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Thanks for playing and streaming my game Jupi!

Thanks! I appreciate the support.

Very inspiring! Now I want to make an adventure game myself. How hard can it be?

You made a great bad game! I just don't understand the jam theme :)

Hi Ned! Thanks for organizing the jam. The puzzles could have been harder (or even impossible), but too hard puzzles would have removed all the fun.  There is an idea for a story about the two characters...

Thanks for playing! I agree, this game is pretty crappy. Anyway, happy that you found the problem solving rewarding. The puzzles are not super hard in this prototype, but box moving problems like for example Sokoban are by nature super hard (PSPACE-complete).

Incredibly bad game. Everything from the spelling to the collision handling reeks. It's fun - but is it so bad it's good? Not really.  Still havnt't found any game in the jam that fits the jam description.

Thanks! That's the idea - to use both the left and right hemisphere in the brain :)

Nice job! Very polished game that might not fit into this jam. But who cares? Funny idea with jumpman being a very poor jumper. Reminds me of an old game called Jumpman, which I guess isn't coincidental :)

Great to get feed back! The "So bad it's good" aspect may not be obvious - I agree. Still the game is done in pure Javascript without even using a canvas so I guess that is bad in some sense.

Thanks for playing and writing a review! Sorry for not fixing the problem with the browser scrolling.  I did not figure out how to do that :(

Very bad game! One problem is that once the seagull gets large enough it can eat everything and is covering the whole screen. It also keeps on growing without any interaction from the player. Since the game is very easy it doesn't fit the modifier "impossible". Technically the game works fine except that the collision handling could be better. Well done!

Thank you for playing my game! The window resizing is not currently working...

Thank you! I will play your game for sure.

Happy you like this little prototype!

Thanks! I thought about adding annoying sound but it didn't seem appropriate. I guess I was wrong :)

The frame rate is quite poor but the steering should work anyway. BTW why is the frame rate so low?  The game has low res polygon graphics, so it should be possible to render at 60 fps even on a normal laptop.

I had a lot of difficulty controlling the kart. The steering response was delayed and once it responded it was too much. Would be better with mouse control, or a more soft control in my opinion.

Thanks for your patience with the controls!

Many things are cool about retro gaming but perhaps not the poor visual quality of a retro TV... 

Inserting an audio cassette in a TV is just weird :)

The game was too hard for me, but appears to be very well made.

So great job despite some minor complaints!

Nice idea with a game about collecting plastic in the sea. However plastic usually floats and therefore is accumulated on the sea surface. Bombs falling down on the seabed is a rare event, not to mention clocks :)

Takes a looong TIME to load. Therefore also fits perfectly in the jam theme ;)

Thanks! The sounds are supposed to be birds and other nature sounds. I guess some improvements could be done here :) The controls definitely are tricky.

Wow! Seems that this game did not get much attention. What a shame. Animation, art, sound and game design are all excellent. Only annoying thing is that there is no way to skip completed levels. I would recommend a menu with completed levels (like for example Angry Birds).

Thanks for playing! I know controlling the ball in 3d is horrible. This is more a demo than a game I guess.

The graphics is actually pretty nice, but there is lacking a story and a tutorial. Also I would like to be able to shoot in different directions.

Everyone was shooting at me and then I died. Is there anything more?

Kind of weird, in a good way. A tutorial perhaps?

"Asteroid Miner" might not be the most appropriate name since this game is juss about blowing up asteroids. Anyway it's a great action game.

The pixel art work is excellent. Music is very repetitive, but OK. The game is not really my cup of tea but it appears to be well made. Only error I could find was that time elapsed is always 20:00 when you finish a level. What I think this game is lacking is perhaps a story and some adversaries. It's just a little bit too slow and boring.

There is some yoga retreat vibe to this game, which I liked. Mainly thanks to the great music and water effects. However, the small red dots are somewhat ruining the retreat feeling. I died over and over when accidentally bumping in to the red dots. The game is just too hard...

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A remake of H.E.R.O! My favourite Atari game. The chopper is very slow  when going upwards sometimes. For some reason the chopper stops working when you start falling downwards. This is really annoying.

Happy you like it. Agree, the frame rate is a serious issue. I noticed the spikes too. However, finding the reason behind the spikes is not straightforward.

Thanks for playing! This is true, time can get negative. There is however nothing wrong with that, it is just a bit unconventional :)  I guess most people expect to get a "Game Over" message once time reaches zero.

Cute game! Not the most original but works very well. A full screen button would have been nice though.

Thanks for playing my game. Yeah, I know about the problem you point out, and agree that it is annoying. At least you won't get any points when you fly off :) 

Great idea with Jackie Chan fighting dinosaurs. Unfortunately Jackie disappeared at the first dino hit, and he never returned despite pushing all the buttons. I tried the game in Firefox, so this could be a browser related error.

Thank you for your help!

OK, now it started. Just a glitch.