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Wow thanks! However I didn't make the game myself. Check out this tutorial:

The game is not clearly related to the theme and it does not appear to be finished. The modelling and animation of the protagonist and the enemies are both amazing, but a lot is missing. For example: Maybe a particle effects when hitting the enemies would have been nice? The level design is kind of weird with tables that are too large. Also the basement is empty. Anyway, looks like a cool start!

Hilarious cleaning game! I tried cleaning all the dust and put it in the dustbin but nothing happened. Probably I missed some dust. This was quite frustrating. The 3d graphics is actually only 2d sprites, but it  works anyway. If you remake it into a horror cleaning game you could have a smash hit on Itch or Steam.

Nice introduction to the inner workings of a computer. There are some mini games too like removing screws. There is a huge potential in this kind of educational games (i.e. edutainment). Most people have no idea how a computer really works (including me).

Thanks for writing! I don't know if the game is realistic, but I would guess not since I am not trained as a therapist. The replies are ripped from motivational and therapy AI's (yes, those really exists). I tried to pick a few different mental issues such as low self-esteem and burn-out that would not be too hard to identify.

About the strange perspective you got, just click and drag the mouse to move the camera. You can even move the robot with WASD and B.

Pretty simple game where WASD is used to assemble a robot.  It was fun to play for a while but I quickly lost interest since there is no progression, and no high score. The difficulty should start easy and then ramp up. Also adding an in-game tutorial would be straightforward and increase the accessibility. Well done!

Well, I spent a long time writing, so happy you noticed!

Weird and amusing game about making swords with various items such as cheese, chicken bones, fish and boots. The only thing I miss is a tutorial

The game is too hard, there is no score, and it is not related to the theme. Still it is quite fun for a short while!

The robot thanks you and will consider the offer!

Yes, quitting the job might be the best option in this almost hopeless case. The background was supposed to be a cosy room with furnitures, but unfortunately there was no time for that. I will try to add this later. Thanks!

I think that is a very good description. It certainly is a depressing robot. I agree that sometimes (or even most times) it is difficult to spot the right answer. Partly this is because some answers that are too ambiguous. The GUI works fine on my computer but I haven't tried it anywhere else. Probably the positioning should be done in relative numbers instead of absolute. Anyway, thanks for taking your time to comment and happy you enjoyed our little game despite the shortcomings.

Thanks for playing our game! I know it is hard to reach ten, so well done. Sorry about the confusing new dialogue at the end. I will remove that.

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This game is not clearly related to the theme, but that's fine. Overall it looks very well made, especially the artwork. However I could never get the other kittens to move. Maybe there is a problem with Firefox and Mac?

Very simple idea but very well executed. I didn't complete the game - I gave up at the TV-studio. Of course it is very easy to cheat by taking a screen shot...  but I didn't do that :)

Looks and sounds great but I have no idea what  the game is about.

It's a fun idea but the second time I played the game froze. Maybe there was a problem with the matchmaking? Anyway, it is impressive to find a multiplayer game with 3d graphics in a jam, so well done!

Something is wrong with the graphics. There is only a black box when the character is idle or walking. However, when jumping and gliding the character is visible. Anyway, it looks like a fun game, I just didn't get very far. The sounds and voice acting are cool!

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Cool game! Doesn't really match the theme, but that's fine. The music is perfect - there is both suspense and action. The background graphics are also impressive. The enemies are just running towards the player, so AI could be improved. The size of the game is 151 Mb which is quite hefty for such a simple game.

You are probably not doing something wrong. The game has some bug related to firing the shuriken, which I could not identify since it only happens occasionally. Thanks for testing and reporting!

Happy you enjoyed it! Refreshing the game seems to do the trick for shuriken malfunctions, but this is not ideal of course. Still keep in mind this is only a protoype so far. The performance of web-games depend on the browser and this is hard to test.

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I know the buttons may not work sometimes. It could depend on the browser you are using. Thanks anyway!

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So cool! Annoying complaints that the game is too short. This is a perfect scope for a jam!

I don't know if it is possible to kill Castro in this game. I failed in all my attempts, Telling the story of the improbable and ludcris attemps to kill this dictator/great leader is the most important contribution of this game in my opinion. Besides it is a really well made game with both humour and style!

Thanks for the feed-back! 

I agree that throwing the shuriken is not hard, but some might find it wrong that shooting is impossible while standing still. Possibly there is a bug - or even many. Since this is a prototype I didn't have time to properly test the game. I have seen the same bug pop up once in a while, but it is not easy to find out why.

Since the game is not very big and the rooms are randomly placed you just need a little luck to finish the game. I used the game engine Phaser to minimize the loading times and the music is heavily compressed which you might hear occasionally. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for trying out our game! The controls are not perfect. I will try to improve them.

Thank you! One of the most fun part of joining this jam was doing research and this is how I found out about Ishikawa Goemon. Then I was happy to find a great researcher, Cecilia Verino, who did all the heavy writing and research.

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Happy you like it! I had to make the characters and animations myself so this might explain the funny looking graphics.

Thanks, I agree with all of your comments. Throwing the shuriken is hard and I will try to fix this. The enemies tend to get stuck in a room which makes the game even harder, but unfortunately there is no easy way to fix this. I did not know about the German keyboard issue, but I suppose I could add another key for throwing such as the M key. Adding WASD is easy.

Original concept! I don't think I have seen anything like it before at least. The AI for Julius Ceasar is very good.  In my  opinion the levels are too large. Smaller levels with less senators would have been more fun.

Original idea with a great comical timing. 15 seconds is a perfect game time. I tried to find a way to predict who was the killer, but I could not do it. Both graphics and music/SFX are perfect. Well done!

Impressive point-and-click game! It was easy to collect all the items. I did not see any guards. Overall the game works well and the camera is following the player in a consistent way, which might be hard to code. The music and sound were well chosen and created a calm atmosphere. However, there was no suspense and the connection to the theme is vague, in my opinion. 

Anyway, great job!

Brilliant! Fun game on a sinister topic. My only complaints are the long loading time and the lack of sound.

Thanks! I agree, falling down faster would be nice but it is a trade off since falling too fast might make the game impossible. There are a lot of ways to improve the game such as a health system, multiple difficulties, checkpoints etc. Most of all I would like to improve the level design.

The platformer would have been more fun if it was clear where to put the torches. It is easy to miss a jump if a torch is just a little bit off. This is very frustrating. Otherwise it works fine and both visuals and audio are great. Well done!

The game froze after game over.

Hint: Pick up the trident and kill the red bat. Thanks for the feed-back!

Yeah, a nice death sound is definitely needed. Happy you like the title screen music. I am working on the in game music. The SFX for the bat is tricky to nail, but I will try. Thanks for your comments!

Looks great but too bad there is no sound! I wish the enemies had some intelligence and did not only attack. This is a pure shoot'em up. I prefer sneak'em ups by the way.