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Crabs have invaded the island. Also there is a sword that can be picked up, but is useless. Palm trees are now growing on the island. Still, the game is not very entertaining. Probably the map should be larger, and a sword that can be wielded would not be bad. 

Thanks for organizing this Devtober 2019 Jam! Like most  "indie" game developers I struggle with making fun games with very limited resources. However, making a game within a limited time is a good motivation for me, so that is why I joined this jam.

It is tempting to start from a working game and then extend it, and this is what I did too. In the book "Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and Javascript" by Rex van der Spuy I found the code for a game called Time Bomb Scroll, which is a template game where you have to collect all the bombs in a limited time. I want to make a pirate puzzle game starting from this.

My pirate puzzle game should be about a pirate collecting coins, solving puzzles and fighting various enemies. So far the game is only about collecting coins, while building bridges between different islands by pushing stones into the water. Later I will add enemies and weapons. Graphically it is very simple and there is no sound or music. The goal is to make a puzzle game, that also contains some action, and is "fun", whatever that means. The game so far can be found here: Blood Island

Nice intro to a song!

Thanks Joshua for playing my game! I worked on it some more, but there is still a lot more to be done like more variation on the enemies like you said.

Does it work now?

BTW you can put these two songs on the play list if you like:

Cool! Would benefit from some variation somewhere in the middle, like a break.

Weird in a good way. I like that the song is constantly evolving. It needs a break somewhere in the middle though.

Pretty nice! I don't know how you did this but it is atmospheric.


 Does the world needs another Tetris mashup? Yes, it does!

Just normal Arkanoid?

An interesting start. The art and music works really well together and creates an eerie atmosphere. Will be nice to follow the development.

Thank you! Yes the tutorial can be improved.

Thanks for playing! Seems like there is some problem with the fire. If you run out of shots you have to reload by picking up trees. This is not very clear from the game description. Maybe a tutorial is needed.

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First level was fun, then I got stuck. The lion was missing a head unfortunately (poor thing). Replaying the first level to get back the the second level was less fun. And answering the same questions again was not highly appreciated. The questions could have been random. Overall the game is well made, but could have been less linear. Difficulty should be gradually increasing. Grafix and sound was nice. The tutorial was helpful.

Good idea!

I really enjoyed this game, but the final levels were too hard (for me). The level design is overall very good. There are no major flaws, but there is a lack of precision in the controls, which is crucial in this type of game. My impression was that the balls didn't bounce and roll realistically, but totally accurate ball physics is very hard to achieve.

Great with lots of levels. The frog is very quick but controls work fine. I got stuck on a later level, but I do not know which one. Level numbers would help.

The flying fish was difficult to control. I think it is better to have a lower gravity and a lower thrust from the wings. Music was great!

Fun! Would have been even more fun with different types of airplanes, backgrounds etc. Music doesn't really fit the game in my opinion, and I don't understand the name "Nextered".

Thank you for playing! Happy you liked it.

Thank you for playing! I agree, the game is very short. Rather a proof of concept than a game.

Thank you! I will check out your game for sure.

Thanks Joshua! There is now a refresh button and two new levels. You are welcome to check it out.

This game is very impressive, especially the graphics. The lantern is difficult to control while you are jumping around. I don't think the puzzles are very hard, but the game is hard because of the lantern controls. Toggling between the two worlds using a key on the keyboard would be a better solution in my opinion.

I like the idea of a math puzzle. I thought it was too easy but maybe I was just lucky. There is a lot of potential here, and this game would fit on a mobile if you just make the screen smaller and remove all the black empty space.

Fun and hard! I got stuck after a while. One idea would be to add level numbers (and names) .

Glad you like my puzzle! Yes, a reset button is very much needed.

Thanks for playing! I had some even harder puzzles to add but I ran out of time and energy. I fully agree that a restart button is needed. Refreshing the page all the time is very annoying.

I like your game. The title "Moon Miner" is very catchy. However, the game is too easy to be a real puzzle. Maybe bigger levels and items that could buy you more steps could make this game really hard (and fun).

Thanks Jupiter! I am working on a "sequel" to Frog Island now so check it out (once it is done).

Thanks! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing my game. As you say it is more a toy than a game, or maybe an anti game since there is no clear goal. Anyway, I made the game world larger and updated the controls. Maybe now the helicopter is somewhat easier to control. And yes - your guess is correct - this is my first attempt to make a 3d game.

Thanks for your feedback. With a lower gravity the game would become easier, but also slower. It is definitely something to elaborate on.

I agree, but there is the risk that the player will be lost in space if there is no limit in height.

Fun idea! Very hard. Maybe if the cars were slower it would be more playable. Or perhaps the ghosts could move between the mazes?

Thanks for playing my game! My game does not really have a goal. Its more about having fun flying around. 

Simple but fun! Amazing how much you can do with so little, but I realize that there was a lot of work with the music and the timing. I wish there was more variation between the levels. Now I lost interest after some levels.  An improvement would be a different sorcerer with a unique strategy in each level. 

Thanks for checking out my game. More levels will come soon.

Great to get some feed-back! I would like to make some levels, animations and sound effects. You can have so much fun with a jet pack, and so much could go wrong...

Thank you for trying out my game. I will add some levels.