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It's safe, however it will no longer work due to it requiring a connection to a server that no longer exists.

We have made it in to a full game and it's available for free on Steam if you'd like to try it there instead:

Yeah, I love Splatoon but have an interesting relationship with their online modes. In other words, I don't like how they handle playing with friends. Decided to give it a shot, seems to have worked out alright!

Thanks for playing! If you're on the MiniJam Discord server and want to give it another shot with me, I'll play a round or two with you! Just ping me: @Austin#2228 and if I'm available I'd be happy to play. (this invite goes to anyone btw!)

Thanks! The hardest part was actually just having enough time to work on the game to get it in the state that it is haha. Life.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah the bots were implemented during the last couple hours before the jam ended, so I didn't have much time to make them very advanced. I figured that most people playing won't get the chance to play with other humans, so I did my best to add the bots with the limited time frame!

Thanks for playing!

This is cool, I really dig the art! I think I got stuck (no option to move anymore), but I liked it up to that point. The area / cutscene with the music was nice.

As others stated, it was a little difficult to learn what to do. I felt that the flashlight battery drained a little too quickly, but it was a good challenge. Nice job!

This was fun! The art is cute and I enjoy the music.

My time was 146 seconds, 9 enemies defeated and 36 coins.

Fairly addicting game, I'll admit I played longer than I thought I would. I made it to wave 10!

An issue I had was being unable to hit a specific color when the monsters were on top of one another, but only happend occasionally.

One thing that may increase the difficulty would be to have some kind of penalty for hitting enemies with the wrong color. Maybe the monster that was hit gets sped up?

I escaped! An enjoyable little game.

One thing I noticed is on the final screen I thought I was finished. I just stared at it waiting for something to happen before realizing I needed to move to the right.

A cool concept, nice use of the limitation! I could only get to about 300 in score, it's fairly difficult!

Thank you!

That's a good point about the sword upgrade, yes there are two slash upgrades and you need the first one in order to use the second. I will be sure to fix that later. There is also an upgrade that allows you to use the sword in the air, which is accidentally required to defeat the boss. The boss was implemented near the end of the jam so I didn't have a lot of time to make him a little better.

Visuals for hitting enemies was something I thought about but forgot to implement, you can look forward to that being added later! Sorry it wasn't there, it should have been in this version. Enemies were implemented fairly late as well, I spent most of my time just building the world, so you can probably tell that they need some work!

I agree that there should be more connections between zones, I will work on that as well.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, that's a known issue and I didn't have time to fix it unfortunately. That's the boss room and it only crashes on the WebGL build. If you'd like to fight the boss, you'll need to download the standalone version. Sorry about that!

Thank you! Yes, I do plan to continue working on the game so you can look forward to that.

Yeah, I didn't intend to require the air sword attack for the boss. The boss was implemented on the final day so I wash rushing it a bit. Sword hit feedback is also something I missed to implement as other things took priority, but I agree that it should have been in the game as it helps immensely. Thank you very much for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

I really like the art style and movement concept, makes it feel more 3D even though it's all 2D. Nice job!

This was nice! I really liked the puzzle aspect of it, and even though the art is simple, it looks good. At one point I was able to shoot across the room using the hookshot, and I'm not sure if that was intentional. I think it was the first room where the "dust" effect is in. I shot the hookshot to the right off the screen, and suddenly I shot across the room into the next room lol. It was a little difficult playing on a laptop with trackpad, but that's my own fault. Had a good time with this, great work!

This is very interesting, does it actually run on a gameboy? I don't currently have an emulator, but may try it out later on one.

The art is great for being so limited, and I enjoyed the gameplay. It felt pretty solid and I don't have many complaints! I do agree with XCompWiz about the lack of a map, it would be very helpful. Other than that, awesome job!

The art is very well done! The character control was pretty good. The most trouble I had while playing was fighting. The enemies attacked much too quickly, making it difficult to get any hits in yourself. I basically just spammed the attack button and hoped I survived. For being your first game, great job! I bet you learned a lot, and I hope you continue to improve!

This is very difficult for me to control. After many attempts, I was never able to actually get up above the initial platform that you start on. Maybe a way to improve it would be to allow the player to stick to the wall for a split second to wall jump, as that's where I seem to have had the most trouble.

The monochromatic art reminded me a bit of Limbo, which is cool! I liked how you can choose what power to get, though it felt a bit too limiting on where you can go after that. I agree with SzechuanSteve about combat, where it's difficult to avoid getting hurt when fighting enemies and is also pretty tough to line up certain shots. I actually liked how you restarted in the room you died in, otherwise I would have given up pretty quickly. Overall nice work!

The art is well done! Maybe a little too much bloom, but I think it sort of fits? I liked how the dash ability could be used to bring down barriers. I was unable to find any kind of save point, so I died a couple times and was forced to start over each time so I couldn't make it very far. Overall it's a nice game, good job!

This totally gave me metroid vibes with the art, and the whip is very castlevania, both good things! The character looks good, even while just being a blocked out concept. The boss was cool, and I really like the wall and ceiling ladders! It makes me wish that I added something like that to my game. Fun stuff, great work!

This is pretty cool, fits the optional cyberpunk theme well! I eventually stopped trying to fight the robots once I got double jump and just jumped over them to avoid them. I wouldn't mind fighting them but it was pretty difficult to land the first hit without getting hurt myself. Another thing that I noticed was the player character is a little slippery, making precision jumps a little difficult. Other than that, I had fun! Great work.

Nice work! The art is charming and the gameplay is a decent challenge. The lack of audio is unfortunate, but understandable given the time limit for such a genre. I thought the block ability was cool, though I couldn't figure out how to get across the pit with the anti-jump platform.

Great job! Definitely reminds me of megaman more than anything, but does have a metroid feel to it as well.

I got confused for a moment when I couldn't jump on the giant mushrooms, but then figured out that K works to jump on them, but not spacebar.

Overall I enjoyed playing through it! 

Awesome! Thanks for the kind words. There is a power up that allows you to use the sword in the air if you can find it. Also the firing on release was a change made to accommodate the charged shot, but I may adjust it later. Thanks again, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Yes there's a bit more to do. There's an elevator to the right you can use (after you turn it on with the generator above it). Sorry there's no dialogue to explain anything in the game, I didn't have time to add it.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you! To use the elevator, you need to find the generator (it's just right above it) and turn it on by hitting it once with your sword.

This is neat! I was able to clear it without too much trouble. Good job!

This is my favorite entry in this jam! Feels polished and has a great mechanic that works really well. Combined with the nice art and music, this game stands out. Well done!

I keep dying for no reason after killing the first enemy (there are no enemies near me when I die). A nice concept otherwise.

Pretty cool art style. Unfortunately I was unable to locate all the parts, but I enjoyed it.

This was cool, though I wish I could have walked around parts of the train.

My favorite part was the giant in the distance that had a boat for a hat.

That could be cool, to have to sort out a bunch of boxes quickly to unbury yourself.

Cool concept, nice platforming. I was able to avoid death by going through a wall around the clock hand on one of the maps, which I assume is not intentional.

Nice effect with the lantern, though I couldn't seem to interact with anything else.

I couldn't make it very far, but the frog's jumping animation kept me going.

Not sure if intentional, but I could go really fast during the slow-motion effect. Also the slowing effect did seem like the game was lagging at first, but I assume it's supposed to be like that?

I didn't even bother using the keyboard to move, and just moved around by shooting the gun.

Overall it was entertaining, nice work.