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Pretty unique game idea. The realization needs a bit more work. Perhaps you could try not killing the player instantly when moving into the fov of the enemy.

Done. :) It was more difficult to get to the exit after crushing all the opponents again than to defeat the opponents.

Imo the underlying concepts works. Probably the enemies could move or fight back. Animations would also be pretty neat as well, but considering the fact that you worked alone I think it is well done!  

Not the most complex game idea, but still fun to play. Btw sweet ending though.

The slowing down feels a bit laggy on my laptop which results in a hard to control movement. But the fact tat you guys written the controls and the enemy ai is kinda nice. 

Completed the game. Really nice work. Imo the jumping is a bit clunky. Keep jammin'.

Here is the link to our submission:
I really like the way the ld-jam is structured and the work that the community does.

The used color palette is pretty neat imo. Catching the boxes was most of the time not really on point, nonetheless good submission.

Really a cool concept. Sometimes it felt a little laggy. But overall a really nice submission!

Awesome game pal! Last ludum dare me and my friends made a similar game, we were also really into challenging the player while he is trying to accomplish the level. Had a good overall feeling while playing it. Great work!

Nice art style! Unfortunately the game freezes when the boss enters the screen on my computer.

Thanks for playing our game. The art style used was created due to the limitations of the jam. It was only allowed to use 4 different colors for the game. The mumble sounds also cheered up us alot while developing.

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Hey NORRIMO the description says that you should use a color palette similar to the gameboy which uses a 2-bit (4 shades of "gray" {light to very dark olive green}) see wikipedia. I guess adding black and white are two more colors. But on the other hand it also depends on the people participating in the jam and they rate it, so if they think black and white are additional colors they might let that influence the evaluation. Nonetheless gamejams are all about fun, so don't hassle to much, follow your idea and start jammin'!

this is so genius and beautiful on the same time, props man!

sehr nice!

Ganz cool! :) Bleib auf alle Fälle dran. Es sieht ein bisschen so aus, als wären die verwendeten Sprites extrem hoch skaliert, weshalb das Spiel ein wenig verschwommen wirkt. Beim nächsten mal evtl. höhere Auflösung bei den Bildern verwenden. 

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Fish Fights
This is not just a regular fishing simulator. Fishes nowadays prepare themselves for the first encountering with us humans.
So if you want some sweet fish sticks as a meal tonight you gotta beat the sh*t out of the damn fish.
This is my first participation and submission to a gamejam at all. Hope you enjoy it a bit :)

Link to Game: