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Thanks for playing! and for the feedback.

Awesome game!

Nice game, not completed yet but still good. I liked the models and particle effects.



Hi, Thanks for the comment. Yes, the game in this stage doesn't fit the prompt. Originally it was meant to have a system of dying and choosing a ability which will help to traverse the environment. But I had to cut all of that just to make it to a presentable stage. If you have any questions let me know and Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

I am not in authority here but I will say yes you can make a game like them. Just don't blatantly copy the same game. Try to have your own take on it, adding interesting mechanics and using different perspective like doing 3D for a 2D game might help. The thing is that every game has originated from other games, like every side scroller came from mario, but they had different takes on the same thing. This is your first jam, so just follow the rules and have fun!

Thanks! glad you liked it.

Thanks we weren't able to make the weapons quite such we wanted due to time constraints.

We will try to polish the game more after the jam completely ends, hope you will like that version more.

I am sorry about that, seems like it runs on opera and edge till now, I'll see what I can do.

Really cool and polished game! I thought it would just a simple game to  about managing space, but the unique power ups and scoring system adds so much more to it. Loved it. :'] 

Cool game! and challenging imo or maybe I am just bad at games :']

The only thing I was thinking that maybe the player collider, should be a little bit small, because it feels like you hit something even before the sprite was there.

Really cool game! Makes you think before you want to make a move about the long goal. :']

I really love the art style and audio of the game! Gameplay wise, it is still good. :']

Thanks! :']

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Thanks! for the feedback!

Thanks! It's a feature because I thought it makes the player more vulnerable when making more space to move, and will make them to take decision when to do it.

Thanks :']


Love the game music! I wish you would had expanded on the game more.

Overall, it is really a nice game.

Thanks! for the feedback. I would had explored and added new things, but due to time constraints I thought this was enough. :']

Cool, would love to see that :']

I love this game. I mean, I actually love this. This is the best game I have played on And I actually wanted to make one like this. Maybe its just me liking action games but nvm. It was in my pc for a long and although I delete most of the games I download form this site, somehow I had never deleted this. Thanks for this game.


Loved the game. Just one thing. It would be nice to know what kind of deal will you get, like blue for mojo and red for health, but it maybe just your design choice idk. :']

Gameplay - awesome .. feels juicy a lot
Art - cool , explosions and good choice of the color palate
Music - awesome
Jam Theme - Ahh.. you can just replace the name and the heart sprites and it will be the same.

This was basically a really good game, I will even say great. Good job :']

I loved u put a small knock back when shooting, It could have been used in various ways. Building on levels and ideas is great which i usually don't see in jam games.
Overall - 7 /10  for the jam but 9/10 if it wasn't for a theme.

Because I don't have that high end of a PC, the frame rate dropped a lot in the cannon level where u have to run past the canon fires, that's where I actually quit because of having no way around.
And one thing about that same level tho, u put spikes, get what I am saying? I don't want to criticize but why u put spikes in that level? They didn't even showed up in the past 3 levels and now suddenly spikes in a level which u  thought will be a high tension level ( i call them gauntlets ). Just saying, think about that design decision before u do that.

The game was fun, I liked the art and the music was good too I think it just needed some sfx. And yes, if u release the down button the character will stand up no matter if there is ceiling on top or not. 
Anyways the game was good :']

Thanks and same to you :']

Its a good game! Well done.
But it actually made me think, do people really think that much or am i just the only one who is empty headed all the time. :P

Good work mate ;)
Feels like 2D No man's sky ( in a way that its big)

Thanks for playing and yes it was intended for it to bounce back. I actually don't know why but i made it that way.

This is so Awesome OUO

Thank you ;)

Love it thanks :)