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Really cool idea but the controls are hard to grasp. The left-right aiming is reversed. Great relation to theme.

Not sure how this was related to the theme.

Please provide an executable, I am too lazy to install Python.

Nice action-puzzler! Pretty fun until I reched the level with the coloured worms. Could not figure out how to move on from there. The theme was not considered as far as I could see.

Great boring simulation.

The level design looks good but the controls are slow and sluggish.

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I could not open the doors despite collecting the gold. Maybe a tutorial could help? The zombie animations are quite cool. The level design is a bit too gray in my opinion. Sound and music are OK.

Not loading.

Did not understand much.

I think you are right. Some levels could be impossible since they are procedurally generated. It was a long time ago I made this game. Maybe it is time to make an update :)

The web version of the game does not work very well on my ordinary lap top. Probably there are too many object which slows down the rendering. Anyway looks like a fun game!

The first level is impossible I think. At least I could not make the jump in the beginning. The controls feels very sluggish. Otherwise, both music and graphics are great!

Really cool but I am not sure if it is possible to win aginst the bots. The bots are playing very well and beating three of them seems impossible. Would be fun to know how the AI was made.

I like the idea of the game. The only problem is that the map is a bit too big and the motion of the players is very fast which makes the game really hard.

Thanks for testing my game! It is inspired by Sokoban where you can only push the bombs. I agree, it is frustrating :)

Well done reaching level 2!

The prisoners dilemma is a classic game. It has been studied a lot. This game is a nice illustration of the concepts. However, ýou should show the pay-off matrix after the game and explain the result of the game.

Fun twist of tower defence. Everything looks very polished. Almost like a finished game. It was not too difficult to complete.

The loading time is very long. Then I had to wait for a minute to connect. When the game finally started I died after one second... 

The game is not too hard, and you can beat it as a single player, since there are a lot of check points. The level design is good, but there are only two levels. Perhaps you cannot ask for more in a jam. The animations and graphics have a cool cyber look. My only complaint is that the sound is very basic, and does not really contribute to the atmosphere.

I managed to start the game now. Looks cool but I am not sure what to do. I guess a tutorial could help, or at least some instructions.

It was fun until level 3 where I got stuck because of a bug.

Highly creative and uses the theme in a smart way.

Looks like the game is broken. It loads after a long time and then nothing works.

Pretty good! Except for the music which is... annoying, but it suits the game somehow. Also I missed a restart button.

Fun idea but way too hard.

No one ever said it was gonna be easy to be a super hero :) Thanks!

Thank you!

Just to clarify the monster smash works like this: if Rubber Man hits a monster and at the same time is moving downwards the monster is smashed. So the point where you hit the monster does not matter. This is the standard way but of course it could be improved.

The third level is hard :)

The tutorial looks good but did not help much. Perhaps the easiest way to help future players would be to make a short video tutorial. Additionally, there seems to be a bug with the notebook since I could not leave it.

Good to know!

I like the idea of a game about reading and writing set in a library, but it needs more instructions or a tutorial. Now it is just incomprehensible and boring.

You are right, this should be made clear.  I think I need a tutorial. Thanks for playing!

This is a decent and not too hard space shooter. It is a bit troublesome that the shots can be mistaken for stars. Suggested improvements: massive explosions, a boss and a killer soundtrack :)

i waited a very long time for life to emerge spontaneously, but unfortunately this never happened. Still a nice simulation. i could not figure out what the white dots were doing.

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Fun idea with the ball but I could not figure out how to kick it. 

Thanks! Good that you found this bug. Please try the game on Firefox if possible. It should work fine there.

I love the idea of a poker tower defence, but there are som glitches. Like for exmple the music started to sound out of beat after a while., and I could not lock cards at a redraw.

Well designed puzzle game! It quickly gets hard so maybe some more easier levels to start with would be an idea?

Thank you!

Funky music!