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Submitted by Jp.olwagen — 3 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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There's an absolute terrible flaw... you can't move diagonally! Arrrrgh. Other than that, the hitbox for assimiliating enemies could be bigger, and maybe an escape key.

But all that is minor flaws in a otherwise a very solid game. Good job man!


Loved the audio and the art style. Managed to glitch your AIs a bunch, idk how. :D But overall was fun to play.


Thanks for taking the time to play our game!


Really like the concept, controls feels a little strange and the guards sometimes got stuck together, but overall I enjoyed the game, hoping for more levels :)


Thank you for the feedback!


That was quite a fun game! Like most game jam stuff it definitely lacks polish, but so does almost every game jam game (for pete's sake my game doesn't even have sound). I think you've got a great core mechanic in the puzzle/stealth combo and the assimilation ability, you could definitely develop it further if you want to. Given that your player character is an ooze-like thing there are a ton of different ways you could expand on this, maybe with shape changing abilities or being able to mimic furniture? Although you kind of already have this with the hiding in desks.

All in all, great submission folks, I hope to see you at one of these again!


I appreciate you taking the time to play the game and giving us some feedback!

Oh and Rubick is my favorite Dota 2 hero, it's not even close :) 


This game is absolutely Lit, bro! Definitely has some potential. Keep te grind strong.

Thanks bro!


Thanks so much man!


I was so bad at the final level. :D The game definitely needs polishing (e.g. GUI, feedback to the player, movement) but considering it is a game jam game and your first Unity game, it's good little game. :) I personally like these kind of stealth mechanics and you could maybe focus on this more.


Thanks a lot for trying out our game! We are two software developers so everything not programming related was a bit tough for us, but we learnt a lot and will hopefully be making more in the future :)


Yes, I understand, it's hard but I think you did good! Good luck with your future projects! :)


A fun little game, and an interesting concept. With the lack of levels, there wasn't a whole lot to play, but the concepts you have could easily be expanded upon. I wish there was more you could do with the assimilation mechanic, maybe extra abilities for the spacemen you couldn't access in your alien form such as the guns that I can see them holding. Audio restarting after every level/death was a little annoying, but that's not really major. All in all a very solid game, especially for your first project in a new engine. Keep up the good work!

Thanks man! We spent most of our time on the prefabs for each component so that creating levels would be as easy as dragging and dropping. We didn't have a lot of time left for level design. But I think the levels we added was enough to show the potential of the game.


I  appreciate you taking the time to play our game! Yeah I wish we had more levels to showcase, unfortunately the game only started really coming together in the final 6 hours so  we couldn't finish up all our core mechanics.