

Looks nice, but I can't jump for the life of me.

Lovely art, just needs a little animation for the characters.

I enjoyed the game overall, just wish there was more. Major Zelda vibes.

Such a cute.

Pretty cool idea using the color limitation as different seasons. I picked up a flower and gave it to the lady in the wrong season. I have failed you, mysterious lady.

Nice idea, just needs a bit more polish.

This was fascinating. I think my car was breaking down because I was very slow near the middle of the map. Perhaps I shouldn't run into so many things.

The saddest cyclops in the land. Why are you so sad, Mr. Cyclops?

My robot got covered in boxes. He was unhappy. I then proceeded to mash space bar and A+D furiously to free him from his turmoil.

This is fairly difficult right at the start, maybe it could start a little more slowly and ramp up as you progress.

I rotated my keyboard to make the keys line up with the directions I needed to press. Then I realized I could just click the screen haha.

An interesting idea, though the game started to slow down slightly as I progressed.

A classic tale of a time-warping rectangle and his dog.

I am unable to open the rar file

Yep, there's friendly fire! The hero can hit you as well, so gotta be careful. I agree that I could do better at conveying how to play.

Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately I ran out of time, but I did want to add more enemy types. I had to rush the boss as well, so he isn't very interesting. Basically I spent way too much time setting up the dialogue stuff and messing around with making music. I didn't start doing the actual gameplay until the final day (the last 6 hours or so), which is strange for me as I usually get my prototypes playable as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Not bad, just a couple issues I had:

The movement was a little fast for my taste, and it just seemed like a platformer game. I couldn't really tell what the 'event system' did. I made it through all three maps without much trouble. I could also still move after getting a Game Over.

I accidentally ran into random answers while trying to avoid the enemies, but other than that it was good.