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I  can already feel my IQ go down - very realistic game!

Very cool graphics and music. They fit the groove perfectly. Gameplay is good (even though challenging). It's good to see that you are improving the game.

Thanks :D

Man, you have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you for playing my game!

Thank you for the insight and a long comment!

There actually is a button to slow down, RMB (but you have to hold it, it stops gradually). I could add jumping from one thought to another :)


I know, it would make the game better. But since this is a variation of LD, I wanted to stay within the LD Compo rules (as my own choice). So the game is "raw", only things created by me :)

Very cool game. I would just made the "dimension switch" on 1 button, it would make the game more fluid.

Nice game. It actually has an ending which is something most games dont :P

Small tip. If you made the texture appear bigger (by tiling it), it would look less repetitive.

There's an absolute terrible flaw... you can't move diagonally! Arrrrgh. Other than that, the hitbox for assimiliating enemies could be bigger, and maybe an escape key.

But all that is minor flaws in a otherwise a very solid game. Good job man!

Very cool game - but please add instructions. It took me 5 levels to figure out that E shoots :P

It's impressive to make a strategy game in such a short time

Very cool graphics and music. Something original :)

A bit too hard because you can't see enemies outside of your "area". Also it would be more fun if you could move faster I think.

As the other person said, if you can't see enemies in the blackspace, the game is really hard in a bad way...

Other than that, cool game. I would make it a bit faster though

Thank you. I know that I could use premade assets, music, maybe models. But I wanted to stay true to LD Compo spirit and do everything from scratch, on my own. :D

Awesome as fuck

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I already did so, but I can't upload the exe file - it's closed :(

The exe file with browser version even is online, it's called spices updated. But I have no way to set it up to the jam now

I even put the link to the playable version in the description to my entry. I did all I could :P