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you have a tiny little plot of land. you want to expand. do you have the space?
Submitted by whycardboard — 51 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline
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It's impressive to make a strategy game in such a short time


cool concept and interesting take on the theme, It would be nice if you added a description of the mechanics, it took me a while to pick up on things like the rate of production of factories, and the fact that the forests spread and delete adjacent buildings


Really cool game! Makes you think before you want to make a move about the long goal. :']


Really cool game. Makes you think strategically about what you build. The sprites are also pretty nice and the sound effects are a nice touch. The controls were a little awkward though, wish it used mouse controls instead.


Neat. Loved the music and graphics.


Very tricky little game. Graphics were just as good as I've come to expect from you, and audio was good as well. There was a bit of delay between when the song ended and when the next loop started, and the sound effects were a little harsh, but nothing too major. The gameplay itself was pretty challenging, it definitely required careful planning, impressive for a game made so quickly. Good job, keep it up!


thank you for the feedback! the delay after the music was supposed to transition into another song, but i only managed to finish the one track. time crunch -_- . as for the sound effects, i agree, they are a little strong. need to tone them down a bit next time. thank you!


At first I thought that it's another idle builder game. Never have I been so wrong! 

I was really surprised when I failed the first time. Unlike similar games, this one does require some careful planning. 

It looks and feels and plays great and well-polished. I am trully amazed how you managed to develop all of it in 48 hours. Really well done!

On the improvement side though, it seemed rather slow, Control button for cancelling was a bit inconvenient and some general instructions and descriptions of buildings would help.


all of your improvement suggestions were on my list of things to add: fast forward buttons, control settings, and descriptions. if i get around to it, maybe a post jam version might come out o_o. really happy you enjoyed the game!



Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very fun, relaxing game! Wish there was a speed up button or maybe even a threat (though I doubt that was the feel you were going for.) Wish

there was a secret for reaching max people! If you want you can play my and Mr.FluffyFoley's game here:


now that you mention a threat, i kinda feel tempted to add one in there... don't know what it would be though. thank you for the feedback and for playing!