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Jag gillar sådana här antispel eller vad man nu ska kalla det. En upplevelse kanske. Finns kanske någon djupsinnig filosofisk baktanke. Eller inte.

Jag använder Firefox. Spelet laddades inte in tyvärr.

Jättebra idé att lägga in info om trollformlerna i spelet. Det ska jag absolut göra senare efter jammet.

Väldigt charmigt spel där musiken passar helt perfekt. Fysiken är också fantastisk. Vet inte vilken plattform som används men allt flyter utan problem på min ganska slöa Mac (ingen speldator alltså). Tycker att banorna är för stora dock. Och skulle inte skada med en liten introduktion i början.

Spelet funkade inte.

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Speltypen kallas "broughlike" efter Michael Brough som först skapade dem.

Det ska vara små banor enligt detta koncept. Vägen till framgång ligger i en listig användning av trollformler.

Stort tack för att du testade spelet! Håller med om att det är viktigt att veta hur trollformlerna fungerar så jag skrev en lista med förklaringar. Kanske borde tempot borde sänkas lite.

Thanks! I will add some more levels soon.

Unfortunately the game was impossibly hard to play with a touch pad but I like the idea a lot!

Super cool but also increadibly hard. I don't think chaotic necessarily means very difficult - but anyway - well done!

Happy you found this bug! Actually, I already knew about it but I didn't have time to fix it :)

Thanks! I had a similar idea with bricks causing explosions that would harm the bat. Just to add some action and chaos :)

Super cool idea! The difficulty curve is too steep in my opinion, but maybe I was just lazy clicking. There is definitely not lacking chaos. What I missed was the possibility to use different strategies. At least I could only find one winning strategy: Click, click, click...

Yes, I agree that there is a lot missing. The original idea was to make a dungeon crawler with a bouncing ball, but time was limited. Certainly it would be possible to protect the black bricks but only by reducing the speed of the ball significantly. Then the game might be a bit too slow and boring. Anyway, thanks for the idea!

Very cool but impossible to understand.

Fun game, but I got stuck in the passage between the hotdogs and the donuts. Something might be wrong with the collision handling.

Fun little game! It's smart to use the small dialogs to remind the player of which button to press. Sound and graphics are perfect for this type of comical game. One minor thing to improve is perhaps the check box. When a task is finished this should be super clear. 

Thanks! Yes, I agree that more chaos would be fun. I used ZZFX for sound effects. This is a super small sound effects engine, which might not be on par with todays standards in gaming. Music is sadly lacking due to time constraints. The collider is far from perfect, actually it is just a quick hack.

Thanks for playing and remembering the good old days.

Thanks! The game was made in a weekend and is only about 5kb in zipped version. So not much larger than the original Pong!

Despite the simplicity a very fun game. Somehow you managed to capture the chaos of a fire in a studenthouse. My only complaint is that the students are tiny and there is no full screen button.

Very nice to hear about other block breaking games. I don't know how original my game is. I just come up with the idea and wanted to test it.

Thanks! Yes, the link to chaos might be weak, but it is there.

Wikipedia on Chaos theory:

"Small differences in initial conditions, such as those due to errors in measurements or due to rounding errors in numerical computation, can yield widely diverging outcomes for such dynamical systems, rendering long-term prediction of their behavior impossible in general."

 It is impossible to fully control and predict the ball behaviour in the game. Therefore it is a chaotic system.

Your game doesn't work.

3d platformers are really hard to play usually, especially in first-person view. This is no exception. However, the game works fine and looks great. Only thing missing is a clear goal and a story. I mean, why am I jumping on furnitures in lava?

Sorry, but your game is not working.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Thanks for playing and giving feed-back!

I agree on most of the criticism. The controls are pretty bad on a laptop for example, but the game is intended for a touch device.

There is sound, but I know from previous experience that sound is a weak spot in  web games. 

A more interesting score and level system would be nice, I totally agree!

Sorry the game doesn't work for you. I tried it on Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, and it seems to work fine. Which broswer do you use?

Very nice puzzler. Gets very hard after some levels which is fine, but might frustrate some players.

Thanks for the feed-back! The controls work best on a touch device. However, you can use the arrow buttons to run even if you like. As this is a prototype there are some problems with for example invisible walls, but I hope this would be easy to fix.

Thanks for trying my game. It works pretty bad on a computer but on a newer touch device it runs smooth. Computing the shadows is the heavy part in the rendering I guess. I like music too, especially in a horror game.

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Good job! I didn't know it was possible to glitch out of the map. Should be impossible but you never know how well the collission detection works.

Most of the time very fun to play but sometimes confusing. Reminds my of an IQ test, which isn't bad.

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Fun idea! Unfortunately I got stuck already on level 3. You could consider making the game a bit easier.

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The game works very well. The controls are easy to understand. Music and sound are great. Graphics is simple but effective. My only complaint is the level system. There is no clear difference between the levels. It seems that the game just goes on and on...

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Incredibly cool graphics, but unclear what the the game is all about.

Could be a great hyper casual mobile game! Just add a few more levels and touch control...

Much better! Still the "survive for 20 seconds" level is really hard. Suppose it would be easier to play on a touch device. I think a level counter would be nice as well.

Fun idea and good use of the theme "switch"! The later levels are almost impossible if you use a touch pad and not a mouse.